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Everything We Know About ‘Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?’

by Rain Man
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Do you remember the popular game show called ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?’ This was a game show that received a lot of viewers, enough to bring it back for multiple seasons.

The success of this show is inspiring a new spin-off: ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?’

It remains to be seen whether this show will be as popular as the original show, and this is a question that we will consider. But first, let’s focus on the facts about the new show.

The Premise

In the original show, ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,’ an adult would try to answer questions in order to win prize money. These questions were grade-school-level. This sounds easy because we all graduated from elementary school years ago, but it turned out to be harder than it seems, because elementary school was so long ago.

Contestants, however, could rely on actual fifth-graders for assistance, hence the question asked in the show’s title. The premise for the spin-off is similar except we get celebrities instead of fifth-graders.

Difficulty Level of the Questions

Obviously, the meaning of the question asked in the title seems to change because celebrities are not fifth-graders – the “catch” of the original question is to address our shock that we might not know more than fifth-graders, than young little kids.

Celebrities are obviously going to be smarter, in the sense of having more brainpower, than little kids. But it seems to me that the title of the new show is meant to make us think of the original title while pointing out that we will rely on celebrities instead of fifth-graders.

I say this because the types of questions asked on the spin-off should basically be the same as in the original. The questions will be of approximately the same difficulty level.

What Contestants Must Do

Each contestant, like in the original version of the show, will have to answer questions in order to win prize money.

In the spin-off, the contestant will have to answer eleven questions, which will come from different elementary school curriculums. The final question will be at a sixth-grade level.

Contestants won’t have to fend for themselves, though. Celebrities will form a “classroom,” and contestants can call on a “classmate” for help. The top prize available for contestants is $100,000.


This new game show will reportedly air in the Summer.

For perspective, you can consider that one of our top sportsbooks, BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more), offers the option to bet on whether the show will air before or after June 1.

The show will air on Amazon Prime.

The Host

Travis Kelce will host the show. Kelce is somebody whose celebrity profile has risen as a result of his very public and well-known relationship with megastar Taylor Swift. However, he was reportedly chosen to host the show before he became as famous as he currently is.

The tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs is an interesting choice because he doesn’t have prior experience as a game show host.

He will certainly participate in several test episodes in order to fine-tune his skills as a game show host, because being a game show host is one of those jobs that is harder than it looks – like comedians, professional game show hosts make their job look easy.

Kelce does have acting experience. Besides his participation in commercials, such as the well-known State Farm ads with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, he’s appeared on a reality TV show.

He is also used to talking to the public, as he runs an award-winning podcast with his brother, once fellow but now former professional football player Jason Kelce.

Questions to Consider

Regarding the show’s prospects of success, one must wonder whether having a podcast and doing the few television-related things that Kelce has done will be enough for him in terms of prior experience.

Because of all the talking time he gets, a significant component of a game show’s success is the quality of its host, so Kelce’s performance will be a big deal.

Of course, another part of a game show’s success is its premise. When you think of other game shows, such as Family Feud, they do like to have celebrity editions. Instead of having celebrity editions, this show will regularly feature celebrities, the quality of whom will likely influence the show’s success.

More Betting Options

You can also bet on BetOnline on who will appear on the show, with one option being Patrick Mahomes at +450.

Jason Kelce, Travis’s brother, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles before retiring this year, is listed at -300. But all other options are listed at + money, with the second-most favored option being Brittany Mahomes, Patrick’s wife, at +300.

A show could become more popular by relying on celebrity appearances, but one would hope that it doesn’t rely on celebrity power to compensate for shortcomings in its premise.

Because the show is based on one that succeeded, maybe that won’t be the case, although I think that the concept of having fifth-graders as “classmates” was interesting.

I think the fifth-graders will be missed, and I am confused as to why the questions are still elementary school-level if we are getting adult celebrities in place of fifth-graders. That being said, it will be cool to see how the Super Bowl champ manages his new gig, and the show should be fun to watch.

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