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Toy Story 5: What Do We Know About It

by Rain Man
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Toy Story Still

Toy Story 4 was released on June 11, 2019, almost five years ago. Compared to other Toy Story installments, this fourth one was very successful: it was the highest-grossing Toy Story film.

This success helped create a promising outlook for a hypothetical fifth installment, which is exactly what we will get, as it has been officially announced.

BetOnline, one of our top sportsbooks, has released its odds for bets related to Disney’s upcoming Toy Story 5, but before we get into possible picks that you might choose for this film, let’s break down what we already know about Toy Story 5.

Recalling Toy Story 4

Before we discuss what we know about Toy Story 5, let’s understand where we’re at in the Toy Story franchise.

Toy Story 4 included the addition of a new toy, Forky, who is made out of trash. The movie could be viewed as a bit dark in the sense that Forky, viewing himself as trash, repeatedly tries to throw himself away.

Woody succeeds in stopping him, though. Not only does Woody prevent Forky from throwing himself away, but he convinces Forky of his importance to Bonnie, although Forky does continue to view himself as trash.

Among the group’s adventures, Buzz and Forky both get into trouble but escape. Forky’s escape is the most dramatic, as it is the end result of a neat rescue plan hatched by the others.

The ending is emotional, with Woody deciding to stay with Bo, passing his sheriff’s badge onto Jessie, and parting from his old friends by hugging them.

Returning Characters

With the advent of a new character in Forky, who played a considerable role in the development of Toy Story 4, we naturally ask ourselves if Forky will return in the next installment, and we wonder who else might return.

Because Forky ended the last film as one of Bonnie’s toys, he is sure to come back. Forky’s return would only make logical sense.

Forky Toy Story

Other characters came into existence in the previous film, with two additional examples being Bunny and Ducky. They, too, should return along with Forky in Toy Story 5.

In addition to these newer characters, we could also see older ones return, with two examples being Rex and Hamm.

The Question of Woody

Things get complicated, however, when the topic is Woody’s potential appearance in Toy Story 5. Pixar CCO (Chief Creative Officer) Pete Docter has said, matter-of-factly, that because there is a new Toy Story, Buzz and Woody will be back.

But this is confusing given what we recall about the ending of the last installment, in which Woody gave up his sheriff’s badge and parted from the rest of the group.

Does Docter’s nonchalant response suggest that we are supposed to just forget that this emotional ending happened? Are we supposed to just turn back the clock or assume that Woody has returned?

I, for one, simply find it relieving to hear that Woody will return. He obviously belongs in the story, since he is such an important character. For the sake of logic, and for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the last film, which would be undone if we were supposed to simply forget that it took place, I hope that the makers of Toy Story 5 explain how Woody comes back.

Potential Plot of Toy Story 5

Instead of Woody coming back to the rest of the group, Woody could remain with Bo at the carnival.

The film would thus be split into two parts, with one part focusing on Woody with Bo and the other part focusing on Buzz and his crew. In this way, Woody would still be in the film, and the ending of the last film would not be undone.

Besides the question of integrating Woody into the new film and finding a hopeful resolution, a lot else will go on.

We might have Andy return as a college graduate, and, while Sid did not appear in Toy Story 4, he could come back as a villain.

The Cast

We know that Tim Allen, as he’s announced, will return as Buzz. With Woody returning, hopefully Tom Hanks comes back as well.

Release Date

The first ever Toy Story film premiered in 1995. Then followed: the second in 1999, the third in 2010, and the fourth in 2019.

With the average time between installments rising since the release of the second one, it stands to reason that we won’t see Toy Story 5 for a few years yet.

The Odds for Toy Story 5

One thing that you can bet on is, indeed, the fifth installment’s release date.

The possibility that it will be released after September 1, 2025, is heavily chalked at BetOnline, which makes sense given the rising average time between installments.

You can also bet on which famous voices will appear, with Keanu Reeves being favored at +300, and on which character will be killed off, with Mr. Potato Head appearing to be the likeliest one at +400.

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