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Why Is Evangeline Lilly Stepping Away From Acting?

by Rain Man
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Evangeline Lilly

You have surely heard of the television series Lost. Do Ant-Man, Avengers, and The Hobbit ring a bell? Evangeline Lilly was an actress in all of these movies as well. As an actress, she has had, by all accounts, a successful career.

Her career, however, is coming to an end, and it is of her own volition. She is stepping away from acting and retiring from the Hollywood industry. Isn’t this a strange decision? It must seem nice to retire after twenty years, but it does also raise eyebrows. After all, she is only 44 years old – she turns 45 in August.

Let’s consider whether this is a decision that we should find strange in some sense. Relatedly, let’s ask ourselves carefully why she made this decision before betting on it at top-rated sportsbooks.

Is Lilly’s Decision Unique?

Answering the question of whether something is strange involves defining the word strange.

People often consider something strange if people in a familiar field of reference normally don’t do it. For example, eating bugs might seem strange to an American, considering that other Americans tend not to eat them. In this sense, Lilly’s decision to retire from acting at the age of 44 is certainly not completely strange.

Other actresses have made the same decision. One other well-known actress to call it quits early is Cameron Diaz. She did so at the age of 50. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, best known for playing Michelle on the TV show Full House, decided to retire even earlier.

Diaz cited family reasons – filming is a hard job that takes a lot of time, which is time that she wanted to spend with her family. The Olson twins got into other projects. At least these three actresses would certainly find it reasonable to quit acting in order to focus on family and other projects.

What Else Does Lilly Have?

As justification for her decision to retire from acting, Lilly indeed cited family as a reason. She also expressed her desire to engage in projects that she considers humanitarian, and that she feels will help people. Relatedly, she would also like to write.

Lilly’s Family

Evangeline Lilly is a mother. She began dating Norman Kali in 2010. The two began a relationship with each other that year and started a family together.

Their first child was born in 2011. The second in 2015. This means that they have two young children, one is a young adolescent and the other is not yet an adolescent.

Being a famous actress gives one the ability to step back and focus on being a mother – she is not exactly a starving laborer who needs to work all her life in order to make ends meet. A good mother needs time to be a good mother, and Kali’s role in the entertainment industry helps secure the financial means to focus on this aspect of life.

Lilly’s Humanitarianism

Lilly likes to help people. Some people, though, will take issue with her sense of helping people. For example, she attended rallies during the pandemic during which attendees protested against vaccine mandates. Dubbed an “anti-vaxxer,” she is said by many people to hurt rather than to help people.

In any case, the point is that she sees herself as serving a public role.

In the case of vaccine mandates, she saw herself as someone who is fighting for bodily autonomy and for people’s right to refuse to do something, such as get vaccinated for COVID, that they don’t want to do.

Is She Too Unpopular To Work?

Her opposition to vaccine mandates and her general association with conservatives might be said to be related to her decision to retire.

However, while many people undoubtedly view her unfavorably as a result of her politics – or what she perceives to be her humanitarianism –, I don’t think that this explains her decision to retire. That is, I think she retired for the reasons that she said she did.

After all, she is starring in films that followed the 2020 anti-mandate protest rallies. Moreover, she said well before 2020 that she hoped to retire soon from the entertainment industry. 2016 is the year in which she announced this intention.

So, she is merely carrying out her intention in order to be a good mother who wants to help people in the way that she thinks she can.

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