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How to Play Super Bowl Squares?

by Rain Man
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If you haven’t played Super Bowl squares before, then you are missing out on a fun time. This isn’t something that you can prepare for by handicapping.

And that’s part of what makes this fun: Super Bowl squares are a way to make money without investing any kind of intellectual effort.

Since there are so many score changes and so many possible scores, it’s a wild ride to follow and anticipate your outlook. It’s so much fun to track the likelihood of you winning and to root for certain events in the game to take place that allow for those desired score results to happen.

If you are playing with other people, then you need to invest money and each of these investments contributes to how much money you can win.

However, you can also play Super Bowl Squares at some of the top offshore sportsbooks, as part of the sundry offerings that you can take advantage of to make your Super Bowl Sunday a fun and profitable one.

Talking about Super Bowl Squares at sportsbooks will make the most sense if we first discuss how to play with other people. So let’s do that first.

What Are Super Bowl Squares?

This is essentially a game of chance where people’s winnings hinge on the score of the game.

People make more money when certain scores come into being at certain times – such as when the score becomes 7-0, or when a quarter ends 0-0. These are all potential outcomes in which participants can make money.

There are no fixed rules as to when payouts occur. Some groups will want to make a payout after every score change. Others will limit payouts to the score at the end of every quarter.

Establish Participants Before You Assign Numbers

For it to work, you’ll need a 10×10 grid. You’ll have ten spots on the top, extending from left to right, and ten spots on the side, going from top to bottom.

In each of those spots, a number will be put. In the squares in between the numbers, a person’s name will be written. A person, for an amount of money determined by the group, has to buy a square in order to have his name written in it.

Write every person’s name first, before the numbers are generated, to preserve the randomness of the number assignment.

So, before you fill in the spots designated for numbers, you will have every participant buy at least one square.

To try to work the probability game in their favor, people should be allowed to risk money to buy more squares. At least in my friend group, squares are first-come, first-serve.

All the squares don’t need to be filled, but it is more fun if they are. So you might have to enlist strangers to join your game or you might have to lower the square price to allow people to buy enough squares so that every square has a name in it.

Assign Numbers

After the squares are filled, you’ll want to assign numbers.

Because, as we’ll talk about, certain numbers are more desirable from a probability standpoint, you’ll want to assign the numbers randomly, so that you don’t unfairly benefit any one participant over other participants.

You can find any random number generator on Google in order to determine your numbers.

This is where you’ll fill in the spots above the squares from left to right and those to the left of the squares from top to bottom.

The random number generator – find one that is designed for this game – will yield two sets of ten numbers, each one ranging from zero to nine, of course.

One set of ten numbers goes up top from left to right and the other goes to the left from top to bottom.

How Participants Win

The numbers refer to the last digit of a team’s score. So, let’s say that you have the 49ers up top and the Chiefs on the left.

Let’s say that the first quarter ends 7-0 in San Francisco’s favor.

You will map out the winner. You will go to the seven on the top row, which is the 49ers’ row, and then you will go straight down to find the square that is in the zero row. The person in that square will make money – if you are making payouts at the end of every quarter.

Super Bowl Squares at Sportsbooks

At BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more), for example, you can also play Super Bowl Squares.

There are obviously too many bettors to play as you would with friends and you can choose your numbers. BetOnline offers final score payouts.

Let’s look at an example to see what i mean: one of the most favored options is “KC Chiefs 7:0 SF 49ers.”

Recall that the digits refer to the last digit of the respective team’s score – in this case it’s only the final score that counts.

So, you win if the final score is Chiefs 27-49ers 20. You also win if the Chiefs win 17-10. And so on.

Because games are, statistically speaking, likelier to end with these numbers – just think of how many times you’ve seen teams have scores that end in seven or zero – Chiefs 7:0 49ers is one of the most favored options.

But there are so many possible outcomes, that this most favored option is at +2500, tied with four other options.

The list is extremely extensive, concluding in KC Chiefs 5:5 SF 49ers at +9000.

At a top offshore sportsbook, your group of friends won’t determine how much you bet, and you won’t have to worry about any stingy friends who might not want to pay. You’ll just be playing on your own.

In the most fun world out there, you’ll play both online and with friends.

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