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O.J. Simpson’s White Ford Bronco for Sale – Could It Really Fetch Over $1.5M?

by Scott Kacsmar
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OJ Simpsons White Ford Bronco

If you ever wanted to purchase the white Ford Bronco that O.J. Simpson used in the most famous police chase in history, you are in luck. The owners are reportedly putting it up for sale after the recent passing of Simpson from cancer at 76 years old on April 10, 2024.

You just have to be rich with an unusual taste in vintage vehicles, because they are hoping to fetch at least $1.5 million for the Ford Bronco that might hold the record for having the most jokes made about a car. As far as automobiles linked to famous crimes go, this is essentially the Holy Grail of such memorabilia.

At least, that’s the owners’ hope of what the market will look like. But BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more), a top-rated sportsbook, is willing to take them up on it. They have set the line at over/under $1.5 million for the white Ford Bronco used in the chase in 1994.

Guess what? The over is favored with -150 odds at BetOnline. We look at the history of the vehicle, who the owners are and if they will get their $1.5 million.

Who Owns the White Ford Bronco?

Depending on your age, there may be some misconceptions about the owner of the white Ford Bronco. While O.J. himself had a white Ford Bronco, it was not the one used in the low-speed chase with police. The one used in the chase was owned by Al Cowlings, a close friend of Simpson’s, and Cowlings was also a former NFL player. In fact, the defensive end was the No. 5 pick in the 1970 draft by the Bills and played with O.J. in Buffalo for a few years to start his career.

Cowlings was the owner and the driver of the 1993 white Ford Bronco when O.J. was in the back of it during the chase. Later that year, Cowlings sold the Bronco to Simpson’s former sports agent Mike Gilbert and 2 friends. This group is the current owner.

The infamous Bronco sat in a parking garage from 1995-2012 and was rarely used. In 2017, the vehicle was on loan to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee where it was displayed for an exhibit about the murder trial.

White Ford Bronco

Since O.J.’s death a few weeks ago, the owners have announced their intention to sell it for at least $1.5 million. Call it the coincidence of the year or a sad attempt at exploiting a so-called friend’s death, but the owners said they had already planned to sell it this year even before O.J.’s unexpected passing.

“Before OJ passed, we had always thought this was going to be the year we were going to sell because it’s the 30th anniversary,” Gilbert said to the collections website Cllct. “Who knows if we are all going to be around for the 35th or the 40th?”

Okay, fair point. The 30-year anniversary of the chase is coming up as it happened on June 17, 1994. These men are at least in their mid-70s, and people do not usually celebrate a 35th-year anniversary. So, maybe this was the year to sell it after all. However, Simpson’s death is a helpful way to drive up attention and possibly the price, as this car and the murder trial have always garnered strong media attention over the last 30 years. They didn’t call it the “Trial of the Century” for nothing.

The Enduring Image of the White Ford Bronco

If you were alive on June 17, 1994, chances are you experienced the O.J. Simpson police chase. It dominated live television coverage, and this was true on an evening when there were NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals games going on. This was plastered everywhere in a pre-internet, pre-social media era.

On June 12, 1994, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were both stabbed to death. Five days later, the LAPD issued an arrest warrant for Simpson for 2 counts of 1st-degree murder. Later that evening, Simpson’s lawyer Robert Kardashian read a letter written by Simpson that was interpreted to be a suicide note, and they wanted O.J. to turn himself in before doing any more harm.

However, when it came time for Simpson to be arrested, he had fled with long-time friend Al Cowlings, the owner of the 1993 white Ford Bronco. News helicopters searched the Los Angeles highway for the white Bronco, and upon finding it, an indelible image was created.

Simpson reportedly had a gun, pointed it to his head and threatened to end his life in the back of that vehicle. Roughly 95 million viewers tuned into the coverage of the low-speed chase that was carried by every major network, and it was even used as a split-screen with Game 5 of the NBA Finals that night.

After a few hours, the chase ended when Cowlings and Simpson reached O.J.’s estate in Brentwood as he wanted to speak to his mother before surrendering. Simpson sat in the vehicle for another 45 minutes before entering the house and speaking to his mother for an hour. He surrendered after that, and inside the Bronco there was $8,000 in cash, a change of clothes, items for a disguise, family pictures, a passport and a loaded .357 Magnum.

The rest was history, leading to the murder trial where Simpson was ultimately acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. Still,  there would have never been a trial if people had not calmed Simpson down in the back of that Bronco over the phone.

Will the Owners Fetch Over $1.5 Million for the White Ford Bronco?

So, will someone actually pay $1.5 million (or more) for this piece of history? The owners say they last received an offer of $750,000 for the car, but it was not stated when that was or what inflation would be on that offer.

Simpson’s death and the 30-year anniversary do add value to it, but what could such a thing really be worth?

Well, one of the only other infamous crime cars that comes to mind is the vehicle that bank robbers/murderers Bonnie and Clyde used when they were shot to death by authorities in 1934. The bullet-riddled death car, also a Ford, was purchased by a casino near Las Vegas in 1988 for about $250,000, which would be close to $650,000 in today’s dollars.

However, that was a long time ago, and the Simpson Bronco is more popular in modern history. Someone with money to burn and perhaps a vision of how to display it and make money back probably won’t mind paying the price.

Given it’s the 30-year anniversary and O.J. just died, we are going to back the chalk here and expect someone crazy enough to spend over $1.5 million for the most famous white Bronco not named John Elway.

Pick: O.J. Simpson’s White Ford Bronco – Over $1.5 Million (-150) at BetOnline

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