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Can You Bet on the Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Relationship?

by Scott Kacsmar
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When people can bet on who will be abducted by aliens in 2023, you can guarantee there are bets available on the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the entertainment industry’s hottest new couple.

Both are enjoying the peak of their careers and likely their popularity with Kelce coming off a Super Bowl win and Swift having a highly successful Eras Tour and concert film.

Sure enough, some of the best offshore sportsbooks, such as BetOnline (Visit our BetOnline Review, have props available for their relationship, and we are going to make our picks below where we see real value and not just fluff.

First Kiss in Public

That’s right. You can bet on whether the first public lip-to-lip kiss between the pair will take place before the end of October 2023.

We are running out of days in October, but every move the couple makes tends to be photographed and documented, so if it happens, there is a great chance we’ll see it in crystal-clear proof.

The couple appeared in New York City together on October 14 and were holding hands as they made surprise cameos on Saturday Night Live. There have been video captures of the couple holding each other in public but no kiss just yet.

However, Halloween is coming and that could be an interesting time for the couple to make a big public appearance. Also, in early November, Swift will have tour dates in Argentina while Kelce has a huge game against the Miami Dolphins in Germany on November 5th.

They will be apart for some time in November, so perhaps with the holiday season and things heating up, we’ll take our chances with the underdog bet and take that kiss before November.

Pick: First Lip-to-Lip Public Kiss Before End of October 2023 (+110) at BetOnline

Kelce’s Facial Hair On Halloween

Again, that’s not a typo. You can bet on what kind of facial hair Kelce will be rocking on October 31.

The choices from BetOnline:

  • Mustache (+140)
  • Thick Porno Stache (+220)
  • Full beard (+500)
  • Goatee (+1000)
  • Hulk Hogan Handlebars (+2000)
  • Fu Man Chu (+2500)

Unless Kelce is going as Hulk Hogan or Joe Namath for Halloween, the Handlebars and Fu Man Chu are likely out. He is currently rocking the regular stache, a new look for him this season. With a new girl, he’s probably going to keep up with his grooming and not look sloppy, so the Porno Stache is likely out too.

Kelce’s beard has never been as full and thick as brother Jason’s for the Eagles, but a legitimate beard is the look we are used to seeing him sport. Looking at the pictures from over the weekend of Kelce in New York and on SNL, the beard is starting to grow back in, but you can see he still has a way to go.

With less than 2 weeks to go before Halloween and the grooming that he’ll likely want to keep up with, we’re going to stay basic and go for the normal mustache.

Pick: Mustache on October 31 (+140) BetOnline

Taylor to Wear Eagles or Chiefs Jersey when Eagles Face Chiefs in November?

My favorite conspiracy theory is that Taylor, a known Eagles fan, is going to dump Kelce before a big game to help the Eagles win a Super Bowl this year. But we’ll see what happens in November when the Eagles go to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs in a big game in Week 11 on a Monday night.

What will Taylor wear? These are the options at BetOnline:

  • Eagles (-100)
  • Chiefs (+180)
  • Dual jersey (+350)

Honestly, it’s such a bummer that the option for “No NFL-related gear” is not an option here, because I’d be all over that choice.

Taylor showing up at Arrowhead and wearing an Eagles jersey would just not look right at all. The fans wouldn’t be happy, Travis wouldn’t be thrilled, and Patrick Mahomes’ wife probably wouldn’t want to be caught dead on camera next to her. Maybe if the game was in Philly, we’d believe this was the best pick.

A Chiefs jersey to show off for her man makes logical sense. We have seen Taylor already wearing the red and white colors at a home game against the Bears when she made her NFL debut this season.

Two Things at Once?

The dual jersey seems tacky, but you know who will almost certainly wear one that night? Donna Kelce, the mother of Travis and Jason. She wore her dual jersey at the Super Bowl in February when they played.

Who has been sitting with Taylor at the home games this year in Arrowhead? Donna Kelce. She could easily get Taylor a dual jersey in her size so she can respect her fandom and Kelce at the same time.

Maybe this is too tacky for her, but the odds are too hard to pass up, and we are definitely not going with the Eagles, and the “no NFL” option isn’t available. Ugly dual jersey it is.

Pick: Dual Jersey (+350) at BetOnline

Swift at the Super Bowl if Chiefs Make It?

We assume the Chiefs will have to reach Super Bowl 58 for this to even be actionable, but it seems like the easiest “yes” bet out there.

First, the Chiefs have been to 5 straight AFC Championship Games and 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls. They might have the best defense yet in the Mahomes-Kelce era, and they are still the class of the conference and NFL. They can very well be in the Super Bowl again if the offense improves a little.

If the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl in February, Swift will have to make some travel plans, because she plays a concert in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, February 10. The game is the next day in Nevada.

Globe Trotter

But we know she has a private jet to quickly navigate the flight which can usually take 13-to-16 hours. She has a time zone difference on her side as Japan is 16 hours ahead of Vegas. The kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. local time, so she should be able to get there to see the big game with Kelce trying to win his third ring.

Easy pick here, assuming they’re still together and she doesn’t just want the Eagles to win through sabotage of the Chiefs’ only reliable receiver. But with BetOnline also offering that they are still a couple by Valentine’s Day with -700 odds, we’ll take this one to happen.

However, if you want great value, skip this prop, and bet on the Chiefs to reach the Super Bowl from the AFC (+250 at BetOnline).

Pick: Yes, Swift at the Super Bowl for Chiefs (-150) BetOnline

Will They Still Be a Couple Come Week 1 of the NFL’s 2024 Season?

Finally, there is a prop bet for whether this relationship will make it to Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season, which is next September. “No” is favored at -200 odds at BetOnline while “Yes” is only +150.

My cynical side is leaning heavily towards this ending before then. Maybe if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl again, then Kelce will be on top of the world and propose to her at the game. But after the Super Bowl, Swift will be doing many international tour dates in Australia and Singapore into March.

She’ll have a 2-month break before touring resumes in Paris in May, and then her summer through mid-August (when Kelce is in training camp) is fully packed with international dates.

Basically, there’s no summer romance here unless Kelce is going to go on tour with her in June and July before he heads back for training camp.

We had to do a little deep dive into the research for this one just to be sure. September 2023 to September 2024 is a full year. Kelce is the 12th documented boyfriend for Swift going back to 2008 when she had a fall romance with Joe Jonas that did not make it to New Year’s.

Of her last 11 boyfriends, only 2 made it over a year: Calvin Harris (February 2015 – May 2016) and Joe Alwyn (May 2017 – April 2023). No one else even lasted 6 months.

If we could bet on when this relationship will end, that downtime in March-May 2024 before she goes back on tour is the most likely period. Good luck to them, though. Relationships are tougher than running hitch routes.

Can’t wait to hear what song she writes about him. “You dropped the ball, and I dropped you” should be in the lyrics.

Pick: Swift & Kelce Still a Couple on Week 1 NFL 2024 – NO (-200) at BetOnline

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