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What Do We Know About Wednesday Season 2 & What To Expect According to Oddsmakers

by Rain Man
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Wednesday Season 2

For the uninitiated, Wednesday is a television series on Netflix that is highly popular, having won multiple awards and having been nominated for others.

If you’re not impressed by the fact that it is thought by most people and critics to be a good show, then it should interest you to know that you can bet on it at top-rated sportsbooks.

Betting can make even the most lopsided sporting event interesting, although I do believe that, at the very latest once you start betting on it, you will likely get into the show.

Before we can talk about betting on it, we have to make sure that we are all on the same page. So, for the uninitiated and for those needing a reminder, I will offer a recap of Season 1. Doing this will allow the rest of what I have to say to make sense.

I will then talk about expectations for Season 2 and betting information. You can bet on this show at BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more). Check the “Entertainment” tab and scroll all the way to the bottom for “Wednesday Season 2.”


The Netflix television series Wednesday is so-called because its protagonist, around whom the show is centered, is named Wednesday. Wednesday Addams is a teenager who, defiant, insolent and aloof, fits the classic mold of an outsider. She makes this show fit the coming-of-age genre.

This show also has elements of comedy and of horror. The type of horror is generally supernatural. As I will explain, perhaps the show is most compelling because of its mystery component.


The premise of the show is that Wednesday has supernatural powers –she has psychic abilities. She gets sent to a school, Nevermore Academy, which is populated by others who can be classified as freaks and outcasts.

Despite her outsider persona, and despite being told repeatedly to stay out of it, she becomes intimately involved with a murder mystery that affects the school. Nevermore students are being targeted by a monster killer, and she wants to solve the case.

Season 1 Recap (Spoiler Alert)

If you want to rewatch Wednesday Season 1, then you might want to skip this part of the article. Again, this is a recap that is necessary to make sense of my discussion of Season 2 expectations and betting.

In Season 1, Wednesday takes it upon herself to investigate murders, perpetrated by a monster, that are affecting the school’s students. She finds out in episode 7, with the help of her psychic powers, who the killer is. Surrounding this discovery, we see Tyler unmask himself as a cruel person who, so he says, was using his romance with Wednesday to deceive her.

It turns out, though, that he had his mind infiltrated and twisted as part of the torment and coercion that he was subjected to.

Laurel Gates aka Marilyn Thornhill – Wednesday believes that Thornhill is Kinbott, but she is actually Gates – is the perpetrator of this torment, revealing that she actually is the villain and Tyler is her innocent victim.

Xavier also grows furious at Wednesday, whose actions facilitated her incarceration. Wednesday then gets expelled from school by the principal Weems, who gets killed by Thornhill. Thornhill resurrects Crackstone, who tries but fails to kill Wednesday.

Part of the show’s end is that Wednesday has a stalker – this is revealed in the phone that Xavier had given her as a gift – who apparently wants to kill her.

Season 2 Expectations

Filming for Season 2 will begin in late April in Ireland.

In Season 2, it is reported that we will get more of the horror and supernatural elements. This will partly happen with the introduction of more werewolves and vampires.

Speaking of new characters, a new Addams family will appear. One criticism of Season 1 was that its side characters showed less character depth. This criticism will be addressed in Season 2.

What Fans Want To Know

Principal Weems’ death upset many fans. However, it’s not clear if she is actually dead in any permanent sense of the word. At least, the hope is that she will return.

We also want to know who Wednesday’s stalker is. Season 2 will presumably provide us with answers to these questions – the question of Weems’ fate and the identity of Wednesday’s stalker.

Betting On the Stalker

You can bet on the identity of Wednesday’s stalker. BetOnline has Dr. Valerie Kinbott favored at +180. This is interesting because Kinbott seems innocent – Wednesday had wrongly accused her; we experience Wednesday’s regret; and we know that Tyler, controlled by Gates, kills her.

However, there are obliquely perceptible layers to Kinbott’s character. Kinbott also knows things that make her suspicious.


Weems is the second-most favored option at +400, another option that might seem odd. Her shapeshifting abilities could play into her being the stalker.

“Someone with the surname Gates” is the third-most favored option at +500.

There are other listed options that you can choose from. The fact that the biggest “long-shot” option is at +1600 suggests that oddsmakers recognize the plausibility of several different options.

More Bets

You can also bet on whether Weems is alive. The popular option is going to be the one that people hope is true, that she is alive, which is posted at +400. Oddsmakers have the “no” heavily chalked at -650.

Finally, you can bet on whether three different characters will appear, Cousin Itt, Grandmama or Pubert.

Betting Advice

Betting recommendations might help you get into the show and enjoy it more.

I recommend Bianca as the stalker. She is a great value to get at +1600 given factors such as logistics, motive and her potential access to Wednesday’s phone.

I also recommend betting on Weems to still be alive at the attractive +400. Her body hasn’t been shown and fans want her to be alive.

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