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The 5 Most Common Betting Strategies for Casino Games

by Craig Edwards
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Discover the foundations of successful casino strategies, from bankroll management to avoiding high house edges. Whether you’re a Blackjack enthusiast or a Craps novice, our objective insights will enhance your gaming experience at online casinos.

1 Bankroll and Staking

The ultimate foundation for a strong casino strategy is to understand your bankroll combined with the permutations of your staking.

Gambling is enjoyable and fun when done properly, so to enjoy those emotions fully, you must understand the strategy and reasons behind a staking plan.

Firstly, be honest with yourself, only gamble money you can afford to lose, this is often called expendable income after you’ve prioritized your important commodities and bills are being paid.

The players who do not do this are heading for a fall, and we always advise being conservative with your bankroll. This ideally means never betting more than 1% of your total bankroll in one hand or roll of the dice.

There is bound to be natural variance and volatility to be negotiated by your bankroll and this prudent measure is fundamental to your long-term enjoyment of casino games.

3 Understand House Edge

House edge is particularly pertinent to roulette because the percentage of winnings owned by the House in American Roulette is 5.26%, which is effectively nearly double to its counterpart of European or French Roulette, which is 2.7%.

There are other nuances to be understood by casino players, and one is the house edge on slots. On occasion, this can be as high as 15%, and we suggest you swerve those games.

3 Know the Strategy Card

When playing Blackjack, make sure you have or know the strategy card and never take insurance.

Blackjack is a hugely popular casino game and great fun so to familiarize yourself with the strategy card is a good idea for a fundamental strategy.

What Is a Strategy Card?

A Blackjack strategy card gives the player the optimum decision from the cards they’ve been dealt.

Are Strategy Cards Legal?

Yes, they are legal but ideally over time memorizing one is fundamental to a sound Blackjack strategy. There will be occasions when a live casino will frown on their usage and even remove you from the game, but remember their use online cannot be seen by the operator.

Never Take Insurance in Blackjack

The other prerequisite strategy for Blackjack is to never take house insurance. This increases the house edge to over 7.5% in six and eight-deck games while the odds for the lower-deck games are also prohibitive for players when choosing the same option.

4 Trust the Banker in Baccarat

The Banker can play a huge role in house edge and player’s edge in casino gambling, so it’s important you understand the differences and contexts that you can exploit them in, while appreciating the house edge.

The best example of this is in the game of baccarat. In the game, there are three outcomes on each hand – Banker, Player or Tie.

  • The Banker bet reduces the house edge to its lowest level at 1.06%.
  • The Player bet is slightly more skewed towards the House with their edge set at 1.24%.
  • The Tie is the bet you must avoid with the house edge rising over 14%.

This means that the house is effectively profiteering more from any players who chose the tie bet because they are getting well under the correct odds.

5 Avoid Exotic in Craps

You’ve probably seen the game of Craps in films, and while it is great fun and a wonderful social game to enjoy with friends, the house edge is at a premium.

A strong strategy for newbies to Craps is to only use the “Pass Bet” or the “Don’t Pass” bets where the house edge of 1.41% and 1.36% respectively is at its lowest.

The “exotic bet” is where the house edge gets expensive, as high as over 10% in all cases.

On implementation of these five strategies, you will reduce the house edge to a minimum and increase your chances of making a profit while enjoying casino games.

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Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards, an online tipster in golf and snooker for over four years, boasts a track record of 7800 bets with a 28% return on investment. A snooker professional from 1988 to 1996, he was once a single-figure handicap golfer. Achieving the 282nd position in the WSOP MAIN EVENT in 2007, Craig possesses a unique insight into the psychological shifts of professional sportsmen, anticipating their mindset week by week.

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