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How to Bet on the World Car Awards

by Scott Kacsmar
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The World Car Awards for 2024 are this week when the winners will be announced in New York on Wednesday, March 27. There are 6 different awards at stake, including the prestigious World Car of the Year award that has been around since 2005.

As you might imagine, a top-rated sportsbook like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) has 8 different betting markets for the World Car Awards. Are there any clear favorites or trends to find value for this year? We look at how to bet on the World Car Awards below.

How Many Awards for Certain Manufacturers?

A common betting market you may see for the World Car Awards is the over/under for how many awards a certain car manufacturer will win that year.

For example, 2024 has a betting line of over/under 1.5 awards won for BMW and Volvo. The under (-120) is slightly favored compared to the over (-110) for both manufacturers.

The way to handicap this is to look at which awards the manufacturers are a finalist for, and what their odds are to win those categories. Does the conditional probability look favorable when you add those odds together for the manufacturer to earn multiple wins?

Keep in mind the 100-plus automobile journalists who vote on these awards are test-driving these vehicles themselves for months before the awards. They could develop a bias toward a certain brand and favor it over the others, and they could also really fall in love with a car that wins multiple awards.

In fact, in each of the last two years, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (2022) and Ioniq 6 (2023) have swept the awards with 3 wins each in the categories for World Electric Vehicle, World Car Design of the Year, and the top prize of World Car of the Year.


In the case of the BMW in 2024, it has a great shot to win World Performance Car since it has 2-of-3 finalists in that category, including the favorite with BMW XM having +100 odds.

However, the BMW 5 Series / i5 is the longshot nominee to win World Luxury Car (+205) and the longshot nominee to win World Electric Vehicle with +240 odds. Given the worst odds in the 2-of-3 categories it’s entered in, we’ll favor the under 1.5 awards for BMW this year.

BMW 5 Series i5

As for Volvo, its EX30 car is up for 3 awards. It is favored to win the World Urban Car with -160 odds, but it trails the Kia EV9 for World Electric Vehicle and World Car of the Year.

That’s another one where we’ll go with the under 1.5 awards won for Volvo.

You can also consider that Volvo and BMW have not been overly popular with voters in recent years. BMW has 8 award wins, tied for the 3rd most since 2005, but it hasn’t won any since 2018. Volvo’s only win was in 2018 when the Volvo XC60 won World Car of the Year.

World Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz Is Chalk?

One of the easiest calls this year should be Mercedes-Benz winning another award for World Luxury Car. The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV is the favorite at BetOnline with -160 odds followed by the BMW 5 Series / i5 (+205) and Mercedes-Benz E-Class (+225).

The voters love the Mercedes-Benz for this award category. Since it was included in 2014, Mercedes-Benz has won it 5 times, more than the rest of the makers combined.

This should be another win for Mercedes-Benz, and the EQE SUV has stronger odds for it than the E-Class.

Design of the Year: Differs from Luxury Winner

The award for World Car Design of the Year does not automatically favor luxury car choices at all. In fact, none of the cars to win the World Luxury Car award have also won the Design of the Year award.

Sure, we have seen Jaguar win this award 3 times recently, but Hyundai has been the big winner the last 2 years with its Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 electric vehicles.

However, this could be a year where a fancy name known for luxury wins the Design of the Year as the Ferrari Purosangue is favored with -160 odds at BetOnline to win World Car Design of the Year.

Urban Car: High Variation

One of the newest awards at the World Car Awards is the World Urban Car, introduced in 2017. So far, it has produced 7 winners from 7 different manufacturers. That means there hasn’t been any real bias established in this category for cars that are approved for road usage.

This year’s finalists have a clear favorite with the Volvo EX30 having -160 odds at BetOnline, which is ahead of the BYD Dolphin (+205) and Lexus LBX (+225).

Toyota/Lexus has won this award before in 2022, so we think the trend of a different manufacturer winning will continue with a Volvo win in this category.

Is the Kia EV9 the Year’s Top Winner?

The top prize of the year is of course the World Car of the Year. But when you look at the odds for those 3 finalists, something interesting pops out from BetOnline:

  • Kia EV9 (-120)
  • Volvo EX30 (+160)
  • BYD Seal/Atto 4 (+210)

Normally, when there’s an option with -120 odds, we’re usually presented with another option around +105. But in this 3-way battle, the next closest contender is only at +160 odds, which is implied odds of winning at 38.5%. This feels like a good edge for the Kia EV9, but it gets more interesting when you consider the odds for World Electric Vehicle.

  • Kia EV9 (+100)
  • Volvo EX30 (+120)
  • BMW i5 (+240)

Here, you have the same top 2 choices as you do for World Car of the Year, but the gap between the Kia EV9 and Volvo EX30 is much smaller in odds. However, the number is a better value for Kia bettors at +100 compared to -120.

If a car is favored to win World Car of the Year, shouldn’t it win World Electric Vehicle too? In fact, we have seen the voters double up on awards many times when their World Car of the Year winner was also nominated in another category. It’s happened the last 2 years with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6.

The Kia EV9 has already been winning awards from other publications and car awards outlets:

  • “Family Car of the Year” – Top Gear
  • DrivingElectric Car of the Year 2024
  • German Luxury Car of the Year 2024
  • 2024 10 Best Trucks and SUVs Award – Car and Driver
  • North American Utility Vehicle of the Year – 2024 North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year (NACTOY) Awards
  • “Best Electric 7-Seater” – 2024 What Car? Awards

Winning the top prizes at the 2024 World Car Awards would simply follow this progression for the Kia EV9. Whether you take it at -120 or +100 odds, it is the best choice this year.

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