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Are Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Still Going Strong?

by Rain Man
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A relationship between celebrities is always going to be considered newsworthy – at least initially. Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are in a relationship. We’ve known this for several months now, so the bare fact of their relationship isn’t so much what is interesting anymore.

What is interesting is primarily what people are saying about it. This topic of rumor and gossip addresses a significant point: the reality about something and the perception about that same thing can diverge starkly.

Before betting on them at top-rated sportsbooks, I will first talk about the reality of their relationship, offering a cursory timeline for the less informed. I will then discuss what other people are saying about their relationship, which is prompting us to reconsider the bare fact that they are together.


It might be relevant, in a deeper sort of way, to note that Jenner moved onto Chalamet rather quickly after her relationship ended with Travis Scott. Jenner and Scott had always been in a relationship that was characterized as on-and-off.

Their relationship was “on” to the extent that they had two kids together.

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However, in January of 2023, it became “off” in the sense that it seems to have ended permanently. In this month, she reportedly met Chalamet.

They apparently liked each other from the beginning, although their progress together proceeded at a gradual pace. By April of 2023, they were reportedly having casual dates. She was hanging out with him at his home. The first photograph of them together that you’ll find stems from June of 2023, when they were seen at his house.

Reportedly, she was there almost every day of the week.


In August, they were reported to have broken up. However, it was a curious rumor because it’s hard to say in what sense they were together. In any case, they were in reality continuing to go strong, although some people had perceived their relationship to be weakening in terms of intimacy.

They are indeed busy people who are pursuing separate projects. So one can see how the mere normal course of their lives can lead people, especially those inclined to sensationalist conclusions, to perceive their relationship to be weakening. My point here is that already in the Summer of 2023 we are seeing the sort of things that we are seeing now in 2024, in terms of people perceiving things about their relationship that don’t seem to have anything to do with its reality.

In any case, in defiance of such rumors, they embraced the public nature of their relationship. At a Beyonce concert in September, they were making out together for all to see.

They were again physically intimate together in public at the ensuing U.S. Open. In December, Jenner began referring to Chalamet officially as her boyfriend.

Current Status

But then things between them apparently became more low-key.

They have been dating and they have been seen together, but it hasn’t felt as dramatic as their appearances at the Beyonce concert and the U.S. Open when they were making out. Relatedly, they were last pictured together at the Golden Globes, which took place back in January.


They’ve also been distant in a geographical sense, reportedly relying on FaceTime and phone calls in order to stay in touch. Insiders report that they’ll spend a long time together on the phone.

Fizzling Out?

Rumors have, as we’ve seen, already taken place before that their relationship was fizzling out when, in reality, it had a bright future and was still going strong.

We need to appreciate how easy it is for rumors to be conceived and circulate. It seems to me that, sometimes, people create and believe rumors just for the sake of the drama that they entail. No matter what some people say, their relationship seemingly does continue to be going strong. The presently more low-key character of their relation merely relates to their apparent desire to be more private and less open about their relationship.

Hungry people, eager to see celebrity couples, and expecting to see them appear in the public eye, might conflate a desire for privacy with a lack of intimacy, but this is clearly a problematic connection to make.

Scott and the Kardashians

Jenner’s former boyfriend and her sisters have been public about her relationship with Chalamet, although the former currently less so.

What was perhaps supported by the rapidity with which she moved on from Scott, Scott claimed that she and Chalamet wouldn’t last long. Scott suggested that their relationship wasn’t genuine, holding her to use Chalamet to get back at him. Of course, we know now that their relationship is genuine, and Scott fittingly hasn’t had much to say about their relationship anymore.

The Kardashians also dispute the solidity of their relationship, and this is more recent.

Jenner’s sisters contend that Chalamet is not replicating Jenner’s investment in their relationship. They reportedly want Jenner to leave Chalamet for someone else. She is very much in love with him, but they don’t see him having the same level of interest in her.

As we’ve seen, though, people will talk about another person’s relationship, and it’s often just talk. The future will reveal whether their relationship lasts.

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