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Blackjack Aces Series: Keith Taft

by Craig Edwards
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This installment of our Blackjack Prodigy Series features Keith Taft, one of the pioneers of card counting, who amazingly invented a device for computer-assisted Blackjack he named “George”.

Who Was George?

Keith Taft was a proven scholar in academia with a Master’s degree in both music and physics which led him to a career teaching physics. His high I.Q. meant his fascination with technology and gadgets consumed him, inventing all sorts of technological devices over the years.

Indeed, “George” was a handheld device invented by Taft in 1972, with the intention of aiding optimum Blackjack strategy. The device weighed fifteen pounds and Taft began deploying it at the Blackjack table, to keep track of the cards dealt, resulting in an informed decision on future hands but there was no immediate profit for Taft, and he was forced turn his back on the tables.

When Did Taft Upgrade George?

A couple of years later in 1975, Keith Taft went back to the drawing board with the intention to upgrade George after the San Jose New published a feature of Taft and George. Taft found this motivational, and he went on to tweak his invention and return to the Blackjack tables of California.

As always with card counting, the most efficient way to employ the practice is with a team, as much of our series has uncovered and Taft too, started to deploy the device within team play. The device had been redesigned into a smaller complex appliance that players could smuggle onto the casino floor inside their clothing while also developing a state-of-the-art mouthpiece of the time to keep in touch covertly.

Keith Taft Kept the Circle Small

Keith Taft’s Blackjack career spanned a decade from 1975 and his path crossed with two others of our Prodigy Series, Al Francesco and Ken Uston when the three respected gambling brains collaborated for profit over a period.

Taft liked to keep the circle of trust small, and this resulted in the casinos employing their own covert techniques, such as a van outside of the gaming room to pick up any rogue frequencies created by team devices. This resulted in Taft’s brother Ted being taken into custody at the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, but with insufficient evidence, he was released. However, not long after in 1985, the state outlawed gambling devices at casinos.

Taft was forced over to Atlantic City to utilize his gadgets but soon after stopped playing. However, his son Marty has carried on the family legacy of employing the devices in AC.

Marty shared his father’s love of creation and innovation, with the two having joined forces on all his designs over the past thirty years. The father and son combination have trained and hand-picked teams of Blackjack players for their gambling forays and the devices have been employed in some of the largest staked hands in Blackjack history.

The Blackjack Hall of Fame

To commemorate Keith Taft’s contribution to Blackjack over the years he was inducted to the Hall of Fame twenty years ago, in 2004, and upon taking his place in the Blackjack Museum at Barona Casino, California, a pair of his “computer shoes” and a photo album of his devices took pride of place!

Taft Featured in The History Channel’s Breaking Vegas

In 2003 the father and son combo featured in the History Channel’s 2003 production Breaking Vegas in the episode called the “The Gadget Gambler”. After this, Taft went on to publish an in-depth interview on the blackjackforumonline.com library.

Keith Taft a Pioneering Blackjack Inventor

Keith Taft will always be viewed as a pioneer of Blackjack through his inquisitive mind that combined his physics and assumed knowledge with mathematics to develop devices and gadgets over thirty years that aided players’ profitability. In that time, he has had a couple of brushes with the law and indeed shaped new legislation outlawing device usage in many states.

Taft collaborated with esteemed Blackjack players Al Francesco and Ken Uston, after which he enjoyed thirty years of inventing with his son Marty who shared his father’s passion for the game.

Keith Taft is a name that will live long in Blackjack folklore and indeed, it would be no surprise if his son follows him into the Hall of Fame.

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