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5 Online Slot Machines With Great ROI

by David Manyun
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You must consider the ROI% (return on investment percentage), also referred to as a ‘return to player (RTP) value,’ when looking for the ideal slot machine at the best online casinos. More often than not, a higher RTP signifies that participants will ultimately receive a greater return on their investments.

Nevertheless, it is critical to acknowledge that numerous determinants exist to contemplate, and a high RTP does not invariably ensure an optimal experience for your preferred genre of game.

Fear not; you will thoroughly comprehend RTP and how to utilize it to enhance your slot gaming experience by the conclusion of this guide.

Those seeking the highest RTP slots available on the market should review the titles contained in this compilation. Alongside the return figure, a concise evaluation has been provided to ensure that activating them does not elicit any unexpected outcomes.

Going Offshore for a Lower House Edge

Online casinos that are registered outside the United States are referred to as “offshore.” Typically, these online wagering platforms possess an operational license issued in Curacao or another Caribbean island nation, thus rendering them offshore.

Due to their exemption from paying US gaming tax, these platforms can maintain a low house edge. This essentially means that your odds of winning substantial sums of money when playing slots offshore are higher than when doing so on platforms based in the United States.

Your chances of winning are, of course, also influenced by the game’s return to player (RTP) percentage, maximum jackpot, and volatility.

Only the most reputable offshore slots possess these qualities in spades, but fortunately, at least five of them meet the aforementioned criteria. And with that said, I present our top-five offshore online slot machines with a great ROI%.

Age of the Gods: Wheels of Olympus

  • 96.13% RTP

The 5×3 slot machine by Ash Gaming features divine-looking symbols, including the olive branch, the horn of plenty, the goddess, and more. The unique aspect of this game is not its motif but rather the possibility for each symbol to transform into gold during each rotation.

Three occurrences of this during a single rotation activate a new feature. The Wheel of Olympus is the feature at issue. In fact, Age of the Gods features not one but three prize-filled wheels.

The initial wheel is activated at the appearance of three gold symbols. By rotating this wheel, you have the opportunity to win a prize that is 40 times the original value, five instances of the wild symbol, and other rewards.

When four symbols become gold, the wheel will start, providing a maximum payout of 80 times the initial bet. If five symbols turn gold, a wheel will be activated where you can win 500 times the initial bet, along with additional prizes.

Juicy Fruits

  • 96.51% RTP

TrustDice and several other offshore casinos have recognized Juicy Fruits as one of the most highly regarded games. In my opinion, the primary factor contributing to this phenomenon is the game’s visual appeal.

The game’s name succinctly conveys its whole essence and purpose. The symbols that offer the largest payouts in this game are various fruits, such as melons, raspberries, cherries, and kiwi.

The appearance is very pleasing, and the gameplay is quite engaging. Juicy Fruits features a grid size 5×5, and an extra reel is introduced during the free spins phase. Furthermore, the activation of the free spins occurs when a minimum of three scatter symbols are visible on the screen. Alternatively, Juicy Fruits offers a bonus buy function as an alternative method of initiating them.


  • 97.00% RTP

While a high RTP is a prerequisite for being considered one of the finest offshore slots, only one game can triumph over its competitors behind the highest ROI%.

The slot machine in question is 777 by Realtime Gaming and has a 97% RTP. This means that the casino retains only 3% of every monetary wager on this game.

Playing this three-reel, one-payline slot is straightforward. Although straightforward, it remains engaging due to the frequent occurrence of victories.

You will increase your wager by one hundred when three “777” symbols align, which is the greatest possible victory. That is not all, nevertheless. This slot is progressive, meaning the jackpot continues to increase until it is won.

Mega Moolah

  • 96.14% RTP

To be entirely candid, Mega Moolah by Microgaming does not possess the most captivating gameplay or the most visually impressive visuals. Why, then, did I include it in my roster of offshore slots? Because this game has the potential to bankroll you.

Through its progressive payout, Mega Moolah has paid out over a billion dollars to participants since its inception in 2006. In fact, this slot machine holds the Guinness World Record for the largest gain in the annals of online gambling.

This 5-reel slot offers additional opportunities to earn cash by landing identical symbols on one (or more) of its 25 pay lines, in addition to the jackpot.

10 Times Vegas

  • 96.47% RTP

An additional timeless slot machine has been included in my compilation of the finest offshore slots worldwide. It is 10 Times Vegas, a 3-reel slot with the same number of pay lines, by Woohoo.

As one might expect from a slot machine bearing this moniker, its visuals are inspired by the dazzling neon signs that dot Las Vegas. As such, it should not come as a surprise that the following symbols, which serve as the primary payoffs, have a Vegas motif.

Because of this, I have included 10 Times Vegas on my list of the finest offshore casinos. It offers something for everyone. Its simplicity of play makes it appropriate for novices. Its inclusion of wilds and respin features renders it engaging for even the most seasoned players.

Furthermore, the game features an exceptionally high RTP and a progressive payout.

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