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The Most Common Mistakes by Blackjack Beginners

by Craig Edwards
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If you’re a beginner to Blackjack and try and play at the best online casinos without learning the basics of the game, you have no chance. The basics of the game are reasonably easy to learn and steeped in mathematical chance.

Your options are always Hit – Stand or Double. A common mistake would be to not understand why?

No Strategy Card

If you’re a Blackjack beginner it would be a common mistake to play without understanding what a strategy card is, its potential importance and advantages it brings your play.

The strategy card is a useful tool that brings an understanding of your optimal move. That way, you can choose the best of the three options available for your next move. Remember, a strategy card can be difficult to conceal in a live casino but not online. At Joe Wager, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the strategy card before playing Blackjack.

Do Not Play Without a Strategy

If you have taken the opportunity to avail yourself of a strategy card, then you will already be thinking of, and aware that you require a sound strategy for Blackjack. To go into a game without a strategy is risky for your bankroll and likely to reduce your playing time.

Strategies to Avoid

  • When the dealer is sitting on Ace or 7, a common mistake would be to stick if your hand was adding up to between 12 and 16.
  • Never keep a pair of Aces or Eights, always split them.
  • If you have 11 and the dealer has between 2 and 10. A common mistake would be not doubling up.
  • Never hit on hands between 12 and 16, if the dealer shows between 2 and 6. This is the optimal time to stand and not hit.

Know the Difference Decks Make

Earlier we mentioned the mathematical chance that surrounds the game of Blackjack. That becomes affected dramatically by how many decks of cards are used in the game. It would be a common mistake to play Blackjack without being aware of how many decks of cards are being used.

For all beginners, a single or double deck game of blackjack will have the more advantageous odds of winning.

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Others

At a live casino it is easy to lose concentration with many distractions and noises going on around you. Then at your table, paying attention to what others are doing would be a common mistake. Simply, this is because you are playing against the house, not against any of the players on your blackjack table. If you’re a social person, it will be tempting to take notice of someone else’s advice, or even chat convivially while gambling. At Joe Wager, we believe that getting embroiled in conversation while gambling at the blackjack table is not only a common mistake but a costly one!

Never Chase!

Always remember “Never Chase” when gambling at a Blackjack table. This is a common and costly mistake made by many. Human nature dictates when we are losing, the temptation will be to chase the previous losses by increasing our stakes. That would be a huge mistake.

Remember this, the cards have no idea what happened in your previous hands. Therefore, previous cards cannot affect the hands due. Equally, if you’re on a winning streak, increasing stakes in the belief that you’re on a lucky run would be a common mistake.


To simplify those strategies discussed above, one solution for many of us is to categorize your starting hands in two categories – “hard hands” and “soft hands”.

Let’s look at this simple formula for both hands that will aid your ability to avoid common blackjack mistakes.

Hard Hands – A hard hand is a hand is defined because it is one that you can go bust with, on the turn of your next card. Naturally it is a riskier proposition, so rely on caution and optimum strategy in future streets of the hand.

Soft Hands – If your hand contains an Ace (counts as one or eleven), this is an immediate green light to be more aggressive in your play. A soft hand always has the edge!

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