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What Is Selena Gomez Up to & What Does the Rest of 2024 Hold for Her?

by Scott Kacsmar
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What Is Selena Gomez Up to

Selena Gomez is a busy 31-year-old woman with many roles.

You can’t just call her an actress as she prepares for the next season of her hit Hulu comedy series Only Murders in the Building. She is also a pop artist who released her last solo album, Rare, in 2020 and has plans for at least one more album to be released in the near future, if not before 2024 ends.

Her love of acting and music will crossover when she plays Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic about the singer’s life.

If that’s not enough, her cosmetics company Rare Beauty, which only launched in 2020, was recently valued at $2 billion. So, she could soon be a billionaire in her early 30s, as her net worth is already near $800 million.

Save some for the rest of us, Selena.

However, offshore sportsbooks like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) have some betting options for what is in store for Gomez in the rest of 2024. The event must happen in 2024 to qualify as a win.

We go through the 8 options below, and given how much she has going on, multiple options could win this year.

Super Bowl Appearances (+500 to +600)

The longshot choices look like typos on BetOnline’s behalf because they both mention Gomez doing something at Super Bowl LVIII, which was played this past February between the Chiefs and 49ers. Super Bowl LIX is the next Super Bowl, but that won’t be played until February 2025, which is after the market’s end date.

Here are what the options say at BetOnline:

  • To Perform at Super Bowl LVIII (+600)
  • To Be at Super Bowl LVIII (+500)

We’re going to assume they mean Super Bowl LIX, and we’re going to pass on both bets.

Gomez did not attend this year’s Super Bowl despite her friendship with Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift should do next year’s halftime show as her popularity will never match this moment again. Also, think of the ratings.

If Swift and Kelce break up and the Chiefs still reach another Super Bowl, all the hype will be about which one will do better at the Super Bowl, as the Chiefs go for the unprecedented 3-peat. If they are still together, then it’s the ultimate love story and he could even retire on stage and propose to her if the Chiefs win again.

Yeah, let’s keep Selena out of the Super Bowl bets.

To Be Pregnant (+500)

The internet always loves a good pregnancy rumor, and while some are out there right now for Selena, there is no confirmation she is pregnant, and these odds (+500) also suggest it’s not likely.

In a November 2022 interview with Rolling Stone, Gomez opened up about her fears of completing a pregnancy with the medication she was taking for bipolar disorder. It is unclear if she still takes those medicines, but bipolar disorder is usually something that is a lifelong treatment and does not just go away on its own.

With all the work on her new films, series, music and the potential sale of her cosmetics company, Gomez, who does not have any children, may not feel the time is right for a pregnancy. We’ll pass on this one too.

Benny Blanco Relationship – To Be or Not to Be? (+400)

That is the question from BetOnline. Will Gomez split from Benny Blanco this year, or will the couple get married? Both options have +400 odds.

Blanco is a 36-year-old record producer and musician who has been in a relationship with Gomez since July 2023. That means it has been less than a year, and neither has ever been married before. But they have known each other for several years before becoming an official couple thanks to their music connection.

Gomez has had some highly-publicized relationships in the past with Nick Jonas (2008), Justin Bieber (2010-2018; on and off) and the Weeknd (2017).

If there was an option for “get engaged”, that might be the smartest play. Weddings take time to plan and carry out, and they’re both busy right now and it hasn’t been a year yet. But when it’s the 2 extremes of breaking up or getting married, the best play is no playing here.

To Hit 70 Million Followers on X/Twitter (+300)

Does anyone actually call it X? Selena Gomez currently has 66.38 million followers on the app best known as Twitter. To get to 70 million, she’d need just under 4 million followers in the next 9 months.

With +300 odds, is this not a perfect opportunity to bet everything you can on her doing it, sharing it on Twitter, getting her to 70 million, and getting us all paid triple our wager?

Please note we don’t advise you to actually bet anything on this market. But it sure would be sweet if we played it the way I just described so we all got paid. Do you think the oddsmaker would even honor that type of group effort? Guess we’ll never find out.

However, after digging into the research, it appears this is a tough number for her to reach before 2024 ends. Gomez joined Twitter in March 2009. Using the web archives, you can see she had just south of 65.5 million followers in January 2022. She has 66.38 million followers today. That means she has grown her count by less than a million followers in the last 27 months or so.

A new album might give her a bigger boost this yea,r as she recently pinned her new single’s video to her account, a tweet that has received 5.8 million impressions since February 22. But with Elon Musk taking over Twitter/X, growth has been slow, and the type of person to like Selena Gomez is more likely to be using apps like Instagram or TikTok than X.

We’re going to pass on her getting almost 4 million followers the rest of the year.

To Hit 450 Million Instagram Followers (+200)

Instagram is much more Selena’s app than Twitter/X. She is the most-followed woman with just a hair under 430 million followers, and she was the first woman to hit 400 million followers.

It was reported that Gomez hit 400 million followers on March 17, 2023. That means she has gained just about 30 million followers over the last year. To get to 450 million followers, she’d need 20 million in just over 9 months.

Folks, the math is in our favor on this one. Her account growth is high enough to hit the target range, she posts multiple times a month, she posts multiple stories each week and Instagram doesn’t have the negative stigma that X has gained under Musk.

Throw in what we said about a bump for her new projects coming up in film and music, and this one should be a good value to pick at +200 odds.

  • Pick: Selena Gomez to Hit 450 million Instagram Followers in 2024 (+200) at BetOnline

To Release an Album (-200)

Finally, the last option is for Selena to release her upcoming 4th album before the year ends, and the odds are leaning heavily towards this happening.

She said back in December 2023 on Instagram that the album would be out before March this year. That obviously didn’t happen as delays do happen with music.

The good news is in February, Gomez released her new song and music video for “Love On.” An album release cannot be far behind that, so we will also bet on this to happen too for her in 2024.

  • Pick: Selena Gomez to Release an Album in 2024 (-200) at BetOnline

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