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Is Kim and Khloé Kardashian’s Feud Real?

by Rain Man
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Kardashians Feud

If you talk to ordinary people about the Kardashian sisters, they will ask what is so special about them that they should receive so much public and media attention.

While their celebrity status is undisputed and makes them recognizable and therefore inherently more interesting people, they are also interesting because, on a level, they are just like me and you.

That is, they are human beings. They have human minds and human hearts. Observing their behavior as it is displayed on their television show grants insight into human behavior that we might not otherwise capture.

The point is that, before betting on their lives at top-rated sportsbooks, we can learn a lot by keeping up with the Kardashians (pun intended) both about them but also about ourselves.

A History of Feuding

The main point of interest in the context of the Kardashians is their ongoing feuds.

Season 5 of The Kardashians just recently premiered – on May 23 of this year – and one topic of interest is the feud between Kim and Khloé. To provide this current feud with psychological and historical context, it is noteworthy to mention that previous seasons, too, have featured feuds between the sisters.

Before this season, Kourtney Kardashian was a participant in sibling feuds. Previously, while Kourtney was distancing herself from her sisters, Kim and Khloé were bonding.

This history is fascinating to think about because it makes one think of European history, where human psychology plays out between entire states on a grand scale.

That is, alliances shift over time. Just as in European history, Germany and England might be partners in one century, and they might be on opposing sides in two world wars in the following year. Likewise, two sisters might be allies in one season before becoming bitter enemies in another.

I emphasize the broader theme of this article, which is that what the Kardashians experience is relatable and relevant to humans in general.

Why Siblings Feud

Siblings are naturally closer to us: we grow up with them; we share psychological, biological, and physical features with them that we don’t share with anybody else; we have a history with them that is more extensive and that contains components that, again, we don’t share with other people.

Psychologists observe that it is precisely this intimacy that leads to greater feuds. It sounds ironic, but people who are closer are also more capable of fighting.

One thinks in this context about how frequent divorces are, again highlighting the relevance of the Kardashian feud to other realms of human society. People easily grow close to each other and far apart.

The shifting Kardashian alliances highlight both the potential depth and the simultaneous fragility of human relationships.

What’s Going On Now?

Season 5 highlights the feud between Kim and Khloé. In this season, we see Kim level her sister with various insults, to which her sister has retorted by confronting her sister with mean and nasty accusations. The basis for these retorts and insults is intensely personal, highlighting the potential for people who are close to fighting.

Khloé, specifically, has made scathing remarks about her sister’s alleged desperation to land a boyfriend. Kim, meanwhile, has expressed to Khloé her sense that the latter should find a partner and that, instead of looking for a partner, spends too much time with her kids.

Khloé, then, has accused Kim of failing to devote sufficient time to her children.

The sisters apparently have different priorities when it comes to how much time they should spend with their children versus how much time they should devote to finding a partner. I say “versus” because there is a limited number of hours in each day, so one has to allocate a certain level of effort to certain activities, which means prioritizing certain activities by devoting more effort to them to the exclusion of devoting as much effort to others.

Siblings often share values because of their extensive personal history together, so one can imagine that when their values and priorities differ in significant respects, it might make them feel like they are not as close as they thought or as one would expect siblings to be.

The nature and the quality of their sibling relationship are perceptibly at stake.

Is The Feud Real?

Kris Jenner has reportedly faced pressure to increase ratings for the show. She thus wants her daughters to do things that will draw in viewers. Just as the news is less interesting when everything is simple and peaceful, conflict is more interesting than the absence of conflict.

One wonders, therefore, if this current feud is just a ploy to increase ratings.

Insider sources, though, say that this feud voices itself in violent arguments off-camera. It is not just something that appears on camera. Because these arguments take place when people aren’t watching, they must be authentic.

The Kardashians can’t help but be interesting, because they’re human.

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