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How to Bet on Squid Game

by Scott Kacsmar
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Squid Game S2

Squid Game proved to be a worldwide phenomenon when it was released on Netflix in September 2021, rising to No. 1 in streaming in 94 countries thanks to strong word of mouth for its unique story with plenty of shocking and emotional moments. 

But it has been a long wait for the next season in the franchise, and fortunately, that wait should not be much longer as Season 2 of Squid Game is expected to debut on Netflix before 2024 ends.

A top-rated sportsbook like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) already has 8 betting markets available for various plot points and expectations from Season 2 of Squid Game. We run through them below and offer our best advice on how to approach this highly anticipated season of a great series from South Korea.

Note that for 7-of-8 betting markets, there is only a prop for “Yes” that something will happen in the new season. Also, note that we will be including some spoilers from the 1st season, so be sure to watch that before reading this.

Hwang Jun-Ho Enters the Squid Game

In the 1st season, Hwang Jun-ho was a police officer who disguised himself as a guard for the Squid Game to find his missing brother.

As it turns out, Jun-ho’s brother was The Front Man, the overseer of the contest. Jun-ho was shot by his brother in the shoulder, and he fell off a cliff into the ocean below. While it was not clear if he survived that, we have it on good authority he did as the actor has been confirmed to return for the 2nd season to reprise his role.

Would the Front Man let his brother in a new Squid Game contest given he knows he tried to expose it to authorities? Maybe not, but it sure seems like sneaking back into the game as a guard isn’t something he can just do again.

Having Jun-ho enter the new Squid Game as a contestant feels like a great way to beef up his storyline. This is a good value pick.

Hwang In-ho to Compete in a Squid Game

This is asking if the Front Man is going to be in a Squid Game this time around. As the overseer, it would not make any sense for him to formally be one of the 456 contestants in the next Squid Game.

Could he participate in one as a final battle with his brother Jun-ho or with our protagonist Gi-hun? That sounds very plausible, but it is unclear if that would mean the same as competing in a game as a contestant.

We will pass on this one and give it no action as the expectations should be for more backstory on the Front Man in season 2.

Oh Il-nam Revealed as Seong Gi-hun’s Father

At the end of the 1st season, Oh Il-nam, the old man with the brain tumor, was revealed to still be alive and is an antagonist for the series. That would make it likely he’ll have an impact on season 2, and the odds are heavily in his favor that he is the father to protagonist Seong Gi-hun.

But real life can make this one a complicated matter. O Yeong-su, the actor playing Oh Il-nam, got into some trouble in South Korea for sexual misconduct, including inappropriate hugging of an actress, holding her hand, and kissing her cheek. The alleged incident took place in 2017, and while Yeong-su denies it, he was found guilty and sentenced to an 8-month suspended prison term and ordered to serve 40 hours in classes about sexual violence.

It is unclear if Netflix will want to have the 79-year-old actor return for season 2 given this development. He can still be a big part of the plot though, and he can do that without even being filmed.

So, you can play this one if you want. But without a “no” option available and the odds only -300, we would generally pass on it.

Seong Gi-hun Enters and Wins a Squid Game Competition

The 1st season ended with lead character Seong Gi-hun at the airport on the way to visit his daughter in the United States. But after seeing the Squid Game recruiter give someone a card, he intercepts the invitation. He calls the number on the card to demand who is running the game as a year has passed since the contest he won. But the person only tells him to get on the plane, so he ends the call and returns to the terminal.

The assumption is that Gi-hun will go and enter another Squid Game contest to get to the bottom of who is behind this latest game. Naturally, you have to win a contest to advance, or otherwise you end up dead. We’re not making a 2nd season and seeing our main character die in the 1st game after waiting 3 years. He’s not played by actor Sean Bean, after all.

So, this is good value at +180 odds and should be something we see confirmed in the 1st or 2nd episode.

Seong Gi-hun to Infiltrate as Member of Staff

As we just described in the previous section, our expectations see Gi-hun taking his invitation and entering the next Squid Game as himself. He won’t need to disguise himself the way the police officer Hwang Jun-ho did in the 1st season as a guard.

We’ll pass on this one as the series works best with Gi-hun doing the games as a contestant.

Seong Gi-hun to replace the Front Man

The Front Man is the overseer of the games and revealed to be the missing brother to Hwang Jun-ho. It would make a lot of sense for him to be defeated in a 2nd season, but what motivation would Gi-hun have to replace him and become the new Front Man?

Remember, Gi-hun was on his way to see his daughter in the US. He was ashamed of the prize money he got from the last Squid Game, so it’s not a source of pride for him.

If he is revealed to be the son of Il-nam, then it could thematically make sense for him to take over the Squid Games. But he’d have to lose everything first and not see any other option.

We’ll pass on this one as we need a good guy to root for, and Gi-hun has been that so far.

Will Red Light, Green Light be Played

This feels like a lock, so it is no surprise to see -500 odds for it. Red Light, Green Light was the 1st game played in Squid Game, and it is a good choice since it is a great way to weed out a lot of competitors immediately, setting a serious tone for the rest of the way.

It cleared out 255 of the 456 players right away in the 1st season. The bet is not whether it will be the 1st game played. It’s just a question of will it be played at all, and yes, it would be a shock if they didn’t bring it back as that was such an iconic moment that really glued you into the show.

Winning Number for the Squid Games

Finally, our last market has a range of outcomes at BetOnline for the winning number of the person to win the next Squid Games:

  • Number 001-227 (-120)
  • Number 228-456 (-110)

Gi-hun had the last number at 456 when he won it in the last season. It would be very unlikely for another person with the last number to win again, though that’s not what the question is about. It’s just a range split in half, so it really should be a coin flip.

We’ll stick with 228-456 range and bank on another later entry pulling out the win. But truthfully, this is akin to betting heads or tails on the Super Bowl coin toss. You don’t have to do it.

The best value is above with Hwang Jun-ho entering the Squid Game (+400) and Gi-hun winning a contest (+180). Stick with those for your best bets on Squid Game Season 2.

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