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2024 Time Person of the Year

by Scott Kacsmar
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It is never too early to think about the 2024 Time Person of the Year, the annual award that Time magazine has given out since 1927. The intention is to award the person who had, for better or worse, the most impact on the events of that year, which is why the award is usually given out in December.

Last year’s winner was Taylor Swift, because why wouldn’t it have been her? Swift was everywhere in 2023 with her record-breaking Eras tour as well as in the NFL spotlight with her relationship with Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce.

Still, Swift’s win of the award was monumental as, according to Time, she is the first Person of the Year to win it for achievement in the arts. The award has most often gone to political leaders with 23 wins by 14 different men who served as President of the United States.

Other types of winners have included:

  • CEO/tech people (Walter Chrysler, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc.)
  • Popes (John XXIII, John Paul II, Francis)
  • Groups of people (U.S. scientists in 1960, American women in 1975, The Silence Breakers for MeToo movement in 2017, etc.)
  • Inanimate objects (“The Computer” in 1982 and “The Endangered Earth” in 1988)
  • An abstract concept (“The Spirit of Ukraine” in 2022)

Swift broke the mold as an entertainer, but with 2024 being an election year and much turmoil around the world, you should probably think more along the lines of politics again.

Top-rated sportsbooks like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) has a betting market open for the 2024 Time Person of the Year. While there are many names listed, we are going to focus on the top 6 who all have odds of +800 or better to win it.

We make our best prediction below on who the winner will ultimately be in December.

Elon Musk (+800)

Musk was a favorite to win the award for 2023 when he had a year that was certainly eventful and had him in the news constantly:

  • In his first full year as the owner of Twitter, Musk rebranded the site to ‘X’ despite most people still referring to it as ‘Twitter’ in 2024.
  • In September, Musk’s Neuralink company, a neurotechnology startup, was given the green light to initiate human trials.
  • In November, Musk’s Tesla company started producing the Cybertruck, an electric mid-size pickup truck.

Musk’s unorthodox leadership style and uneven fight for free speech on X/Twitter have made him a controversial figure. But there is no denying he is one of the most important and influential people in the world right now, and we did not even mention his work with SpaceX.

However, Musk was not able to win the award in 2023, and he already won it in 2021 for his work with these companies. Unless he has something new up his sleeve or does something to heavily influence the 2024 election, it is hard to see him win this award a second time.

Nikki Haley (+800)

This feels like bad odds at the moment since Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, was thoroughly defeated by Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nomination. She finally suspended her campaign after winning just one state on Super Tuesday in early March.

Haley has not fully endorsed Trump, and after facing off as his final contender for the party’s nomination, it feels very unlikely that she’ll be his pick for vice president.

Maybe some think she still gets that nod, which would be the only reason to assume she has a near-future shot at the presidency, which would be historic as the first woman to hold the highest office in the land.

However, Haley did not show full loyalty to Trump in this process, so look for her to be snubbed when it comes time to pick his vice president. Other than that, there’s nothing she could do this year to make her stand out. Someone like California Governor Gavin Newsom is also not likely going to be president with incumbent Joe Biden in place, but his odds are double that of Haley’s at +1600 right now.

At least Newsom is still in office. There’s better value with him at +1600 than there is with Haley at +800.

AI (+600)

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is absolutely the kind of concept that could win this award this year or very soon as the debate grows on what it can do to society.

Worst-case scenario, it becomes sentient and launches the nukes to end the world as we submit to our robot overlords. More likely, a lot of jobs are lost to AI, as it can do them faster and more efficiently than a human.

Still, we are definitely on the verge of some scary times with AI as people use it to create deepfake pictures and videos that are increasingly looking more real. When you lose the ability to identify what’s real and what’s not, you have a major problem.

