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How to Bet ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 36

by Rain Man
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The Amazing Race S36

If you have any experience at the sportsbooks, you’ll know that some of them, such as BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more), have plenty of betting options available for the “Entertainment” category. In this category, you’ll find betting options for The Amazing Race. 

To briefly summarize, this show features teams of two that have to understand clues, complete tasks, and, ultimately, reach a destination before the other competing teams.

Any competition is more fun to follow when you have money invested in the winner, so in order to make your investment a profitable one, here is advice to consider. First, let’s survey the exact betting options.

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Top Markets

Combined Age of Winning Pair

You can bet on the over/under of the combined age of the winning team members.

Sex Combination of Winning Pair

For this bet, you can predict whether the winning team will consist in one male and one female, two males, or two females.

Winner S36

The most straightforward bet is this one, to predict the winning team.

Betting Strategies: Playing The Long Game

Before getting too deep into the show, it’s useful to recall general betting strategies.

One, value matters. Especially when you consider how long the race lasts – there are probably going to be eleven or twelve episodes, if history offers any indication – it does not make sense to bet on a favored candidate early on. Over time, the odds will change. So, if you bet on a favorite early on, then it is very likely that, over time, the odds will move against that pair.

The best move is to choose more of a long-shot candidate before that team moves from being a long-shot to being a more favored team. Of course, you might not want to choose one of the worst long-shots because, perhaps, that particular team might be likelier to exit early on.

It is frequently obvious, early on in a given season, when a pair is not ready for the stage they are on or is otherwise incompetent. Some indications, in tandem with other ones – because every team is going to have individual weaknesses – include a lack of athletic or physical prowess, a lack of mental acuity, a struggle with clue comprehension, a lack of ingenuity (which is a part of mental acuity). If a team appears to have valuable mental and physical attributes, then it might be a good long-shot candidate to invest in early on in a season.

On the other hand, teams can obscure their weaknesses in earlier legs, making them bad teams to invest in if they start out as one of the more favored ones. Alliances tend to form early in the season. As part of alliances, different teams share answers with each other. Of course, this won’t happen later in the competition. But early on, teams can advance that don’t really deserve to do so. They can look better than they really are, and this false appearance can be reflected in the odds.

Teams that look better than they are will be exposed, which means that the odds will move against them over the season’s duration.

The Gender Question

Gender is always interesting to consider in reality television shows in general because reality competitions often highlight gender-related realities that pervade our society.

Related to this question of the connection between gender and success on The Amazing Race, we should recognize that an important strategy for betting on Season 36 is to look at history. Reality is the best determiner of possibility. We find out who is likelier to succeed in a season by looking at the past.

We can see all of the previous winning teams, including what gender their members are. Overall, there have been three all-female team winners. This is a shockingly small number.

After a few seasons, we could dismiss such a fact as coincidental. But it took 17 seasons for an all-female squad to win, and all-female winners have remained a rare feature of the show. This historical reality reiterates my earlier point about betting on nice-looking odds: it might seem attractive to bet on an all-female winner at +499, but there just isn’t a plausible reason to do so. We’ve even had all-female teams that consisted of literal athletes that didn’t win.

This fact offers push-back against the point that fans of the show will make about the casting of females. Supposedly – and there is some truth to this – all-female teams are less likely to win, because the show tries to cast the beauty queen-types that male viewers will find attractive that, however, won’t be well-suited for the type of tasks and other challenges that the show requires teams to attempt.

There are social realities in play. An all-female team is, for example, going to have a less positive outlook for the alliances, the collaboration that can help teams especially early on. Moreover, the all-male teams tend to move past arguments, whereas the women are disposed to get mired in the sticky emotional turf created by an argument, which makes them less able to succeed as a team.

There are physical realities, as well. Women have less endurance than men. Also, this must be mentioned because Amazing Race contestants have talked about it, they have certain biological functions that do not plague men. Women seem to be less likely to be well-prepared to do well on the show, which is why you see all-female athlete teams fail despite the show’s emphasis on movement and mobility.

Age Ideal

The winner of this show is likely to feature a pair in their low 30’s.

Being young is tough because younger people lack experience, while older people lack the same physical capabilities of younger people. Low 30’s marries the two: people of this age have life experience and physical capability.

Keep this statistical and social reality in mind for your best bets.

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