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How to Bet on Survivor

by Rain Man
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How to Bet On Survivor

Top-rated sportsbooks will allow you to bet on Survivor, a reality show that, despite its many changes over the years, has stood the test of time since its Season 1 back in 2000.

In terms of what bets to place, there are various options, which is great for a multi-faceted show like Survivor. The show fields a lot of contestants in a format that foregrounds both individual and social skill sets. For your best bets, you can hone in on an individual contestant or you can take a more group-based approach.

After going over the different available wager options at BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more), I’ll talk about strategies and advice on how to profit from what will undoubtedly be an interesting venture.

While there are twists and turns – these, after all, do a lot to make good television – the attractive odds offered by sportsbooks do a lot to justify investments. The key concept is going to be finding betting value.

Betting Options: Female or Male

You can bet on the sex of the winner. This is a good option if you are unsure of how to choose between multiple individual contestants of the same gender who you like.

While some people have the prejudice that a male contestant is going to be likelier to win because men have more physical strength than women, this prejudice reflects a somewhat erroneous understanding of the game.

To be clear, generally speaking, men are statistically likelier to win Survivor – although the likelihood of a man winning in a specific season is obviously going to depend on a ton of variables specific to that single season.

More men have won Survivor than women. However, as I will discuss in my “skills section,” men have not dominated primarily because of their physical advantage over women, and this is certainly not the case after the initial tribal councils where the women and less physically talented men are going to be targeted early on, although this sort of focus on physical strength was rather true of earlier seasons.

The reason for men dominating is that Survivor is primarily a social game. As such, we see societal prejudices baked into contestants’ perceptions of each other – after all, these contestants are part of society, just like you and me.

Survivor involves players making social moves against each other. Women have a harder time playing this sort of tactical game because people are likelier to perceive them negatively for partaking in it, even though men do as well. Similarly, women are less likely to occupy leadership roles, meaning that they exert less control over outcomes.

Because women are likelier to stand out and get noticed, they are likelier to be targeted by others who will be likelier to vote them out.

Betting on a Winner

You can bet on an individual winner.

Some will say that this bet is too hard to make because there are so many twists and turns as an inherent consequence of the game unfolding – you have alliances, alliance disruptions (e.g., betrayals or allies getting voted out), maybe a tribe swap, and so on. Over the years, there haven’t been very many dominant winners.

However, if you keep the concept of value in mind, there is always going to be a justifiable and worthwhile investment.

Because things can shift, I generally don’t recommend betting on favorites. It is best to place a wager on long shots that you think can surprise people.

One effective strategy here is to bet early on for long-shot candidates who you think are particularly well-suited for the post-merge phase. You might very well have candidates who look like total longshots early on but who you think would thrive post-merge.

Those are candidates you can grab at incredible odds and quite possibly cash out. So, look for value rather than trying to predict a winner per se.

Winner’s Tribe

You can also bet on the winner’s tribe, which, like the gender option, is useful if you think there are multiple good candidates that you can’t decide between.

Know the Important Skills

Survivor is very much a skill-based game, with skill being construed in a broad sense.

Some might counter my point that strength is unimportant by emphasizing the lack of tribe swaps in later seasons. Lack of tribe swaps means strength becomes important because if weak players keep causing your group to lose challenges, then those players will cause a lot of frustration. As a result of other player’s weakness, that same tribe will repeatedly go to the tribal council.

This is a competitive contest filled with competitive participants. Tribes do not like to lose, and people generally do not like those who are causing them to lose.

That being said, there seem to be more puzzles than physical competitions. So, mind strength is arguably more valuable than physical strength. But primarily, Survivor is about relationships. Weaker contestants can effectively hide their weaknesses by building targeted and strong bonds.

Of course, if members of a contestant’s alliance get voted out, then that member will struggle to survive. As you might expect, manipulation is a salient method employed by contestants seeking to increase their advantage.

Cirie, for example, is generally thought of as one of the more manipulative contestants in Survivor history. While her social game is potent because she can be so sly, she has never won.

So, social skills aren’t enough. A winner has to also understand how the game is played. Strategic know-how is invaluable. Cirie’s lack thereof, as evident in voting decisions she has made, has cost her.

Knowing what skills are important is crucial because it allows you to see who has what it takes to win and who doesn’t have what it takes. Being able to distinguish between contestants in this way will, when you decide to vote on a contestant to win, make it easier to choose between the various options.

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