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The Prime-Time Effect: Top 5 Celebrities to Attend Colorado Buffaloes Games in 2023

by Rain Man
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Coach Prime Colorado Buffaloes Head Coach

With the arrival of Coach Prime, the nickname for Deion Sanders, head of the Colorado Buffaloes, oddsmakers at the top offshore sportsbooks are not the only ones taking more notice of this team. Celebrities are too and very interested in attending his team’s home games.

Let’s rank the top celebrities who you can find currently attending Buffaloes football home games.

We’ll rank them according to how big they are. That is, we’ll consider how well-known they are and how positively influential they are.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson Colorado Buffaloes

5 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson was a very welcome guest in Boulder. He reportedly moved Coach Prime to tears in response to his interaction with him on ESPN’s College GameDay.

The Rock is both very well-known and influential, and he has been both for a while.

As a child in the 1990s, one must have idolized The Rock for his role as a wrestler in WWF. After being a wrestling star, he continued contributing to the world of entertainment by participating in several blockbuster movies. His highest-grossing film is Furious 7, which netted 1.5 billion dollars.

Michael Irvin at Colorado Buffaloes

4 Michael Irvin

I find it particularly meaningful when guys who played a sport attend a stadium to watch guys – most of whom won’t be as good – play the sport that they played. Their attendance adds a layer of meaning to the game because a football game must be especially worth watching if guys who played the sport at the absolute highest level deemed it worthwhile to make the effort to attend.

These considerations explain why I wanted to put a football player at number 4. Michael Irvin, though, was by no means an obscure football player; his incredible career helped build his enduring status and reputation in multiple ways.

One, the story of his career lives on because of how tremendous it was. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007. An amazing wide receiver for the Cowboys – one must remember, also, that offense was a lot less prominent in his day – he helped Dallas win three Super Bowls. As a Cowboy, he finished second on the team all-time in receiving touchdowns.

Two, besides using his playing career by itself to support his celebrity status, Irvin has used his playing career to enter other positions that increased his fame. Most prominently, he serves as an analyst with the NFL Network. So he is easy to see on television.

Terrell Owens at Colorado Buffaloes

3 Terrell Owens

Another prominent attendee of Colorado Buffaloes home football games has been Terrell Owens. Owens, like Irvin, is a Hall of Fame wide receiver, being inducted in 2018.

I place him higher than Irvin because he is better known. Better-known is not necessarily a good thing in this case, but that is not a bad thing… let me explain what I mean: Owens was a bit controversial as a player.

His behavior and his antics did a lot to alienate audiences. This explains why he was snubbed twice from Hall of Fame entry despite finishing his career ranking eighth all-time in receptions, second all-time in receiving yards, and third all-time in receiving touchdowns.

However, the bad was also good in the sense that he helped make the NFL very entertaining. Some of his touchdown celebrations, such as when he ate popcorn or pulled out a Sharpie, remain legendary.

Will Ferrell at Colorado Buffaloes

2 Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell makes the rounds! From attending Lakers games to attending Buffaloes games.

Ferrell deserves his place at number two given the role he’s played in the film industry.

He’s starred in several great and well-known films, which make him a generally more well-known and respected figure than someone like The Rock. Examples of his movies include Anchorman and Talladega Nights.

LeBron James

1 LeBron James

The King himself has attended Buffaloes home games.

James deserves his spot at number one because he distinguishes himself so prominently from other NBA players and even from most athletes in general. Whereas guys like Owens and Irvin were incredible at what they did, LeBron is one of the absolute best basketball players.

As a current player, he naturally carries a higher profile than Owens and Irvin, who have long been retired now.

LeBron, though, is commonly compared with the likes of Michael Jordan, and it is frequently debated which player is better.

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