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Harry Potter New TV Series: Everything We Know So Far

by Scott Kacsmar
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Harry Potter has been adapted to most forms of entertainment, including the  landmark run of novels by J.K. Rowling, a hugely successful film franchise, a theme park attraction, a West End stage play, and countless video games. Putting the boy wizard in a new TV series was only a matter of time in this streaming age. 

But it has actually been quite some time since Harry Potter himself was featured in a new media venture. The last book was released in 2007, the last film – not including the Fantastic Beasts series that does not feature Harry Potter – was in 2011, and even Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the stage play set 19 years after the events of the final book, premiered in 2016.

Given we’ve had 3 reboots of Batman and Spider-Man in the time since the Harry Potter movies started, you could say we are overdue for a new take on the tale of everyone’s favorite boy wizard.

There are ambitious plans for a new TV series that will be a faithful adaptation of all 7 books. Here is everything we know so far about the next big step in the Harry Potter franchise.

What Is the Premise of the New Harry Potter Series?

We should still be making fun of HBO for rebranding HBO Max as simply “Max.” But Max will be the domain of what figures to be a highly anticipated series with creator J.K. Rowling’s blessing.

First announced in April 2023, HBO is planning a 10-year production on a Harry Potter series that will adapt all 7 of Rowling’s original novels. Each season could serve as telling the story of one book, though the commitment of having 10 consecutive years of the show on TV does not add up there.

With a 10-year plan, it is unclear if there would be a few gap years early on if they want to let the actors grow up a bit as they are young children for those early books, if you recall.

The only thing we know for sure is this will not include an adaptation of the Fantastic Beasts spin-off, which is separate from the tales of Harry Potter and his friends.

The original film series took 8 movies as they split the Deathly Hallows finale into 2 parts, but taking each book as a season should put HBO Max on pace for at least an epic 7-season run with this series.

For the most part, the movies were very well done. But with a series format, they can stretch things out over 8-to-10 episodes per season, allowing for more character and plot development, and doing an even better job of adapting those books, some of which were over 600 pages.

It is a very ambitious project, but HBO has the money, and Harry Potter has a massive fanbase and is a money maker.

Who Is the Creative Team Behind the New Harry Potter Series?

With a show of this magnitude, you can expect a long list of directors and a big writing room to come. But while none of those names have been attached yet to the project, Deadline has recently reported some of the finalists of creatives who have been asked by HBO to pitch their ideas for how to handle this show.

  • Francesca Gardiner is a veteran TV writer and producer with credits for Succession, His Dark Materials, Killing Eve, and The Man in the High Castle.
  • Tom Moran is the creator and executive producer of The Devil’s Hour (2022), an excellent thriller on Prime Video.
  • Kathleen Jordan was the creator and showrunner of Teenage Bounty Hunters, a 2020 Netflix series.

All are qualified for a project like this, but you have to think Gardiner has an edge over the others with past experience on HBO series like Succession and His Dark Materials.

We may hear by June which writer gets the job, and J.K. Rowling is reportedly involved in hearing out the pitches from these creatives.

What Is J.K. Rowling’s Involvement?

Novelist J.K. Rowling obviously created this Wizarding World and the original Harry Potter novels, so like with the movies, she will have a say in how this turns out. In fact, this show was only given a green light in 2023 after Rowling was assured she has creative control over the exploitation of her franchise.

Rowling will serve as an executive producer on the series for Warner Bros. Television. She released a statement about the series:

“Max’s commitment to preserving the integrity of my books is important to me, and I’m looking forward to being part of this new adaptation which will allow for a degree of depth and detail only afforded by a long form television series,” said Rowling.

When Will the New TV Series Debut?

The plan is to start airing this Harry Potter series in 2026 on Max. That is as specific as the date gets at this point.

Who Will Star in the New Harry Potter TV Series?

Given the lack of creative hirings for this project, the cast also has not been filled yet. Expectations should be for a group of new kid actors to become future stars the way the film franchise did for its trio.

Otherwise, with the support of a huge budget and brand power of HBO (or Max), they should be able to draw some familiar, quality actors into the roles of adults like Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Severus Snape.

Will the Old Stars Make an Appearance?

Finally, the question likely on everyone’s mind is if Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) will appear on screen in the new Harry Potter TV series.

Radcliffe may still appear short enough to be a child, but the 34-year-old actor is done playing the role of a young Harry Potter. The same can be said for the others, but the bigger issue at hand that could prevent them from appearing as different characters is their relationship with Rowling.

In recent years, Rowling has been unapologetic about her views on transgender issues. She often engages with random users on social media over it, and things have gotten heated, creating some backlash to her and her work.

In this time, Radcliffe and Watson have both publicly been supportive of trans rights, which would put them at odds with Rowling’s views. She just recently acknowledged this on Twitter/X when promoting the results of a new study on transgender issues, and how she does not expect an apology from Radcliffe and Watson.

That probably explains why Bovada (visit our Bovada Review to learn more), a top-rated offshore sportsbook, has the odds set to +1000 for Radcliffe, Watson, or Grint to appear in the new Harry Potter series for Max. The bet is for new filmed footage only (nothing archival). Each actor’s odds are +1000 to appear.

We know how Rowling feels about Radcliffe and Watson, and while Grint has been left out of the alleged feud, he would likely side with his acting mates and not appear if they won’t be doing it. HBO would likely want all or nothing on this as well, so that’s not a bet worth touching, especially when it says it is for the 1st series. Maybe over time, fences can be mended, but for season 1, the best bet is that none of them appear.

And maybe they shouldn’t as this is a new chapter in the Harry Potter franchise, a new take on a beloved story that has been read by millions. Let the past stay in the past, and maybe Rowling can learn a lesson from that as well.

Let the art do the talking.

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