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What Will Happen with Bradley Cooper & Gigi Hadid in 2024 and How to Bet On It

by Scott Kacsmar
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Bradley Cooper Gigi Hadid

Celebrity couples are all the rage these days, but Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are not the only headline stealers out there. Actor Bradley Cooper and model Gigi Hadid are also an item.

With the way the internet is these days, there is in fact a betting market for what may happen with this celebrity couple in 2024. One of our top betting sites, BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more) has several prop picks for Cooper and Hadid, and it does not make any distinction as to which has to happen first, so there are multiple bets that could hit here with better than even money odds.

The thing to note is that the event must happen by March 1, 2024, so we will keep that in mind when we go through each prop pick available.

To Be at Super Bowl LVIII Together (+600)

The bet with the longest odds is that Cooper and Hadid will be at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas together in February. This seems like another way of betting if the Philadelphia Eagles will be in the Super Bowl as that is Cooper’s favorite team. He attended last year’s Super Bowl to watch his Eagles lose to the Chiefs in Arizona.

BetOnline is currently offering the Eagles at +260 odds to win the NFC Championship Game, which trails the San Francisco 49ers (+150) but is still ahead of the Dallas Cowboys (+400).

The Eagles just lost 42-19 to the 49ers and looked really bad in the process. The 49ers might have an edge on them, and if the Eagles lose to Dallas, they could lose control of the No. 1 seed as well, setting up a rematch with the 49ers in San Francisco in the playoffs.

But the Eagles are still a quality team and the 49ers always seem to come up short under Kyle Shanahan, losers of the last 2 NFC Championship Games. If you have any interest in betting on the Eagles to be in the Super Bowl again, then you can get much better odds here with Cooper and Hadid attending, which almost certainly would be the case if they make it to the big game in February.

Bradley Cooper Super Bowl

But if you are feeling it’s a San Francisco year, then stay far away from this prop as Cooper has no reason to be in Vegas unless he’s filming another sequel to The Hangover.

To Be at the Oscars Together (+400)

This one feels like stealing as Cooper should no doubt show up to the Oscars as he is often a prominent figure at award shows to begin with. But for the 2024 Oscars, Cooper is expected to be nominated for multiple awards for Maestro, including possibly Best Actor and Best Director.

Maestro is Cooper’s passion project and biopic about American composer Leonard Bernstein, who Cooper plays in the film. It has received rave reviews from critics and expects to be a fixture at the upcoming award shows.

If you are going to the Oscars, why wouldn’t you want your beautiful model girlfriend by your side on TV? This is the best value pick out there for the couple.

Pick: Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid to be at the Oscars together (+400) at BetOnline

To Announce Pregnancy (+400)

Both Cooper and Hadid already have a child from past relationships. If they were to have one together, that could signify things are heating up and this would give you better odds than to bet if they get engaged (+200).

However, the key thing here is the prop must hit by March 1, 2024 to be a successful bet. That does not give them much time to announce the pregnancy, and there is no guarantee they would rush that news out there in the first place.

With award season coming up and already having their own kids to raise, this feels too soon and time restricting to bet on happening by March. We’ll pass on this one.

To Split Up (+350)

Things happen and people grow apart, but this relationship is still fairly new to the point where it’s only pure speculation that there would be something wrong to break up so soon.

Cooper had a 4-year relationship in 2015-19 with Irina Shayk. Hadid has had a few on-and-off relationships over the years, including a notable one with singer Zayn Malik, the former One Direction singer who is the father of her child. They were involved from 2015-21, so both have been in multi-year relationships recently.

If this prop was based on the entirety of 2024, then you could argue there is good enough value to place the bet that they call it quits by New Year’s Eve 2024, but that is not the case in the fine print, so we will pass on this one too.

To Be Engaged (+200)

Finally, the highest odds go to the couple getting engaged. Again, it feels a little too soon, but Cooper is getting closer to 50. He is currently 48 and will be 49 on January 5th, so getting engaged soon before he turns 50 could be something desirable for him at this stage of his life.

Cooper has only been married once and that was a long time ago and briefly in 2006-07 to Jennifer Esposito. One could say he is more mature now and ready to settle down.

Hadid is only 28 and has never been married, but this could be a perfect time for that, especially if she desires to have children with Cooper. Rumors have called their relationship being on “steroids” so things may be moving along quickly and smoothly.

The best bet is still on the Oscars appearance at +400, but you can also sprinkle something towards an engagement in 2024 as well.

Pick: Bradley Cooper & Gigi Hadid to be Engaged (+200) at BetOnline

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