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Who’ll Be the Sports Illustrated 2024 Swimsuit Cover Model?

by Rain Man
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Top betting sites like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) have released their odds for the Sports Illustrated cover model, which you can find under the ‘Entertainment’ section.

Let’s check out the odds and find the best bets. I recommend investing in Hunter McGrady and Laverne Cox, my favorite among the favorites and my favorite long shot.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

In order to determine who to bet on to become the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, we have to figure out the best approach.

Let’s start out by addressing the number one mistake that bettors make. Bettors tend to wager on the person who they think should become the next cover model, which is ridiculous because they are not the ones making this decision. When listening to these bettors, you’ll especially hear them reason according to who they find most attractive.

This is the second major mistake that bettors make – in addition to considering who they think should become the next model, they prioritize beauty as a criterion for who should become the next model.

How To Approach This Bet

It might seem counterintuitive, but the next model is likely going to be someone who you don’t find all that attractive. This is part of the world we live in that Sports Illustrated embraces – in order to determine who will be the next model, you have to understand the worldview of this magazine.

It will be easier to understand SI’s worldview if, like me, you’ve spent time on universities where ideas that buttress SI editor-in-chief MJ Day’s ideology are prominent.

The people who make these decisions do not, of course, reject physical beauty as a standard altogether, but they do distance themselves from traditional, conventional standards of beauty. Rather than reject considerations of physical beauty, they combine those considerations with social considerations.

Consider what MJ Day said was the goal of last year’s issue: Day said that the ambition was to “evoke captivating and thought-provoking conversations.” Notice how Day is not saying that the goal is to enamor male readers with images of physically attractive women. If this seems odd to you, then you are finally starting to get that, in order to win this wager, you’ll have to readjust your mindset.

I can’t emphasize it enough: we have to stop thinking about the stereotypical blonde, skinny, 25-year-old woman as a primary candidate to become the next cover model.

In talking further about the 2023 issue, SI’s editor-in-chief highlighted the need for “diversity,” which is a code-word for people who are not your stereotypical blonde, skinny, white woman. Day is still SI’s editor-in-chief, so her words about last year’s issue will certainly apply to this year’s issue because her worldview and her conception of what a cover model should be remain the same.


In a nutshell, expect the model to be a provocative choice, one that will upset especially conservative-minded people.

Also expect the model to reflect SI’s social agenda. The model is going to provide a platform for the magazine to appear socially relevant, to appear as a mouthpiece for social issues that particularly left-wing individuals consider important.


I get that it’s tempting to talk about the current candidates, but it would be pointless to do so without talking about the most recent winners. It would be pointless because we wouldn’t know what to be impressed by when considering the current candidates.

In identifying the recent winners, we get a stronger sense of what to look for in the current candidates.

Last Year’s Winners

Last year, Megan Fox, Martha Stewart, Kim Petras, and Brooks Nader were the SI swimsuit cover models.

Fox is a well-known actress who is highly intelligent and independent-minded. She is outspoken on social issues, which makes her controversial and interesting. Martha Stewart is the oldest person to appear on the swimsuit cover – she was 81 last year. Her appearance allowed the magazine to advocate for the anti-ageist agenda.

Kim Petras is transgender, which is important to SI’s editor-in-chief, who wants to advocate for transgender people. Brooks Nader is well-known through her potent social media presence, which has aided her in becoming known as a woman determined to empower others.

So, again, the next cover model might be someone you find beautiful, but it would be wiser to invest in someone who allows SI to emphasize its social consciousness and its proclivity for provocative choices.

Looking Past The Favorite

Christen Harper is favored to be the next cover model. But because she does not seem to have much of an activist presence, and because looks-wise she’s rather on the side of conventional beauty, I do not perceive value in her as the favorite.

She is favored because the public perception still prioritizes things like conventional notions of beauty, but those are the things that we need to un-prioritize in order to make the best wager.

My Choices

I want to invest in two women, one who is a favorite and another who is a long shot. I recommend splitting a half unit on each, Hunter McGrady and Laverne Cox.

McGrady is a so-called “plus-sized model.” Her choice would be provocative in that it would upset the many people who do not think that “plus-sized models” deserve this sort of accolade. This is exactly the crowd that Day would love to antagonize while stylizing SI as a magazine that advocates for “body positivity.” McGrady is a great candidate because she is an outspoken activist who speaks out against fatphobia.

Laverne Cox is also a great candidate because Cox has a diverse background – Cox is African-American – and, as a trans person, is a vocal advocate for the LGBT community. Cox’s activist presence and diverse background are exactly the things that Day looks for, giving Cox tremendous value as a long-shot option.

Pick: Hunter McGrady (+500) at BetOnline

Pick: Laverne Cox (+1800) at BetOnline

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