However, AI is already becoming a controversial topic as it was recently used in a couple of images in the independent horror film Late Night with the Devil. It was a “blink and you miss it” type of AI use, but the discovery of this still upset many viewers who think those jobs should go to artists who design real pictures by hand. Part of the Hollywood strikes for actors and writers last year involved the future of AI and not losing jobs to that.

Still, there is also the real issue of plagiarism in school with people using applications such as ChatGPT to do their research papers and essays. In their current form, those AI chatbots can have a lot of errors and inaccuracies, but it is a constantly improving piece of software.

AI is here and it’s here to stay. How much we let it control will hopefully still be up to us or else we’ve built Skynet and are all waiting for Judgment Day.

Joe Biden (+600)

Presidents always have an advantage with this award, especially in an election year, and 2024 should no doubt be another tightly contested battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November.

Biden shared this award in 2020 with Vice President Kamala Harris after the pair defeated the then-incumbent Trump and Mike Pence. That was Biden’s first win of the award, and there is plenty of precedent with U.S. presidents winning it twice with Franklin D. Roosevelt (3 times), Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama winning it multiple times.

Bush (2000 and 2004) and Obama (2008 and 2012) both won their awards during election years, which is the most common time for it to happen in a presidency.

Another win for Biden would be historic in that he’d be the first to win a U.S. presidential election in his 80s. If you believe in Biden winning in November, and he has been gaining steam in the odds, then this might be the best value you can get for that at +600 as reelection would give him a huge boost for Time Person of the Year.

Sam Altman (+500)

We mentioned AI above, but if you were to put a name and face to it right now, you might choose Sam Altman. He is the 38-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of OpenAI since 2019.

OpenAI is the company that owns ChatGPT, perhaps the most famous of all the AI chatbots on the market right now. Some have called Altman the “Oppenheimer of our age” in reference to the father of the atomic bomb.

Altman was briefly ousted as the CEO of OpenAI before he was brought back. In March 2024, he debuted on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with an estimated net worth of $2 billion (and growing).

Altman has been in a feud with Elon Musk, who was an early investor in OpenAI. Altman currently is seeking $100 billion in funding from venture capitalists to move OpenAI forward.

However, AI is moving fast as it is, and people like Altman need to be careful about what they are creating.

Donald Trump (+400)

This one is quite simple. If Donald Trump wins the November election for a 2nd term as president, he will win this award. He has been the favorite to win for months, but Joe Biden and the Democratic party are creeping up in the odds. In fact, BetOnline has the Republicans and Democrats tied at -110 odds to win the November election.

However, Trump still has his MAGA base showing full support as he faces 91 indictments in 4 cases around the country. He just made $5 billion from his shares in Truth Social, his social media company that was his answer to Twitter where he was banned years ago.

There is some anti-Trump sentiment in the Republican party from the likes of Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, but they are a minority. Most of the party is all in on Trump. At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), there wasn’t even a platform for the Republican party. It was just a series of keynote speakers from the Trump family.

Trump has a stranglehold over a major political party in a way we haven’t seen one person have in American history. They will ride or die with him in November, but if he does win, he may never want to leave. If he loses, he could stir up even more trouble than he did in 2020.

Either way, Trump is a huge story once again in 2024.

The Pick

So, who wins the 2024 Time Person of the Year?

If it wasn’t an election year, my pick would be hands down AI. It is a huge story right now, and the overall impact it has is greater than any one person involved in it, so AI as a concept makes more sense than Sam Altman in 2024.

However, when they say “the next election is the most important ever” they are right this time. The winner between Biden and Trump could prove monumental as one should put the end to the other’s political career given their ages.

While Trump is still favored here and slightly favored in election polls, we know the electoral college battle is always really close these days. It is going to be close again in November. Biden at +600 is better value than Trump at +400, and the winner of this election is going to win this award barring something crazy elsewhere in the world.

With April just getting underway, we are cautiously siding with Joe Biden for your 2024 Time Person of the Year.

Pick: 2024 Time Person of the Year – Joe Biden (+600) at BetOnline

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