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Who Is Ice Spice and Why Super Bowl LVIII Could Be Huge for Her

by Rain Man
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Who Is Ice Spice?

Isis Gaston, more commonly known as Ice Spice, is a rapper and songwriter performing in the rap genre.

Born in 2000, this rapper appears to be a young and upcoming star in view of how much success she’s had and how promising her future outlook is, despite the fact that she started her career so late.

It wasn’t until college, when she was 21, that she got into music.

Her success was instantaneous and significant enough to induce her to drop out in order to pursue this endeavor full-time as a career.

She used TikTok as a platform for her burgeoning career, as, first, she participated in social media’s “Buss It” challenge. She produced a video that went viral, gaining her millions of views.

@ellemagazine @ice spice spent seven hours on her #BussItChallenge video. 😯 #icespice #icespiceeedit #icespiceinterview #ericabanksbussit ♬ original sound – ELLE (US)

After her video, she planned on becoming an actress, but abandoned those plans.

Instead, she partnered with another up-and-comer in the music industry, producer RIOTUSA, to come up with drill-style music (drill is a sub-genre of hip-hop).

Her initial products were drill, with the first big release being “No Clarity,” which netted her close to a million listeners and significant public praise.

Listeners noted her intense delivery, although she is commonly regarded well for her relaxed mood.

This sort of paradoxical quality – intensity but also relaxation – immediately makes her interesting for people to listen to.

She is also a rarity as a woman in drill.

Ice Spice Becomes Big

While Ice Spice was starting to make a splash in 2021, she started to become big in 2022.

The Summer of 2022 is when she released “Munch (Feelin’ U).” This song, also drill-style, collected tens of millions of views on social media platforms.

What exactly is a munch? The term means, more or less, “loser.”

Her use of this terminology reflects her sort of “attitude” that makes her cool. She embeds flexes in her lyrics that increase her appeal. In addition to deriving pleasure from the beat of her songs, singing her lyrics makes you feel good about yourself.

We are already starting to see why Ice Spice would be somebody that different brands would want to use in a Super Bowl ad campaign.

If you want to appeal to youth, and the brand that is targeting Ice Spice for its Super Bowl ad certainly does want to appeal to youth, then social media is a great avenue.

Ice Spice has made ample use of social media platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, to make herself so well-known.

The Brand: Starry

The brand targeting Ice Spice is called Starry. It is a soft drink by PepsiCo and you might see some prop bets, at the top sportsbooks, involving this commercial.

Starry is very similar to Sierra Mist – if somebody who has fallen behind on his soda news wants a Sierra Mist, then you should advise him to drink Starry.


PepsiCo retired Sierra Mist, electing Starry to take its place. This drink is supposed to compete with Sprite.

Despite the competitive opposition between both drinks, the marketing game plan is very similar. Starry, as evident in its interest in Ice Spice, wants to use cool celebrities to target young people for its drinks.

In the Super Bowl commercial, young viewers should see Ice Spice with Starry and want to purchase Starry for themselves.

The Teaser

While we have not seen Ice Spice’s Starry commercial in full yet – we will presumably only see it during the Super Bowl – we have seen a teaser for it.

In the teaser, she is dressed in a way that is cool but also sexually appealing.

She carries a large chain that hangs from her neck and she’s wearing an outfit that leaves the upper parts of her arms and chest exposed. She is sitting down, with her Starry drink in hand of course.

With a straw hanging from the drink, she starts the commercial by taking a sip. While she is sipping, the man she is with – they appear to be on a date – tells her that she looks so pretty: “You look so pretty when you grah.”

She touches her hair, again suggesting the commercial intends to use her sexual attractiveness, before obliging her date’s request to say her signature “grah.”

But then drama starts to ensue.

She uses her hand to shield her face because her ex has entered the room.

That is all the drama that we get, though.

True to the concept of teasers, this teaser cuts out right when it gets good. We’ll have to wait to see what drama unfolds.

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