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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Chateau Miraval: Everything You Need to Know

by Rain Man
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are locked in legal battles that, on the surface, revolve around Jolie’s sale of her share of Chateau Miraval.

A chateau is a large residence that may be described as a castle or perhaps a manor house. Chateau Miraval is also a vineyard that is profitable as such. So, why shouldn’t Jolie simply be able to sell her share of it? Why should anyone care that she did?

The answers to these questions address the intensely personal nature of this conflict. By considering the sale of her share of Chateau Miraval, we gain insight into Jolie and Pitt’s personal relationship and the ongoing consequences of their separation.

Background Info

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt purchased Chateau Miraval together in 2008. This place has meant a lot to them both as a place of business and as a personal residence. They actually got married at Chateau Miraval in 2014.

This is a place where they liked to stay – it’s a really beautiful personal site, one that is large, spanning over 1,000 acres, and scenic. It is also the site of a wine business.

When Jolie and Pitt purchased Chateau Miraval, they both possessed shares of it: ownership of it was initially 60-40 in Pitt’s favor, but then he decided to let her have equal ownership.

However, they divorced in 2016 and could not remain in any kind of a personal relationship. Jolie sold her share of Chateau Miraval in 2021.

Why In 2021?

She kept her shares of Chateau Miraval for five years after her and Pitt’s divorce. One must wonder why it took her so long.

But, after all, this was at the very least to her a business into which she had invested tens of millions of her own dollars over time. However, Pitt’s actions show that he didn’t want her to be a part of this ownership.

He claims that she didn’t contribute to the development of this business into the prolific business that it became. She claims that he made decisions – vanity purchases, for example – that she disapproved of.

The uptake of these disputes is that Pitt tried to exclude her from business-related decisions and profits but also did a lot of work to build the brand.

Personal Links

Pitt and Jolie’s business battle has personal ties. It is hard to not notice parallels here.

Pitt wanted to exclude Jolie from having any ties to Chateau Miraval. Likewise, Jolie wanted to keep Pitt away from their children.

They’ve had legal custody battles that initially resulted in Pitt only being able to see his and Jolie’s six children with her supervision.

It seems to me – and to many others, including one of their bodyguards – that Jolie wanted to alienate their children from Pitt. So, it’s easy to understand Pitt’s resentment.

Her attempt to sour his relationship with his children is certainly much worse than his attempt to exclude her from a business that he seemed to care more about, as evident in his contribution to its development.

Why Her Sale Matters to Pitt

Pitt claims that he and Jolie had an agreement to sell shares only with the other’s consent. He disapproves of her sale of her shares.

She sold them to a Russian oligarch, who he alleges to have ties with Putin, to be hostile and aggressive towards him, and to otherwise threaten to undercut his control over the business as well as the brand’s reputation.

Given his perception of the entity to which she sold her shares, he frames her sale as vindictive, no less because it took place after he was granted half-custody over their children.

Abuse Allegations

Jolie claims that Pitt imposed a condition upon the sale of her shares. This condition sheds a new light on this battle. According to Jolie, she was supposed to keep quiet about Pitt’s abuse.

There is allegedly a longstanding history of Pitt committing abuse both against her and their children. Particularly salient in this allegation is a plane ride in 2016, where Pitt supposedly committed serious physical harm against her and their children.

Pitt denies much of what she says. In any case, we see again how personal this dispute about business shares really is. Jolie has made it personal, but from her perspective, she is not just slinging mud but telling truths that Pitt wants to suppress.

Where We’re At Now

The decision to grant Pitt equal custody of his and Jolie’s children was overturned on Jolie’s appeal, which cited the judge’s interest tie to Pitt.

Pitt has since relinquished his hope of equal custody but maintains visitation rights with their minor children and the hope to reconcile with their now older children.

As for Chateau Miraval, Pitt has 60 percent ownership again. The legal battle is at the point where a judge has ruled that Jolie must turn over all her NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). The battle is ongoing and continually messy.

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