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The Office Spinoff Betting Guide: Fun Props to Bet On

by Scott Kacsmar
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The Office spinoff

This month, Peacock confirmed a spinoff to The Office is coming to the streamer famous for its exclusive rights to the original beloved comedy series that ended in 2013. The Office spinoff will not be a sequel, a reboot or follow a character from the original as is the case of most spinoffs in TV history.

All we really know so far is that Domhnall Gleeson (Ex Machina, About Time) and Sabrina Impacciatore (The White Lotus) are part of the cast, and the setting will be a publisher trying to keep a dying newspaper alive in the Midwest. The documentary crew from The Office will be filming a new documentary about this company.

There are some fun props to bet on at a top-rated sportsbook like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more). We look at those betting markets below with our best advice for fans of The Office.

Which Words Will Appear in the Title of The Office Spinoff?

The new spinoff does not have a title yet, but don’t let that stop you from betting on which words might appear in the title. The following odds from BetOnline are as follows:

  • Times (+250)
  • Tribune (+300)
  • Post (+400)
  • Daily (+400)
  • Journal (+600)
  • Herald (+600)
  • Press (+600)
  • Gazette (+800)
  • Republican (+1000)
  • News (+1000)
  • Conservative (+1200)
  • Methodist (+1600)
  • Democrat (+2500)
  • Liberal (+2500)

Let’s fade all the longshots with odds of +1000 or longer since this show would be wise to avoid any tribalism or culture war. That means you’re not going to use Conservative or Liberal, Republican or Democrat in the title. You want the most people possible to watch the show and that’s an instant turnoff for too many people.

The original was as blunt and to the point as any title could be. It was simply The Office as it followed people working in an office. Would they dare call this one The Newspaper? If “Newspaper” was an option, we would take a bet on that, but they only have the even more generic “News” available and that doesn’t feel like a good title.

This could be a market where multiple bets win if they call the show something like “The Daily Times” or “The Post Gazette.” The Post was already a successful 2017 film about The Washington Post. Feels like they’d ignore repeating that one.

If we had to pick one, our favorite is “Daily” as The Office was really a show about the day-to-day activities at an office building filmed by a documentary crew. They followed them daily, and this show will be in the same manner, so we think they can work “Daily” into the title.

  • Pick: Word to Appear in Title of The Office Spinoff – Daily (+400) at BetOnline

Will Dunder Mifflin Be Mentioned in the Pilot?

This is a bet with only one option (“Yes”) at BetOnline. Will Dunder Mifflin be mentioned in the pilot episode of The Office spinoff?

With +300 odds, this feels like great value to take. If the spinoff is about the same documentary crew from The Office who followed Dunder Mifflin employees all those years doing a new documentary at this newspaper, it feels very likely they will be mentioned in some capacity in the pilot.

Granted, the documentary crew were almost never on camera themselves in The Office. However, they don’t have to be to still be mentioned by the new cast members.

This is the best value bet available on The Office spinoff as the pilot is the best and most logical time to mention Dunder Mifflin to make the universal connection between the series.

  • Pick: Will Dunder Mifflin Be Mentioned in the Pilot? YES (+300) at BetOnline

Who Will Appear in Season 1?

Finally, BetOnline has a list of actors you can bet on to make an appearance in Season 1 of The Office spinoff. All of the actors listed appeared in the US version of The Office. For a refresher, we have included their character’s name, how many episodes they appeared in and their respective odds:

  • Jenna Fischer (+400) – Pam Beesly (188 episodes)
  • Rainn Wilson (+400) – Dwight Schrute (188 episodes)
  • John Krasinski (+400) – Jim Halpert (188 episodes)
  • Steve Carell (+600) – Michael Scott (138 episodes)
  • Brian Baumgartner (+600) – Kevin Malone (188 episodes)
  • Leslie David Baker (+600) – Stanley Hudson (188 episodes)
  • James Spader (+600) – Robert California (25 episodes)
  • Kathy Bates (+600) – Jo Bennett (8 episodes)
  • Idris Elba (+600) – Charles Miner (7 episodes)
  • Ricky Gervais (+600) – David Brent (2 episodes)

While fans would love to see Michael Scott return in all his glory, Steve Carell has already spilled the beans that he won’t be showing up in this spinoff. He confirmed it to The Hollywood Reporter this past week.

“I will be watching but I will not be showing up. It’s just a new thing and there’s really no reason for my character to show up in something like that,” Carell said. “But I’m excited about it, it sounds like a great conceit. I love the idea — I guess it’s set in a failing newspaper company.”

It makes sense we won’t see Michael Scott, but it also would make just as much sense that we don’t see any of the Scranton employees from Dunder Mifflin either. That means Pam, Dwight, Jim, Kevin and Stanley. What would they have to do with a Midwestern newspaper?

As for the famous guest stars, James Spader has nothing to do these days since The Blacklist ended. However, his character Robert California also drove the company into the ground after he replaced Kathy Bates’ character, Jo Bennett, as CEO of printer company Sabre. That was the company that fired Idris Elba’s Charles Miner character in Season 5.

They likely won’t show up again.

The best bet is Ricky Gervais. The Office was his creation decades ago in the UK, and he loves himself enough to be the only actor to appear in all 3 shows from this universe. Plus, he can always reprise his David Brent character by saying he’s on a U.S. tour with his band and he goes to the local paper to try to drum up some advertising for his band’s performance at a dive bar or something of that nature.

Gervais is serving as an executive producer on this series, so he is still very much connected to the franchise. He’s our favorite bet to appear this season as a familiar face.

  • Pick: To Appear in Season 1 of The Office Spinoff – Ricky Gervais (+600) at BetOnline

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