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La-La Lakers Land: Biggest Celebrities You’ll Find At Crypto.com Arena

by Rain Man
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Denzel Washington at Lakers Game

Last season, an average of 18,613 people attended Lakers games.

While we, as NBA fans, enjoy the masses of people who make a lot of noise and help create a stellar atmosphere –we certainly can appreciate real people attending games after looking at cardboard cutouts during the COVID Year – we don’t really care about the individual fan.

We do care about some of the individual fans, though. Specifically, the celebrities are interesting. These are people who are important on a larger, often nation- or world-wide scale. We recognize them. We like to gossip about them. We’re generally interested in their lives because their lives seem to be so special.

Their impact is such that oddsmakers at the best offshore sportsbooks consider this when setting lines for teams that are popular on a national level, or what is commonly referred to as a “public team”.

A Very Public Team

The Lakers play their games at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, an area well known for its assortment of movie stars, sports stars, and other celebrities. As amazing as such people seem to us, to the average Joe, many of them possess the same basic interest we have in watching basketball.

They can, obviously, afford nice seats. Ideally, they separate themselves from the average fans, avoiding their searching eyes and their desires for autographs, and instead associate with other well-off people whom they can find more relatable. So, many of them take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them to watch Lakers games in person.

Who Goes to Lakers Games?

Many celebrities like to attend Lakers games in person.

The biggest ones include comedian and actor Will Ferrell, rapper Snoop Dogg, musicians Flea and Anthony Kiedis, actor Jack Nicholson, rapper Ice Cube, actress Dyan Cannon, actor Arsenio Hall, actor Denzel Washington, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, actor Andy Garcia, well-known personality Kim Kardashian, and music producer Dr. Dre.

Ranking The Biggest Actors

In order to appreciate just how cool it is to attend a Lakers game – because you’re sharing a venue with incredible men and women – let’s rank the five biggest celebrities who you might find at a Lakers game.

My criteria for ranking these celebrities is to consider how big they are.

So what do I mean by a celebrity being big? I mean well-known and positively influential.

Famous traitor Benedict Arnold, for example, would be well-known, but hardly influential in a positive sense. By positively influential, I mean that the person has contributed in some significant way to some aspect of life, be it art, politics, or entertainment.

will ferrell lakers

5 Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell acts, writes, practices comedy, and produces.

There is no doubt that he is an extremely talented person who knows a lot about his industry, so it might seem odd that I am placing him only at number five.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find him particularly funny and I don’t really enjoy most of what he’s done. Movies like Anchorman and Talladega Nights are not particularly valuable to me. They don’t entertain me and they don’t strike me as particularly meaningful.

That being said, Ferrell deserves a place in the top 5 because many people do love him and, as evident in the number of films he’s contributed to, he is a super well-known figure.

I did enjoy Get Hard with fellow comedian Kevin Hart, and I did see some interesting racial commentary in that movie.

snoop dogg lakers

4 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, despite his growing age – he was born in October of 1971 – remains an instantly recognizable figure.

His heyday is obviously behind him – he was an instrumental component of the ‘gangsta rap’ movement back in the 1990s. That being said, he has had such an influence, historically speaking, on the development of the music industry and the rap scene in particular, that he deserves a top-five mention.

While I am biased here – “Professional Rapper” – is probably my favorite Snoop song, I find that the fact that his stuff remains nice to listen to in the 21st century speaks to how enduring his cultural legacy is.

leonardo dicaprio lakers

3 Leonardo DiCaprio

Famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio made it big, you could say, not in the movies, but in a nice family sitcom called Growing Pains, which he entered in the later seasons to play a rather prominent role as a boy named Luke who was befriended by Mike Seaver, one of the main characters.

Of course, DiCaprio is known for his acting in big movies, such as Titanic and Django Unchained.

jack nicholson lakers getty

2 Jack Nicholson

Jack is another extremely well-known actor. Arguably even more so than DiCaprio, he has played in a wide variety of movies.

He was an absolute menace in The Shining but also a loveable and hilarious person in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

More so than DiCaprio, he has starred in scenes that I think will forever be famous. He shouted, for example, “Here’s Johnny!” in The Shining while he was hunting for his wife, and in the latter movie, he took his fellow patients in a mental hospital on a fishing trip!

denzel washington lakers

1 Denzel Washington

The top celebrity you’ll find at a Lakers game is Denzel Washington.

I place Washington above the rest because he’s made very powerful films that are historically and socially important.

He was a head coach of a football team in Remember The Titans, a movie that remains very well-known, as evident in Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s nickname (Sunshine).

That movie is meaningful for the way it handles the subject matter of racism. It is an especially great movie because of the way it ties sports to racism.

Another meaningful Denzel Washington movie includes Malcolm X.

The fact that you might find Denzel at a Lakers game reinforces how cool it is to go to Lakers games.

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