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The Top 5 Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge

by Craig Edwards
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At Joe Wager, our task with this article is to find the Top 5 casino games with the lowest house edge.

To become as efficient as when playing games at the top online casinos, we need to familiarize ourselves with what is the House Edge.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the house has an edge in casino games, and this is reflected by their expected percentage profit from each game.

For example, if the house edge for a casino game stands at 2%, the rest of the money, in this case 98% is returned to the players.

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1 Blackjack – 0.4% to 1.5%

Blackjack has the lowest house edge of the mainstream casino games, sometimes as low as 0.4% and capped at 1.5%. The beauty of Blackjack has many levels in favor of the player.

The house edge cannot be fixed across all casinos, and it is up to the independent operator. This means the player has the luxury of choosing the games with the lowest edge.

For every number that the casino lets the player double-down on their edges falls further.

baccarat table cards casino

2 Baccarat or Punto Banco – 1% to 15%

Baccarat or Punto Banco as it’s often known can be overlooked by many players because of the bigger stakes that are available. You have three choices for each hand, you can have a wager on the banker, the player or even the tie.

When betting on the Banker your chances of winning increase which has a knock-on effect on the house edge. To counteract this, the casino sets a commission on the banker winnings at usually circa 5%, leading to a house edge of just over 1%.

The house’s biggest edge is 14.36% and this is when bets are placed on the tie.

Roulette chips bet table casino

3 European Roulette – 2.7%

Roulette is a mainstream game that most people have become familiar with over the years. The wheel contains numbers between 1 and 36, while also having a 0 (zero).

For each spin of the wheel, that means there are 37 numbers that the ball can land on! If you pick the winning number, you get paid 35/1 (+3500) so the house edge is zero which effectively makes the house edge on European Roulette or what we know as traditional roulette to 2.7%.

craps table players casino

4 Craps – 4%

Craps is a really fun alternative Casino game that is as good as it looks in Hollywood films, but the rules and house edge are the hardest of the five to nail down. That said, the house edge can be as low as 1% on certain bets if you’re selective and disciplined enough to avoid what many call “house bets”, a “house bet” is any 7 bet which takes the house edge up above 16% and is to be avoided.

The most efficient bet to reduce house edge is the “pass” bet and as a rule of thumb, we can assume the overall house edge for Casinos who offer Craps is at least 4% on average.

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5 American Roulette – 5.26%

American Roulette is effectively more profitable for the house because they have added a further 0 (zero) to the wheel meaning they now have double zero 00 running for them.

Effectively they pay 35/1 (+3500) like European Roulette while adding a further number to the board meaning they have 38 numbers the ball can finish on.


Blackjack led the way with a house edge of 1.5% at the largest while on occasions that can be reduced to 0.4% for players.

We found that Baccarat was next if you avoided using the Tie-bet option.

European Roulette has been around for decades, and most are familiar with the 36-number game. The House edge is the added zero (0) meaning they made 2.7% on average.

What the article did show was that craps had more nuances and bigger fluctuations for the game dependent on the bets struck, it could be as low as 1% but in general, the average house edge was 4%.

Finally, American Roulette was a newer version with double zero added (00) effectively increasing the house edge on the 36-number game to 5.26%.

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