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iHeart Podcast Awards: What Are They & Can You Bet on Them?

by Scott Kacsmar
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iHeart Podcast Awards

The 2024 iHeart Podcast Awards are coming up as the annual award show to honor the best in podcasts from the previous year. This event has been held since 2019, and this year’s ceremony, presented by The Hartford, will take place at the SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas.

The show will be done from the Fairmont Hotel on Monday, March 11th at 8PM CT. Voting is a mixture between a panel of experienced judges and fan voting conducted online. You can stream it on the iHeartRadio YouTube channel.

As for whether you can bet on the award show, that is also possible thanks to a top offshore sportsbook like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more). There are 10 betting markets available for the 2024 iHeart Podcast Awards. Let’s go through them below.

Our best betting advice here is to acknowledge the odds, make a friendly wager on your favorite podcasts, and don’t take any of it too seriously as a subjective award show for podcasts is nothing like picking -110 sides of spreads and totals in a March Madness or NBA game.

Best Comedy Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • SmartLess (-200)
  • Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer (+350)
  • Baby, This Is Keke Palmer (+360)
  • Handsome (+800)
  • This Is Important (+1000)

While most categories do not have a strong favorite in the betting odds, Best Comedy Podcast does with SmartLess, which already won this exact award in 2022.

A weekly podcast since 2020, SmartLess is hosted by comedic actors Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Ozark), Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) and Will Arnett (Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman).

Each episode begins with the reveal of a mystery guest, who is then interviewed. 2023 was a big year for the show as Max (formerly HBO Max) premiered a documentary special to follow the podcast’s 6-city tour in North America.

With big-name guests and strong brand recognition, SmartLess remains a favorite comedy podcast and has a great shot to win another award here, holding off solid competition from podcasts hosted by Nicole Byer (Why Won’t You Date Me? won in 2023) and Keke Palmer.

Best Business & Finance Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • Networth and Chill (+160)
  • MoneyWatch (+300)
  • Planet Money (+300)
  • How I Built This (+350)
  • Direct Deposit (+400)

Moving into the financial sector, the favorite for best business podcast is Networth and Chill, hosted by Vivian Tu (AKA Your Rich BFF). Her podcast does a great job of tackling financial topics as they relate to the common person’s life. Some of the topics covered in 2023 include retirement plans, moving, the financial impact of OnlyFans, student loans and how to handle debt.

But there are other podcasts right in the running here, including MoneyWatch with CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger and Planet Money (2023’s winner) from NPR.

Best Food Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • Recipe Club (+200)
  • The Splendid Table (+280)
  • Cereal Killers (+300)
  • The Sporkful (+320)
  • Hungry For History (+350)

Presented by The Ringer, Recipe Club is the leading food podcast hosted by chef David Chang. He and his friends pick out a dish each week, cook it, debate the taste and figure out a way to make it better.

The Recipe Club just wrapped up Season 3 this past year and has a slight lead in odds over The Splendid Table, which has been hosted by food journalist Francis Lam since 2017. The Sporkful is also hanging in there at +320 odds after winning this category last year.

Best International Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • The Imperfects – Australia (-110)
  • The Fold – New Zealand (+140)
  • Question Period Vassy Kapelos Podcast – Canada (+600)
  • Dichosa Sexualidad – Mexico (+800)
  • Rocio Cordova – Mexico (+800)

When it comes to best international podcast, Mexico was a big winner last year when El Viaje won. But this year, the candidates from Mexico only have +800 odds.

This looks more like a 2-podcast race between The Imperfects from Australia and The Fold from New Zealand. The Imperfects studies the subject of imperfection as told by the guests that interact with the 3 hosts. The Fold is hosted by Duncan Greive, the founder of The Spinoff, who holds conversations involving media, culture and technology. It has 183 episodes available on top podcast sites.

Best Music Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • Disgraceland (+240)
  • Million Dollaz Worth of Game (+240)
  • Song Exploder (+250)
  • Questlove Supreme (+350)
  • Popcast (+400)

These are tightly contested with Questlove Supreme still looking for a repeat win after taking home the award last year for Best Music Podcast. Song Exploder was also a runner-up in 2023.

