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Blue Mountain State: Is the Show Making a Comeback?

by Scott Kacsmar
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Blue Mountain State was a 2010 comedy series on Spike that was lost in the shuffle while it aired before gaining a cult following thanks to the early days of streaming on Netflix. This was before Netflix licensed thousands of original series and movies that you scroll through forever before falling asleep or watching something that makes you fall asleep.

Football is America’s most popular sport and most-watched event, but scripted series about it have been rare over the years. If you wanted a drama, you’d watch Friday Night Lights. Texas forever, Tim Riggins. But if you like raunchy comedy in the vein of American Pie and The Hangover movie franchises, Blue Mountain State would have been very much up your alley.

Now it may be back. Deadline reported in February 2024 that a sequel series is in the works, and it would bring back stars Alan Ritchson, Darin Brooks and Chris Romano. It could end up on Amazon Prime, where Ritchson has become a star for his work as Jack Reacher on the recent series Reacher. It could also go to Netflix, the streaming service that allowed Blue Mountain State to have the cult following it does.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but negotiations are ongoing, and things look promising for a return to Blue Mountain State. If you’ve never seen the show before, read on to see why this could be a fun revival of a rare football comedy series.

What Was Blue Mountain State About?

Blue Mountain State was a comedy series created by Eric Falconer and Chris Romano. It follows the titular, fictitious university and its football team, the Mountain Goats. The series begins with three incoming freshmen who have to adapt to typical college life, including heavy drinking, chasing girls, sex and hazing. The return of the series is creating such hype that even top offshore sportsbooks, like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) are offering prop bets for it.

Alex Moran, played by Darin Brooks, is the quarterback who eventually ascends to the starting role. He has to deal with Thad Castle, the team’s star linebacker and leader, played by Ritchson. This was before he was a huge star, figuratively and literally, if you’ve seen how big his body is in Reacher.

The other main character is Sammy Cacciatore, played by co-creator Chris Romano. He becomes the team mascot and provides plenty of comic relief in the “hopeless loser” role.

There are other amusing characters, including a drug-addicted kicker, and many of the storylines focus on Coach Marty Daniels and his ex-wife Debra (played by Denise Richard in the last 2 seasons). There are also cameos from celebrities and sports personalities Bill Romanowski, Boomer Esiason, Bill Parcells, Dan Patrick, and Stacy Kiebler. A young Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) also appears in a couple of episodes as a minor character.

Basically, if the American Pie cast went to a midwestern American university for college football, that’s the type of humor and hijinks you can expect from BMS.

How Long Did Blue Mountain State Last?

Blue Mountain State premiered on January 11, 2010, on Spike TV (now Paramount Network). Season 1 had 13 episodes that concluded airing that March. In October, Season 2 debuted with another 13-episode run.

Season 3 first aired on September 17, 2011. It was another 13-episode season that ended on November 30, 2011, which would serve as the series finale after 39 episodes. The finale is the only time in the show where the team plays another school in a game.

The show was canceled with no renewal for a 4th season. It holds a solid 8.3/10 rating on IMDb with over 58,000 votes.

The Blue Mountain State Movie

Let’s hope any revival of BMS does it better justice than the 2016 movie did. In 2014, a Kickstarter was launched to crowdsource funds for a movie called Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, which was eventually distributed by Lionsgate in 2016.

It picks up where the series left off. Alex Moran, now a senior, wants to throw an epic party for Thad, who was just drafted to the NFL, in exchange for Thad buying the Goat House from the new Dean of Sports.

Even with the familiar cast and the same writers, the movie fell flat and was nowhere near as entertaining as the series. It holds a 5.7/10 rating on IMDb with 17,000 votes. If you dare, the movie is still streaming on Freevee and Roku Channel.

Where Can I Watch Blue Mountain State Now?

If you’ve never seen BMS before or want to give it a rewatch for old-time’s sake, all 3 seasons are available on DVD.

If you want to just stream it like everyone does these days, it is currently available on Freevee and Tubi. No free streaming app is better than Tubi, so that is a great way to check it out in addition to thousands of other titles, including some obscure ones you won’t find elsewhere.

What Could a Sequel Series Be About?

There are no details yet about what the sequel series will be like. But if Ritchson, Brooks and Romano are all returning, we have some ideas on how this could work in 2024, truly a different era for comedy than what we observed in 2010-11.

Thad Castle was drafted to the NFL the last time we saw the guys in action, and Ritchson is going on 42 years old in real life. At this point, what better role could he have than returning to Blue Mountain State as the new football coach to restore the team to glory like when he played there?

Maybe his NFL career fizzled out, or he did something disastrous that went viral and is now crawling back to his roots and the only place that will accept him. But the football team is a mess, and Thad has no coaching experience to lean on, so reaching the youth of today could be a funny culture shock to him.

As for Alex Moran and Sammy, maybe Moran can be Thad’s new offensive coordinator and try to get the new quarterback in shape. Sammy can play a professor at the school or some type of administrative role, playing up the joke that he’s a man in his 40s who still can’t move his life past this college.

We’ll see what they come up with, but with Friday Night Lights and Ballers long over, any scripted football show would fill a big void in the crowded streaming land.

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