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Which Country Will the Aliens Invade First?

by Rain Man
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Aliens do not only exist in The X-Files and in movies. Governments know this and individuals who have encountered them know it, as well.

There are 400 billion sun-like stars in our galaxy alone, which also contains about six billion planets that are like our own. There are also trillions of galaxies. It stands to reason that aliens are out there and they could also be equipped with advanced technology.

Consider how quickly we progressed from flying airplanes to landing on the moon. Give another civilization several more thousands of years, and you can imagine that they can find us.

Because aliens could make themselves known publicly at any time, it is worth investing in them. The best part? Most of the best offshore sportsbooks are already offering props for this market.

For example, BetOnline (BetOnline Review) has great alien betting props available, which they place under “Entertainment” because aliens are fun to think about, but encounters with them could be anything but entertaining.

I wish to take advantage of these two props: one, “Which country will be invaded by aliens first?” and, two, “Who will win a war if aliens attack planet Earth?” I will recommend investing in Canada and aliens.

Which Country Will Be Invaded by Aliens First?

Who Is Favored?

Oddsmakers have both USA and Russia co-favored at +1200 to be the first country invaded by aliens. The argument for such countries looks simple, but I will contend that the argument is deceptively simple.

If aliens want to conquer our planet, then they will certainly want to take down the strongest countries first. It would not make sense to invade weaker countries, knocking them out first, while giving the strong countries more time to prepare for warfare. The strong countries will pose the weakest threat to aliens if aliens surprise them.

With the element of surprise in play, aliens will increase their advantage. When they then wipe out the strongest countries, they can advance on other countries that, though they will be better prepared than the strong ones, lack as much military potential to pose a threat to aliens.

So, which are the countries that alien scouts will identify as the strongest? Available advanced ranking systems indeed suggest that the United States and Russia are the two strongest ones militarily.

What’s Wrong With This Argument?

I contend, however, that the above argument is somewhat flawed and that, therefore, another country should be invested in.

I do agree that aliens will want to knock out the strongest countries as soon as possible – the USA is the strongest, so Americans would be their first major target. However, given that these attacking aliens are intent on settling here and taking over land, they will want to establish a headquarters, stronghold, or beachhead somewhere first. They will want to reside first in a location that is not in the United States because such a location would naturally be easier for Americans to discover.

Moreover, they will want to avoid settling first in the United States because this country is densely populated and they will want to avoid contact with humans and with all of the bacteria and other germs that humans carry and spread. As aliens who are native to another planet, the germs on this planet must present a great unknown to them. Think of the illness and suffering incurred by Native Americans who encountered the germs introduced by European settlers. Native Americans are even part of the same human species as Europeans, whereas aliens are not.

It makes the most sense that aliens will want to settle somewhere that is close to the United States but not in the United States.

Let’s go, therefore, with Canada at +2500. Canada is the USA’s neighbor and, more so than Mexico, it is sparsely populated. In Canada, separate from the U.S. and isolated from other humans, aliens would easily attain ample space in which to establish a beachhead.

Best Bet: Canada (+2500) at BetOnline

Who Will Win a War if Aliens Attack Planet Earth?

Who Is Favored?

BetOnline has humans favored at -400 to win a war if aliens attack us, and there certainly are reasons to think that humans will win.

The first is that we are native to this planet. There are all sorts of potentially life-altering things like germs, atmosphere, and air that we don’t really think about on a daily basis. Such life-altering things do not pose a problem for us normally, but they could make the situation for aliens uncomfortable.

The second major reason to think that humans will win is that there are a lot of us. Now, some might doubt that the size of the human population matters because of how divided we are. Surely, skeptics of the human side will say, it is not possible for countries like the USA, China, and Russia all to band together; but with our planet on the line and with a common enemy to fight, I think we can definitely unite.

Territorial disputes and religious conflicts will pale in significance when our entire livelihood is at stake.  Mainstream media, ever a decisive force in conditioning people to support or oppose whatever issue, will be deployed to compel inhabitants of this planet to recognize the necessity of all humans unifying to combat aliens.

Aliens will, then, in all likelihood be outnumbered. Besides being in a foreign planet, they’ll have to deal with all sorts of missiles and bombs.

Why This Argument Is Flawed

We have to recognize that when dealing with deep space, we are talking about lifeforms that are positioned light-years away from us, which means that an immense expanse of time is in play. In the grand scheme of the universe, our emergence into life is rather recent. Other planets somewhere could contain civilizations that are incredibly well ahead of us in terms of technology.

They might see us as we would see cavemen. If aliens can reach us, then they must possess technology far superior to our own, because their arrival would entail their ability both to identify us in the first place and to land on our planet. 

In the same sense that a caveman’s sticks and stones would pose zero threat to even the most simple-minded gun owner, our military might would appear laughable to aliens. They could wear protective spacesuits to avoid contacting our germs.

All they need to do is to be able to attack us while isolating themselves from any bacterial threat, which won’t pose a logistical problem for them. If humans have to fight aliens, it won’t matter how many of us there are, because aliens will be too powerful.

The odds are very attractive. Hopefully, the aliens will let us live long enough to enjoy the payout.

Best Bet: Aliens (+300) at BetOnline

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