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Super Bowl LVIII Beats: Tiesto Set to Make History as NFL’s In-Game DJ

by Rain Man
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Dj Tiesto

Who Is Tiesto?

With literally billions of global streams to his name, Tiesto is already an international superstar.

Known as the “Godfather of electronic dance music (EDM),” Tiesto has received numerous accolades for his DJ performances, including being named “The Greatest DJ of all time” by Mix magazine.


True to the NFL’s demonstrated interest in having iconic, well-known older artists perform at the Super Bowl, he became prominent in the late 90s and early 2000s.

From 2002-2004, DJ Magazine named him the world’s top DJ for three straight years.

2003 was big for him as he participated in the novel idea of having a DJ perform a concert by himself in a stadium. So for decades now he has already been used to performing for tens of thousands of people in person.

Big Step In Tiesto’s Career

Yet he is about to increase his already global reputation.

He is receiving the honor of serving as the Super Bowl’s first-ever in-game DJ.

One must view this decision not only as a win for Tiesto but as a win for electronic dance music (EDM) listeners everywhere.

Before we discuss what Tiesto’s honor means, let’s be clear about what he’ll be doing during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl DJ

Having a DJ at the Super Bowl is not what is new here.

For each of the last four Super Bowls, a DJ was set to do this thing while players warmed up. We had DJ sets most recently from DJ Snake in Phoenix, DJ Khaled in Miami, Zedd in Los Angeles, and D-Nice in Tampa Bay.

These DJs worked before the game began.

Tiesto is also going to do a set during player warmups. In this respect, he will be like the four previous DJs.

What Is New

The difference is that Tiesto will become the first DJ to work during games. There will be special in-game breaks in which Tiesto will twist and turn knobs on his technological gear while others turn to the top-rated sportsbooks for some in-game action.

Why This Year

It is true that the NFL is always looking to improve its in-game experience for fans.

The NFL wants people to spend exorbitant dollar amounts by coming to the Super Bowl, so giving them a greater reason to come will help achieve that end. But having Tiesto operate in this year’s Super Bowl is not a coincidental matter of timing.

This year’s Super Bowl takes place in Las Vegas, which has a tremendous history for electronic dance music in general. There is, in fact, an “EDM Event Calendar” especially for Las Vegas.

In this calendar, there is at least one EDM event on many days. On certain days, such as Friday, there are multiple of these events. So EDM is something that many people already come to Las Vegas to experience.

Now they will also get to watch the Super Bowl.

There is thus a combination of global and local elements in the sense that Tiesto has been hired partly for his global appeal.

He certainly has a following in the United States, but the Dutch musician first had a large following in Europe, which culturally speaking is more well-known for its affinity for EDM than the United States.

While there is this global appeal through the European Tiesto, there is also a local element in that Las Vegas’ own affinity for EDM is being represented.

In the Super Bowl, through Tiesto’s performance, we will thus see both global and local colors.

Global Appeal

This decision to hire Tiesto for his historical Super Bowl performance expresses a nod to Europe where he hails from and where he was popular first.

One can thus position this decision to hire Tiesto within the NFL’s already well-known endeavor to increase its following of Europeans.

We already knew that the NFL wanted to increase its global brand because it had many of its players go through the difficulty of traveling to Europe.

Three games took place in London this year and another one took place in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tiesto’s Style

In terms of the style of music you’ll hear from Tiesto, you have to appreciate his willingness to change himself throughout the years.

He was a hardcore guy in the 90s before he moved to trance.

But he is changing himself to appeal to younger crowds. He is not entirely different, so we will still see some of his characteristic trance, but we will also see more melodic house and techno from him.

While older people certainly will be excited to see Tiesto, he is still a well-reputed DJ who will appeal to younger crowds.

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