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Baccarat For Beginners: Basic Rules to Learn and How to Play

by Craig Edwards
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Today look at the game of baccarat for any beginners to the casino card game, detailing the basic rules for learning how to play.

What we found was six basic rules that if you take time to understand, will help you enjoy the game of baccarat, which you can play at many of the top online casinos.

It is important that you understand that baccarat is a game of chance, but the different types of bets will affect your returns. To enhance your enjoyment, being armed with the knowledge of the odds and the rules can only help to refine a strong strategy.

1 You Can Bet on Either Hand – Yours or The Banker’s

One hand is the banker’s and the other hand in front of the player belongs to the player. The player has the choice to bet on either hand – the player’s hand or the banker’s hand before the cards are dealt.

2 How Are the Cards Dealt?

The dealer will deal out two cards that are front-facing – two to the player at the table and two to the banker.

The Process:

  1. One card is placed face up in front of the player
  2. The next card is dealt to the banker
  3. Next, the House deals the second player a card followed by the banker’s final card.
  4. This process is called the first round

3 How The Points Total of Their Cards Are Set

Ten or face cards are worth zero (0) points, all the other cards carry their face value forward.

Should the value of cards dealt be over nine (9) then you need to drop the one (1).

E.g. a hand of eight (8) and nine (9) would add up to seventeen, then with the first digit (1) dropped the hand value falls to seven (7).

4 What Is a Natural Win?

After the first two cards are dealt to either player or banker should the points total be eight (8) or nine (9), that is declared a “natural win”, and any bets are immediately settled.

5 Understand when The Player Will Be Dealt a Third Card

If the total from the two cards dealt to the player is six (6) or seven (7), they stand.

Any other total between zero (0) and five (5), the player draws a third card unless the dealer had already been dealt an eight (8) or a nine (9) and deemed the natural winner.

6 Understand Banker Rules for Third Card

The banker options for drawing a third card are detailed below:

If the player stands pat and draws no new cards – the banker will draw with a hand total between zero (0) and five (5) while staying with a hand of six (6) or seven (7).

All other hands are dependent on the player’s third card draw.

Once the cards have been dealt it remains to calculate the winning hand. The winner is found from the hand that is closest to nine (9) after all cards are dealt – this is simply an even money bet with a commission paid out if the Banker’s hand wins.


In this article, we looked at the popular game of baccarat with the intention of helping newcomers to the game.

We detailed how you can wager either on your own hand or the banker’s and showed the method of how the cards are dealt. Then investigated how the points of the hands are combined while competing between player and banker.

We discovered the “Natural win” which is set at eight or nine is the quickest conclusion after those two cards are dealt to each.

If that has not happened, then we saw how the rules of the game brought the player a third card. This in turn, provoked further rules for the banker to adhere to for when they can draw for a further card.

Baccarat is one of the simpler card games to enjoy at the casino, many of which are recommended here at Joe Wager.

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