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Gordon Ramsay Recuperating After Severe Bike Crash

by Rain Man
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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is currently 57 years old. He is alive – still alive – and kicking. 

We see him behave vibrantly and energetically on the reality television show Hell’s Kitchen. On that show, he shows all the signs of an active and healthy individual: he is alert to what the chefs are up to; he yells and reprimands at them when needed; he makes various sorts of difficult decisions quickly; he cooks brilliantly.

But is all that just television? Might he be, in reality, an aging man, a frail individual susceptible to the obstacles that life doles out indiscriminately?

Due to a recent harsh event, we have gotten insight into Ramsay the person off-camera. This event is the bike crash that Ramsay suffered. Let’s explore what happened.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Bike Crash

Gordon Ramsay is more than a celebrity chef. He enjoys doing other things, one of which is riding a bicycle.

He rides a bicycle in more than just a casual sense. There is a competitive component evident in his endeavor to participate in difficult events such as triathlons.

It is thus no surprise to see him riding a bicycle. But what was unexpected is that, while riding before Father’s Day in Connecticut, he suffered a bike accident.


He had to go to the hospital in order to be treated by a team of trauma surgeons.

While he didn’t break any bones and while he is still alive – he believes that he is lucky to be alive – he suffered significant injuries. His bruising along his torso is purple-colored and very extensive.

Moreover, his hand is shaking. This tremor is tough for him as a cook because cooks require steady hands.

Ramsay Is Tough

But Ramsay is a tough guy. Mentally, he does seem to be shaken up. Psychologically speaking, it must be hard for anybody to suffer such a serious accident while doing something that he loves. It must be hard in general to be hurt so badly and to come so close to death.

But he is moving forward. He is still cooking. He is still doing television. After all, he’s already proven his toughness.

For example, he survived a very scary incident in 2008 when he fell off a cliff in Iceland. This 280-foot fall constituted a near-death experience for him.

He’s been successful despite the fact that he suffered that traumatic experience, and he will continue to be successful despite his recent injury.

Ramsay’s Message

What sort of things is Ramsay talking about since his latest instance of proximity to death?

Besides expressing gratitude for being alive and, relatedly, thanking the doctors who treated him, he is emphasizing bike safety. Ramsay is saying that, no matter how short one’s bike journey may be, one must always wear a helmet.

I find myself developing greater respect for Ramsay. Instead of only talking about himself – which one would expect a survivor of a harsh accident to do – he is trying to help other people.

My point here is that Ramsay’s accident is providing the opportunity for him to reveal great things about his character.

He is sharing his important message with the world via his social media and other platforms that he can make extensive use of as a celebrity.

But he is also sharing his message with those close to him. For example, his son has expressed his pride to wear a helmet. Ramsay is, in these ways, turning something negative into something positive. His message could very well save lives.

Ramsay’s Recent News

While Ramsay is recuperating, he is expanding his public appearances.

Most recently, he threw the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game.

While on the mound, he could be seen waving to the crowd. He is a well-liked and well-respected figure, even though he might come across as a harsh or even mean person on television.

After all, he knows his craft. He is amazing at what he does. And he wants to bring the best out of people. He also wants to enjoy life and, as a father of six children, to share his life with people who are important to him.

Ramsay is a good human being and we should be grateful along with him that, after his severe crash, he is ok and recuperating.

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