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Top 10 Female Sports Betting Influencers

by Scott Kacsmar
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kelly stewart las vegas handicapper tv presenter

With sports betting legalized in over 30 states in America now, it was only a matter of time before people took a great interest in following gambling-related accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok.

The sports betting and analytical industries have been male-dominated industries for years. But thanks to these social media platforms, women have been able to build their brand, find their audience, and create sports betting content that informs and entertains.

“Influencer” can be used as an insult these days to imply someone is vapid and all about their looks. But we can promise you that our top 10 female sports betting influencers made the list because of sports betting picks and not bikini pics on Instagram.

These are the 10 female sports betting accounts you should get to know, in case you want to tail their plays at the best offshore sportsbooks.

minty bets tv presenter handicapper

10 Minty Bets

  • Twitter: @MintyBets

Minty Bets is from Las Vegas and is no stranger to providing UFC betting content with appearances on UFC Gambling Insight videos. She also has produced a steady stream of betting content for NFL, MLB, NHL, and more at Yahoo Sports. She creates fun videos on her Instagram page, and shares game picks and links to her content and appearances on Twitter.

lucy burdge boston handicapper

9 Lucy Burdge

  • Twitter: @LucilleBurdge

Lucy Burdge is from Boston and has past experience working for WEEI and covering the Boston sports teams. More recently, she has been a betting analyst for Bet QL in partnership with Audacy Sports.

She keeps very active on Twitter with her sports betting picks, including videos worth your time. She is a Red Sox fan but reasonable about it.

cynthia frelund tv presenter

8 Cynthia Frelund

  • Twitter: @cfrelund

While not a traditional sports betting account, Cynthia Frelund is a trailblazer for being one of the first women to use analytics and data on TV to cover sports for ESPN. She joined NFL Network in 2016 where she continues to provide weekly predictions for the games.

Frelund uses analytics to create final score predictions as well as stat projections for skill players, essentially giving you data to aid your picks on the spread, total, and player prop picks.

If the NFL is your favorite sport and you want a woman who knows her way around data, Frelund is a legend in the industry and worth a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

olivia moody tcu handicapper

7 Olivia Moody (Liv Moods)

  • Twitter: @livmoods

Olivia Moody, AKA Liv Moods, is a Denver sports fan and TCU alumni who is not afraid to voice her opinions. She recently came under fire on social media for criticism of the Buffalo Bills as being fraudulent, and just days later, they lost to Mac Jones and the Patriots. So, who got the last laugh?

Moods has recently worked for The Volume, owned by Colin Cowherd, where she hosted the Liv Moods Unfiltered podcast. She also collaborates with FanDuel for gambling content, and she shares her picks on her various social media platforms. If you want to hear someone not afraid to share her views, Moods is one of the best.

megan nunez handicapper tv presenter

6 Megan Nunez (Megan Makin Money)

  • Twitter: @MeganMakinMoney

If you are familiar with the content of Barstool, you probably have come across Megan Nunez, better known as Megan Makin Money. She is 30 years old and from Louisiana before moving to Chicago. She’s a Scorpio working for Barstool, so you can expect a darker brand of humor and content compared to the other women on the list.

She has hosted Money Shots on Barstool, and she is known for making bets on college football, NFL, and MLB.

kay adams tv presenter handicapper

5 Kay Adams

  • Twitter: @heykayadams

From Chicago, Kay Adams may best be known as the former host of Good Morning Football on the NFL Network from 2016 to 2022. No disrespect to the people who have taken over that show, but nothing beats starting the morning with Kay’s excitement to talk sports.

Since then, Adams has joined FanDuel to produce her daily morning show Up and Adam on FanDuel TV. She also is a sponsor of boosted parlays on FanDuel this season and she offers her own picks and ideas for parlays for fans to bet on with the boost.

jo madden handicapper

4 Jo Madden

  • Twitter: @JoMaddenSports

SportsGrid has done a fine job of building up its gambling content with SportsGridTV, and one of its best hosts and on-air analysts is Jo Madden.

She is very active on Twitter where she provides daily picks for a good variety of leagues. You can also find her on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.

lisa ann tv presenter handicapper

3 Lisa Ann

  • Twitter: @thereallisaann

You may have first discovered her from her days as an adult film actress, but Lisa Ann retired from that arena and has made a productive career in showing her passion for fantasy sports and betting.

Her podcast, The Lisa Ann Experience, talks about her life and sports every week. She also works with the Bettor Sports Network where she provides tips on videos found on YouTube.

With 2 million followers on Twitter, she is still approachable to fans. Just keep the interactions classy as you should be doing with every woman on this list.

ariel epstein handicapper

2 Ariel Epstein

  • Twitter: @ArielEpstein

A self-proclaimed Prop Queen, Ariel Epstein can be found often sharing her prop picks for the PointsBet Sportsbook on her social media pages, including Instagram. She also has been an analyst for Yahoo, MLB Network, NBA TV, and you can request her on Cameo.

She is very active on Twitter and will share picks for all the top leagues, including NFL, MLB, and NBA.

kelly stewart las vegas handicapper

1 Kelly Stewart

  • Twitter: @kellyinvegas

Kelly Stewart, AKA Kelly in Vegas, has been well-known in betting circles for many years now as one of the leading female voices you’ll find online. She offers betting analysis on CBS Sports’ SportsLine show, she is an owner of WagerTalk and the host of Bet On It, and she contributes content to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. You can also find Kelly on her podcast called the “Kelly & Murray Podcast,” presented by SuperBook Sports.

Kelly posts many of her videos with predictions on Twitter, and with her reputation in the industry, her shows can attract big-name guests.

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