Disgraceland has completed 12 seasons and already won Best Music Podcast at the iHeart show in 2019. It is a crossover podcast looking at true crime stories in the music industry, hosted by Jake Brennan.

Million Dollaz Worth of Game is hosted by rapper/actor Gillie and social media influencer Wallo, presented by Barstool Sports. They discuss everything from music to comedy while also providing personal experiences and advice.

Best Overall Host

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • Nicole Byer – Why Won’t You Date Me? (+220)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Wiser Than Me (+240)
  • Laci Mosley – Scam Goddess (+300)
  • Johnathan Goldstein – The Heavyweight (+340)
  • Joe Budden – Joe Budden Podcast (+350)

If Nicole Byer does not win Best Comedy Podcast again, it would still be a great honor to repeat as Best Overall Host, which she is slightly favored to do.

But she has a whole new field of hosts to contend with this year, including a very famous actress from Seinfeld and Veep in Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She joined the podcast circuit last year with Wiser Than Me where she interviews famous, older women such as Jane Fonda and Carol Burnett to get their perspective on life.

Best Sports Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce (-200)
  • The Dan Le Batard (+280)
  • Pardon My Take (+600)
  • Around the NFL (+700)
  • Club Shay Shay (+800)

Remember when we said there is a fan vote for these awards? That could really push New Heights over the top with the Swifties voting for Travis Kelce and his very popular brother Jason, who just retired from the NFL with the Eagles.

It is not surprising to see the Kelce brothers are the favorites for the best sports podcast after a year in which they were constantly on TV. Their podcast also features their mom at times, and she has also been getting plenty of screen time with her sons in the last two Super Bowls.

These are all new nominees compared to 2023 when The Draymond Green Show won, and it would be surprising if the Kelce brothers did not take home the award here. They are fun guys to listen to in addition to the overexposure in the media with Taylor Swift and everything going on here.

Best TV & Film Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • Films To Be Buried With (+240)
  • How Did This Get Made? (+250)
  • Drama Queens (+300)
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour (+320)
  • Give Them Lala (+350)

This is another very tight race and a nice rematch from 2023 when Films To Be Buried With beat out How Did This Get Made? at the iHeart Podcast Awards.

Films is from the mind of actor Brett Goldstein, who you likely know best as Roy Kent on Ted Lasso. He sits down with a special guest to discuss films and life, and he is already up to 297 episodes with this successful podcast that is favored to win again.

As for HDTGM, it has been around since 2010 and features a couple of actors from The League in Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas as well as Scheer’s wife actress/screenwriter June Diane Raphael. The trio, along with special guests, try to make sense of movies that absolutely do not.

Choose your fighter here.

Best Wellness & Fitness Podcast

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • On Purpose (+180)
  • Therapy for Black Girls (+240)
  • Mel Robbins Podcast (+300)
  • Huberman Lab (+350)
  • Maintenance Phase (+500)

While Maintenance Phase won last year in this category, it has the lowest odds this year. This is still pretty tightly packed as On Purpose is only +180 to win over last year’s nominee Therapy for Black Girls, which is hosted by psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty is a top-ranked mental health podcast that has 528 episodes and a strong following. Everyone from mental health experts to celebrities and athletes are interviewed to provide different takes on what we can do best to manage our mental health.

Podcast of the Year

The nominees include (odds via BetOnline):

  • The Daily (+300)
  • Crime Junkie (+400)
  • New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce (+400)
  • SmartLess (+475)
  • My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff & Georgia (+650)
  • The Retrievals (+1200)
  • Scamanda (+1200)
  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty (+1400)

Last but not least, the big award is the Podcast of the Year, which is voted socially by fans. SmartLess and odds-on favorite The Daily (presented daily by the New York Times) have lost this award in the past.

Crime Junkie is a fan favorite in the true crime genre with 360 episodes. But if the podcast crowd is going to be doing online voting for something like this, what are the chances Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and his lovable brother win the award for New Heights? Travis wins everything these days anyways.

We’ll see what happens when the 2024 iHeart Podcast Awards are handed out on March 11, 2024. Place your bets before then and vote for your favorite.

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