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Bridgit Mendler – Disney Star Turned Space Entrepreneur

by Scott Kacsmar
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Bridgit Mendler

Some Disney kids grow up to dance with knives in front of their concerned followers on social media. Given how popular they are becoming, you could easily bet on their downfall at any top-rated sportsbooks. However, Bridgit Mendler is the Disney star turned space entrepreneur who has taken the unique path of leaving the limelight of acting and music so that she can work on a data highway between Earth and space.

From actress and pop singer to Harvard law graduate and space tech CEO, the 31-year-old Mendler has taken one of life’s more interesting paths. You can follow her progress below.

Modest Roots

Bridgit Mendler was born December 18, 1992, in Washington D.C. Her parents were not famous actors or music producers, so when she expressed an interest in acting at age 8, the logical step was to move to Mill Valley, California, to be closer to the entertainment industries.

Mendler started acting in plays, performing in dramatic and musical roles. She became the youngest performer at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. By age 11, Mendler hired an agent to find more acting roles.

Landing on Disney Changes Everything

After getting her first acting credit for voice work, Mendler then made her on-screen debut in an episode of the soap opera General Hospital when she was 13. She auditioned for the Disney teen sitcom Sonny with a Chance, but she lost the role to Demi Lovato, who would later go on to a big career in music.

Mendler played Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister in the 2009 film Labor Pains, which was supposed to get a theatrical release before airing on ABC Family instead. After doing solid ratings, that kept the Disney relationship between Mendler and the network alive, and she soon landed a recurring role on Wizards of Waverly Place, the Disney show famous for boosting a young Selena Gomez.

Bridgit Mendler

That led to Mendler getting her own Disney show in 2010 with Good Luck Charlie, which ran for 4 seasons and 97 episodes with her as the lead. She would later appear on TV shows such as House and Nashville, and she was a main character on seasons 2-3 of the NBC sitcom Undateable, which ended in 2016.

Mendler’s most recent acting credit was a main role on the Dennis Quaid-led Netflix comedy series Merry Happy Whatever, which was canceled after 8 episodes in 2020.

Music Career

Acting and music often go hand in hand, even if a lot of these stars are usually much better at one over the other. Just ask Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Simpson about that. At least Mandy Moore and Justin Timberlake have carved out pretty solid acting careers after their music days launched their careers.

Mendler’s role model for someone who could do both was Jamie Foxx. Capitalizing on her new fame on Disney and Good Luck Charlie, Mendler released her debut and only full-length album in 2012 entitled Hello My Name Is…. It is a pop/R&B album.

The lead single “Ready or Not” was a modest hit with its familiar hook from a Fugees sample. Mendler made a music video for it as well and took part in a 25-show tour to promote the album, which also spawned singles like “Hurricane” and “Top of the World.

Mendler also released a pair of EPs with Live in London (2013) and the independent release of Nemesis (2016) while doing a little touring for both with her last tour ending in 2017. She has not released any new music since, clearly not interested in being a Grammy contender artist or pursuing some major shows

Education Time

Child actors can often lose sight of their studies. However, with Mendler turning 18 during her Good Luck Charlie days, she made sure to enroll at USC during the 2010s. After checking off a few majors on her application form, USC chose her major for her, and that’s how she earned a degree in anthropology in 2016.

She began a graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2018 to focus on improving social media. Her days as an entertainer influenced her decision to study that as it can no doubt be difficult to engage with fans and the often-toxic nature of social media.

“As an entertainer, for years I struggled with social media because I felt like there was a more loving and human way to connect with fans. That is what I’m going to study,” Mendler wrote on Twitter in 2018. She completed her M.S. in media arts and sciences at MIT in 2020 before moving on to her Ph. D work.

In 2019, Mendler announced she enrolled in a Harvard Law class. Mendler served as the Co-President of the Harvard Space Law Society. She received her Doctor of Law in 2024 from Harvard, giving her dual degrees from MIT and Harvard.

CEO of Northwood Space

During her education years, Mendler started a family by marrying her husband Griffin Cleverly and adopting a young boy. Along with her husband, she co-founded Northwood Space in 2023. It is a satellite data startup company that wants to mass-produce satellite ground stations to improve communication between antennae and space satellites.

Mendler is the CEO of this venture-backed company that operates in El Segundo, California, and already has over $6 million in funding.

Oddly enough, the inspiration for the company came from Mendler and her husband during their COVID-19 lockdown days. She said “While everybody else was making their sourdough starters, we were building antennas out of random crap we could find at Home Depot. For me, why the ground-side matters is because it actually is about bringing the impacts of space home to people.”

With success at every stop of her career, it is hard to bet against Mendler doing well with Northwood Space.

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