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Top 5 Super Bowl LVIII Commercials

by Scott Kacsmar
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With Super Bowl LVIII going deep into overtime, there was plenty of time to absorb the many new commercials aired during the 4-plus hour broadcast. Given the painfully slow nature of the game’s first 3 quarters, maybe the commercials were a welcome sight for those expecting more touchdowns, especially when you consider that the top offshore sportsbooks offered prop bets for the ads.

However, some of the commercials were not that well received. Those with a foot fetish may have enjoyed the extra-long Jesus ad, but actor Chris Pratt was a miss with his ad for Pringles. Homes.com (featuring Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek) and Temu (a Chinese shopping app) were also widely panned for disappointing commercials.

Celebrity cameos were, absolutely, the story of the night with everyone from Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Ice Spice, Christopher Walken, Beyonce, Tom Brady, Vince Vaughn, Sir Patrick Stewart and Ken Jeong getting in on the Super Bowl LVIII commercials.

Which ones were the hits? There were certainly some we won’t mind seeing repeated in the following months. These companies spent over $7 million per 30 seconds of ad time during the Super Bowl, so they hopefully will get some more runtime than that one night.

Here are the top 5 Super Bowl LVIII commercials.

5. BMW – Talkin Like Walken with Christopher Walken

At 80 years old, actor Christopher Walken is a living legend with a voice that every impression person has to try at least once in their career. Or as the new BMW ad showed, anyone in any walk of life can’t help themselves from impersonating Walken.

Some of the impressions are better than others in the ad, but it also features a special cameo by Usher, who had himself quite the night with his well-received halftime show.

It was cool to see Walken let loose, and the only thing missing were his iconic dance moves. Given he is about to turn 81, maybe we can forgive BMW for sticking to the voice stuff instead.

4. Mountain Dew – Audrey Plaza Having a Blast

Not to sound like a simp, but I’d watch Audrey Plaza in anything. The Parks and Recreation star appeared in an ad for Mountain Dew to promote their Baja Blast flavor, which only makes me want to get it in freeze form at Taco Bell. That just might be the peak of all Mountain Dew products.

But Plaza was “having a blast” in the 45-second ad, showing her in a variety of situations where she delivers her signature deadpan quips. The highlight of the ad comes at the end when her former Parks & Rec co-star Nick Offerman appears in a parody of Game of Thrones with the pair flying dragons.

It is the closest we will ever get to seeing Plaza as the Queen of Dragons so that alone makes the ad worth it.

3. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

The Super Bowl is a fantastic time to drop a new movie trailer to build excitement for a spring or summer release. There were several movie trailers during the broadcast, including Deadpool 3, a prequel to A Quiet Place, Wicked, and Twisters.

Did we really need a cinematic universe for Twister? An attraction at Universal Studios was good enough and let’s respect the legacy of Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who were excellent in the 1996 classic disaster film.

But the best movie trailer of the Super Bowl belongs to Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which is coming out May 10, 2024. The Planet of the Apes franchise has been cranking out movies for many decades, but people really slept on how great the new trilogy was that director Matt Reeves started in 2011 with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Reeves will not return as director of this film, but it is the 4th film in the reboot and will take place 300 years after the events in 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes. The trailer shows an intense and violent conflict among the apes, and this should be one of the best movies of the year if it’s on par with the previous entries in this series.

2. State Farm – Like a Good Neigh-baa with Arnold Schwarzenegger

For those of a certain age, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ultimate action hero from his work in The Terminator, Predator, True Lies, and many more classics. He teamed up with State Farm in one of the year’s best commercials where he is filming an action movie as Agent State Farm, but he can’t quite get the line right.

As the tagline goes, “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” But Arnold repeatedly pronounces it as neigh-baa with the director unable to get him to do it any other way. There have long been jokes about the actor’s Austrian accent and his pronunciation of words like “tumor” from his past movies.

However, it’s good to see the 76-year-old actor can take a joke and poke fun at himself in this ad. Once upon a time, criticism of his speech was so severe that he was cast in a movie and had his voice dubbed over entirely. But a living legend, Arnold can poke fun at himself while still bringing the action.

The commercial gets a great ending too as actor Danny DeVito steps in with a cameo to get the line correct, stealing Arnold’s thunder. Schwarzenegger and DeVito infamously starred in the 1988 film Twins where they played fraternal twin brothers separated at birth despite an enormous difference in stature.

Can’t go wrong with a pair of legends.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts – The DunKings with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez & Tom Brady

It wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday without Tom Brady winning something thanks to his teammates doing the hard work. Brady had his own Super Bowl commercial for BetMGM with Vince Vaughn, but he came back later in the night during a Dunkin’ Donuts ad that won the Super Bowl for many people.

However, it was Ben Affleck who did the heavy lifting here. Affleck has been the focus of many memes over the years for looking tired, bored, sad and just a man wanting to drink his favorite coffee.

He brought all the energy for this one where he walks into his wife Jennifer Lopez’s recording session to lay down a track for the DunKings, his Boston-themed group featuring Tom Brady on keyboards and an appearance by a very apologetic Matt Damon, his Good Will Hunting co-star and longtime friend. The older Affleck gets, the more Boston his accent sounds as he is laying it on thick in this one.

Lopez, unable to hide her embarrassment, only gets a few lines but does better acting on them than she did in all 121 minutes of Gigli, her 2003 flop with Affleck. He has to leave the session, but Lopez insists that Brady can stay around.

The ad ends with Damon walking away with Affleck, who assures him they’re going to get a drink named after them for this. Not sure about that, but they are going to get the award for Super Bowl Commercial of the Year.

That’s almost as good as a Super Bowl or Oscar.

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