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What Are the Daytime Emmy Awards?

by Rain Man
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You’ve surely heard of the Emmy Awards. The Emmys are a prestigious group of awards that focus on American television.

There are multiple Emmys. For example, you have the Sports Emmy Awards. These awards are for sports television. While there are Emmys that cover national television shows, there are also regional Emmys as well. Of the national Emmys, there is the Daytime Emmys.

Now that we recall what the Emmys are, let’s consider what the Daytime Emmys are before betting on them at top-rated sportsbooks.

The Daytime in Daytime Emmys

To be clear, when we speak of the Daytime Emmys, we are not speaking of the time at which this award ceremony takes place. There have been 50 Daytime Emmys and at least this upcoming one is going to take place on June 7 in the evening.

Instead of the time at which the ceremony takes place, “Daytime” refers to the type of television programs that are featured at the ceremony. The Daytime Emmys feature daytime shows.

What Are Daytime Shows?

Now, you might be confused about what type of shows are featured at this award ceremony. You might be asking: don’t all sorts of shows take place during the daytime? You can indeed see reruns of all sorts of shows while the sun is up, right?

However, certain types of shows are likelier to air during the day. Their programming and their new episodes will first air in the daytime, even if maybe they air reruns of those shows at night.

The daytime shows, which are the shows eligible for the Daytime Emmys, are: courtroom shows, daytime dramas – there are most notably your classic soap operas – talk shows and cooking shows. We have to stress that these are national shows.

There are shows, for example, that are available on the internet. For them to be eligible to receive an award at this ceremony, they must be available to stream or download for the majority of the United States.


There are 40 different categories.

A television show, and perhaps an important person, are listed under all of the categories, in addition to the television network on which the respective show gets aired. For example, one category is “Culinary Host,” the award going to the best culinary host on a daytime television show. The nominees include Lidia Bastianich, whose show is 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee, which airs on PBS.

There are six nominees in total, although the number of nominees will differ per category.


When we think of the Emmys, we tend to think of an award ceremony that is the most prestigious one. When people think of the Emmys, they almost always think of the Primetime Emmys. However, in themselves, these awards aren’t more prestigious than the Daytime Emmys.

Rather, they focus on a different group of television shows. A daytime show, for example, is not eligible to be featured in a Primetime Emmys ceremony (or in any other Emmy Awards ceremony) because the latter focuses on primetime television.

Now, you could argue that primetime television shows are going to be more prestigious than daytime television shows. After all, one is primetime and the other is just daytime. There is something to this: people work during the day and, while working, presumably cannot watch television. So, when networks want to air shows that they expect will attract bigger audiences, they will want to air them in the evening, which is when most people are home from work.

This distinction between daytime and primetime television shows does not change, however, the prestige level of the ceremony itself, even if most people might tune in to the Primetime Emmys ceremony because most people will watch primetime shows.

Getting an award at the Daytime Emmys is definitely considered an honor, just as much as an award at the Primetime Emmys, even if fewer people tend to watch daytime shows. The fact that there are separate Emmys ceremonies merely speaks to the range of quality television shows that are out there.

Daytime and other shows that don’t have primetime airing slots deserve recognition. After all, while they won’t get as many viewers as primetime shows, plenty of people will like those shows more than primetime ones – they simply can’t watch the daytime shows because they are at work.

The distinction between liking and watching helps justify my point that the Daytime Emmys are no less respectable or prestigious than the Primetime Emmys. We are not speaking about shows that possess less quality per se, but about shows that take place at a certain time.

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