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The Top 5 Sports Podcasts for Betting 

by Shawn West
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For sports bettors, information is like oxygen. You need a constant, reliable source, or the situation gets dire in a hurry.

The good news is there’s no shortage of sports data online. In fact, there’s so much information, in terms of injury reports, matchup breakdowns and analytics, that it can be tough to wade through it all. One easy way to help navigate the sea of data is with sports podcasts.

With a podcast, you can devote some of your downtime, such as rush hour traffic, sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms, or mowing the lawn, to get informative and entertaining takes on your favorite topics, including sports and sports betting, so you can take advantage of it when playing at our recommended offshore sportsbooks.

Best Sports Betting Podcasts

The best podcasts for sports bettors will give you actionable information on upcoming matchups that not everyone has. It could be a tip or a pick on a specific game, it could be up-to-date news on injuries or personnel changes, or it could be the type of detailed breakdown of a team or athlete since you don’t have the time to do a deep dive on everyone and everything.

The best strategy is to listen to a combination of gambling-specific podcasts and more general sports news and analysis shows. Here’s a look at our top five must-listen podcasts for the serious sports bettor.

5 The suite of podcasts at The Athletic

The Athletic is a pay site that offers in-depth coverage of all major sports. They also produce a series of sport-specific podcasts, which, unlike the articles on the site, are free, even to non-subscribers.

They have some of the top writers and experts this side of ESPN, and, unlike the Worldwide Leader, they tend to focus more on the action on the field, rather than their own personal brands, meaning a focus on sports analysis, rather than looking to entertain first.

For baseball, they have the Rates & Barrels podcast, which focuses on analytics. There’s also Puck Soup for hockey, the Athletic NBA Show, The Athletic Football Show, and separate pods for college football and basketball.

An example of why gamblers should care: On Monday of their bye week, the Carolina Panthers announced that coach Frank Reich was handing off playcalling duties to an assistant. By Thursday, The Athletic Football Show had a segment discussing “Is there any meaningful effect when a team changes playcallers?”

4 BetQL Daily

It’s not as well-known as some of the big-name gambling podcasts, but it is a one-stop shop for betting on all sports.

In one recent Tuesday show, BetQL had tips on how to bet that night’s NLCS playoff game, including a tip that would boost your odds on Corbin Carroll props, a breakdown of what worked and what didn’t in Monday Night Football betting from the previous night, a deep look at the NFL Futures market, the college football Heisman futures race, and guests discussing the upcoming NFL and college schedule.

Their site also allows you to easily focus on what you care about, with separate files for each hour of the (usually three-hour) show and for each individual segment, in addition to the option to listen to the whole thing.

3 Bet the Process

This show is an acquired taste, as it’s love it or hate it reviews indicate. The hosts are certainly knowledgeable. Rufus Peabody is a longtime gambler who created the Unabated Gambling Analysis website. Jeff Ma was one of the MIT students who took down the casinos in blackjack and inspired the movie 21.

They give you plenty of good information on who to bet and why, but many listeners get hung up on their style, which is not as polished or professional as many other podcasts. If you can get past that, and neither host gets on your nerves, it will undoubtedly pay off.

2 Circles Off

Another underrated choice, Circle Off doesn’t focus on picking individual games as much as on the gambling industry as a whole. They have interviewed guests from various segments of the sports betting game, from big-time gamblers to Twitter trolls to analytics wizards.

They also have a recurring show within a show, 90 Degrees, that’s an even deeper dive into how the sports gambling industry works. It may not tell you who to pick on Sunday, but there are plenty of other places to find that. You’ll be a more informed bettor from listening to the show.

1 Sports Gambling Podcast

SGP for short, it got its start picking every NFL game against the spread but now also covers college football, the NBA, NCAA hoops, golf and fantasy sports—both classic and daily. They aren’t quite daily, but they produce a massive amount of content each week.

The hosts are knowledgeable—they boast they have a combined 50 years of sports betting experience, and the show is entertaining and well-produced.

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Shawn West has been involved with college basketball, NFL and college football and MLB since he left his job as bank vice president two decades ago. He lives in North Carolina with his wife, children, two dachshunds and a variety of turtles.

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