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The Most Obscure Props You Can Bet for the Super Bowl

by Scott Kacsmar
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The Super Bowl always brings out the most obscure props of the NFL season at the top offshore sportsbooks, as you will see bets you cannot make on any other game.

Sometimes, that’s probably a good thing. Nonetheless, some interesting ones may be of value and deserve your attention as you prepare to make your Super Bowl LVIII bets.

We highlighted some of the more obscure ones that are worth a look and possibly a bet on your behalf. These are some examples of the Super Bowl markets you’ll be able to find, besides the halftime show or novelty props such as the coin toss or the rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Just remember to have fun and not go overboard just because it’s the last meaningful NFL game until September.

Sometimes, just having the knowledge that you can bet on things like this is more important than actually placing the bets.

Last Play of the First Half Will be a Quarterback Rush

  • Yes +200
  • No -275

Here is one you certainly don’t see offered every week. The quarterback kneel-down is the path to victory here. If a team is too far from the end zone, they are almost certainly just going to take a knee to get to the half. Even when teams score a late field goal in the half, they still often leave a few seconds for a team to take a knee.

Both games in the divisional and championship rounds for the 49ers and Chiefs ended with a quarterback kneel-down to go to halftime. Super Bowl LIV’s 1st half between these teams ended on a Jimmy Garoppolo kneel-down.

For fun, this would be one worth taking for the value.

Will There Be Offsetting Penalties Called?

  • Yes +150
  • No -200

You just know the officials are going to be heavily scrutinized in this game given last year’s holding penalty on the Eagles on 3rd down that was so controversial to the finish. Then this year has the people baselessly claiming the game is rigged for the Chiefs to win because of Taylor Swift or whatever.

Officiating is a big deal, and that may be why they pegged Bill Vinovich to be the head official for this Super Bowl. He has a history of calling fewer penalties than most refs, and he has a history of calling few flags in big championship games involving these Chiefs. He also was the official for Super Bowl LIV between these teams and that game had a total of 9 penalties for 69 yards.

But this is a good pick for the yes side as it would be easy to see Vinovich calling penalties on both teams on a play just to reinforce they are not biased to either team. The Chiefs make their share of mistakes too this year as right tackle Jawaan Taylor led all players in penalties. It would not be surprising to see both teams called for holding that offsets and the down is replayed.

Will Any Player Score an Octopus?

  • Yes +550

If you haven’t heard this term, it’s probably because it is so rare that you’re lucky if Scott Hanson mentions it a couple of times all year on the RedZone channel. An octopus is when a player scores a touchdown (6 points) and the same player scores on the ensuing 2-point conversion for a total of 8 points.

It has to be the player scoring both times. A quarterback who throws both passes does not get credit for an octopus. It’s all about the scorer being the same on back-to-back plays.

These are quite rare as there were only 70 2-point conversions all season, so you don’t see those happen that often to begin with, let alone it be the same player who just scored the touchdown.

In fact, the Chiefs (0-for-1) and 49ers (no attempts) are among the 4 teams who do not have a successful 2-point conversion in the regular season this year.

Either QB to Catch Their Own Pass

  • Yes +7500

This is an interesting requested prop that is clearly a reaction to Lamar Jackson catching his own deflected pass for a 13-yard gain against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

It is the kind of play you are likely to see at least once a season, but that goes for the whole league, and we just saw one last week. Patrick Mahomes only has 1 reception in his career, and it was on a play like that in 2022.

But don’t expect it to happen again this time.

Brock Purdy Throws a Pick Parade

  • Yes +7000

For your typical NFL game, you get to bet if a quarterback will throw over/under 0.5 interceptions. If the quarterback is really bad, that line might move up to 1.5 interceptions.

So, it is unusual to get an offer to bet on a quarterback to throw 4 interceptions at +7000 odds, but that is the case here with a special request for Brock Purdy.

It may be a little mean-spirited, but it is not without precedent. The last time we saw Purdy play a highly-anticipated night game against an elite defense, he threw 4 interceptions against the Ravens in Week 16. Several were on deflected balls, but that is the way things go sometimes. He was lucky not to have a couple more than he did too.

You never know how a quarterback is going to react in their first Super Bowl, especially a young quarterback against a top defense. For that matter, Rich Gannon was an old quarterback and a league MVP in 2002, and he still threw 5 interceptions in that Super Bowl loss to the Buccaneers.

It goes without saying that it probably won’t hit, but you can do a lot worse with parlays at these odds that won’t hit either. At least this is a single pick that tells a specific story of the game with Purdy having that deer in the headlights look in the big game and throwing a pick parade.

I’d throw a couple of bucks at this as long as we’re acknowledging people are going to make crazy bets for the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes Exactly 286 Passing Yards

  • Yes +10000

Respect for the historian looking for déjà vu with this requested prop. Believe it or not, 286 is not a random number at all in this case. Mahomes passed for 286 yards in Super Bowl LIV against the 49ers, so someone is clearly hoping for history to repeat itself.

That’s a little too on the nose for me, but it is true that Mahomes has twice passed for exactly 446 yards against the Tennessee Titans in games played in 2019 and 2022, so it isn’t impossible. Just keep in mind Mahomes had 423 passing yards last year against the 49ers in their most recent meeting.

I would never play this particular bet. I would probably leave some wiggle room by finding a sportsbook that offers the ability to parlay over 275 yards with under 300 yards to keep Mahomes in that tighter range.

Getting the exact yardage is wild. But then again, look at what happened in the AFC Championship Game.

The line for Mahomes moved around all week from over/under 239.5 to 243.5 before settling on 240.5 prior to kickoff at many sportsbooks. After his final completion to Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Mahomes finished at 241 yards, an incredible win, or an atrocious bad beat for many people.

Like they say, Vegas knows, and they have home-field advantage for this Super Bowl. It should be a fun one.

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