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What Is Simon Cowell Up To & What Does the Rest of 2024 Hold for Him?

by Rain Man
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Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell is a well-known television personality. His role as a judge on various talent shows has made him famous. Different shows that he’s judged on include American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and X-Factor. 

While he’s been tasked with assessing various sorts of talent performances, he is always most comfortable assessing singing performances. He has a good ear for music, as evident in his ability to discover good singing talent with bright futures.

As a judge, he has exhibited personality traits that have become uniquely associated with him. In particular, he is known for his directness. Cowell is somebody who tells it how it is, even if that truth is hard for a given contestant to accept.

Because of his blunt manner of speaking, he can come across as intimidating. Singing contestants want his validation because they are aware of his expertise, but they also tremble because they know that they might very well get negative feedback.

But despite Cowell’s reputation as a sort of harsh figure, he has a human side. Cowell has a personal life, which means that he, too, lives life and loves other people. In this sense, Cowell is ultra-relatable even though he is instinctively very private about his personal life.

Despite his endeavor to be private, he remains a celebrity. As a celebrity, he remains in the public eye. So, we as the public get to find out what he’s up to. Let’s take a look at his current television role as well as his private life.

Always a Judge Somewhere

Simon Cowell has literally been a judge for decades, with his first big role being in American Idol in the earliest part of the 21st century.

Fast forward to now: his major 2024 gig is the America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League. In this show, he participated in a draft with co-judges in an attempt to select the best fantasy team, consisting of various talent performances.

Cowell has had bad luck, however. He literally drew the short end of the stick. In addition to not getting to pick first, he’s had good acts stolen from him, from his team, by other judges.

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Personal Life

It might seem hard to believe to those especially acquainted with the earlier version of Cowell, but Cowell has a nice side, a human side.

Those who have kept up with Cowell or are only familiar with his recent appearances might not be surprised. He has softened up over the years.

One might attribute his change in personality to the birth of his son Eric. Being a father will change a man, even someone with a harsh personality and a tendency to be ruthlessly abrasive.

Simon’s son Eric is ten. He had him with his current partner, Lauren Silverman.

When we ask what Simon is up to, we have to talk about his family because this is a tremendous part of his personal life. Simon is a devoted husband and father.

We can’t get into too many details due to his determination to be private, he’s done his best to find a home where he and his family can feel safe and secure.

What goes on inside his home is largely a matter of speculation, but there certainly seems to be a lot of love in it from Cowell.


Simon and Lauren made their romantic relationship known to the public in 2013. That was the year in which they had to announce it because they were soon going to become parents – and they couldn’t hide a child. Eric was born in 2014.

Adam is also a part of the family, although he isn’t Simon’s child, at least not in a biological sense; he is Lauren’s son, coming from a previous marriage of hers.

Simon reportedly enjoys being a father. Despite his age – he is 64 – he has expressed a positive willingness to have another child.

BetOnline has the co-favored option, the possibility that he announces that he is to be a father in 2024 at +200.

Given his age, though, he could become grey-haired first, BetOnline has his becoming grey-haired in 2024 at +300.

Is He Married?

To be clear, Simon is not actually married, as Lauren is merely his fiancée. They got engaged in December of 2021.

They first met in Barbados, so, if they were to become married, they could conceivably have their wedding in this location.

It is true that Simon has, throughout his career, expressed the determination to avoid getting married, a reasoning that has to do with his celebrity status. But it seems clear that he loves his wife, as well as the family that they’re building together.

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