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How To Bet On Big Brother: Betting Strategies for The Hit TV Show

by Rain Man
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Did you know that the top offshore sportsbooks have a lot of options for those interested in betting on reality television? If you haven’t tried it, betting on television can feel like a refreshing break from betting on sports.

Diversifying your betting options is always a good idea so that you don’t get hyper-focused on a single sport or a single sort of thing that you can bet on.

One popular reality TV show that you can bet on is Big Brother. If you haven’t been watching Big Brother, you’re not too late.

You can use this article to catch up and orient yourself in the Big Brother world so that you can make informed bets.

If you don’t even quite know what Big Brother is, let me explain the basic concept so that you can make sense of the rest of the article.

What Is It?

Big Brother is an annual TV show that runs on CBS. Participants in this it live together in a house where they are isolated from the world outside.

They compete with each other, one participant exiting the competition after another, until one comes out on top.

The winner is selected by a jury, which is composed of houseguests who are evicted from the house from the middle of the season onwards.

Betting Options

You can bet on this TV show in a few different ways. One is to bet on the age of the winner.

Your options here are to predict the winner to be under or over 26 years old. Another possibility is to bet on which person will win the entire competition. These odds fluctuate, a fact which gives appeal to the underdogs because a person who is an underdog one week could be favored in the next.

For example, in the current season, Matt Klotz was previously favored to win. Currently, Jag Bains is favored.

Furthermore, you can bet on the sex of the winner, male or female.

Do Trends Matter?

The age-old concept, that in order to predict the future you should know the past, is difficult to apply here.

Generally speaking, younger participants will be likelier to win because, one, there are more of them and, two, the show features physical competitions in which younger people will naturally have an advantage over their older competitors.

But how young will a winner likely be, exactly?

Ten of the 24 winners to date have been under the age of 26 while 14 have been 26 or older. So there is plenty of room, in this sense, for the “over 26 years old” to hit.

You can’t, at this point, use history as a betting strategy because this bet is simply another way of asking whether Jag, who is 25 or someone else will win.

Matt is 27. Bowie is 45. Felicia is 63.

Key Strategy: Know The Sleepers

At this point, the “under 26 years old” and Jag Bains are unreasonable to bet on.

I strongly recommend that you do not lay much chalk when betting on this show — the “under 26 years old” and Jag Bains are both listed at -300. Betting on either option, at -300, would leave you with a lot of risk and a little to gain.

No matter how much you might like Jag to win, there is too much fluctuation and unpredictability from week to week to justify the financial risk.

Now, unpredictability might make it seem like this show is really hard to bet on, but the key is to use unpredictability to your advantage. You do this by betting on the sleepers.

This is because what unpredictability means is that favorites can very well lose and that sleepers have a great chance of winning.

So, unpredictability is a great thing, and it’s a great reason to bet on the show, as long as you embrace it and bet on underdogs.

How To Bet Right Now

We know that it’s not smart to bet on the “under 26 years old” or Jag. Besides the basic fact of unpredictability, juror exit interviews have conveyed some important negative sentiments against Jag, the current favorite.

The women, both of whom are older, are interesting as sleeper candidates.

One key reason is Cirie, who is now sitting on the jury. Cirie has a long history of being a behind-the-back talker who will play people against other people. She is capable of poisoning a jury against the men. In this sense, her history of trying to move women forward is meaningful.

This history is repeating itself, as she has voiced her willingness to support Felicia, specifically.

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