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Why Is the US Trying to Ban Pornhub & Which State Will Be Next?

by Scott Kacsmar
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US Trying to Ban Pornhub

If you think getting carded to buy alcohol or cigarettes is annoying, imagine having to show photo ID and pass a selfie check to visit Pornhub or your favorite pornography website whenever the mood strikes.

That is the reality in some parts of the U.S. as states continue to draft bills that aim to require users to pass an age verification test to use popular porn sites such as Pornhub. You have to prove you are at least 18 years old.

In response to these age verification laws, which are getting bi-partisan support, Pornhub is blocking access to all users in those states. In March 2024, Texas became the 8th state to be blocked by Pornhub, joining Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia.

You can actually bet on which state will get a Pornhub ban next using a top-rated sportsbook like BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review to learn more). We’ll look at that below and why this is happening now in the United States.

Why Ban Pornhub?

As an inconvenient truth, ever since the internet has gone mainstream around the globe in the 1990s, a significant use for it has been online pornography. For years, there was a warning on the site when you first clicked into it to check the box that you are at least 18 years of age and pornography is legal in your jurisdiction. Exactly the kind of warning screen no one reads and just clicks through as fast as possible.

The other inconvenient truth is that many accessing these porn sites are minors, children under 18 years old. Many are teenagers going through puberty, looking for inspiration, and in some cases, education about sex.

That can be problematic of course, but the main legal issue is these sites need to regulate their content and make sure no one underage is featured on the porn site. That is where a site like Pornhub, the Canadian-owned company that launched in 2007 and is the No. 2 online porn site, has fallen into problems in the past with content that had to be removed after it was discovered underage people were featured.

However, Pornhub has cleaned up its act, purging all content uploads from unverified accounts, and going with a more secure verification system that all performers are consenting adults.

Yet for some, that’s still not good enough. Some Republicans and Democrats have come together in various states to propose bills to be passed into law that would require sites like Pornhub to verify a user’s age. Forget just clicking a box that they’re 18. You’ll now have to prove it by potentially taking a picture of a driver’s license or state ID, then taking a selfie to verify you are the person in the documents.

It seems a bit excessive for someone trying to watch porn, and it has been deemed unconstitutional by the porn sites as they believe it violates the First Amendment. That is why Pornhub has made the preemptive decision in many states to block access to all users in states that have tried to pass this age verification law.

With the banned states largely including southern states, midwestern states and Mormon-centric Utah, there is no denying the push for this is coming more from conservatives and Republicans, who still believe they are the party of family values despite some poor press over the years.

However, there is also no denying that these are not very popular bills among citizens. When a state is added to the ban list for Pornhub, searches skyrocket for “VPN” as users try to learn how to switch their location using a VPN, allowing them to access the site again even in banned states.

While no one wants very young children to get access to pornography online, the majority of internet users are going to be people old enough to handle it responsibly. In fact, you could argue sites like Pornhub are much safer for browsing pornography online as it aggregates verified content in one place with the user not having to leave the site.

This is better than the alternative of someone bypassing age verification and seeking shady sites online that could be filled with viruses, malware, scams, phishing attacks and even child pornography on the darker side of the web.

Louisiana was the first state to pass an age verification law to start 2023, and its traffic on Pornhub went down 80% a month after this went into effect. It passed with rather relative ease too, 96-1 in the House and 34-0 in the Senate, proving you can get bipartisanship in a red state today.

In fact, these bills have passed with heavy bipartisanship in other states, including Texas and Utah. Rather than fight the bills in the courts, Pornhub has taken the rare move of simply ceasing operation for all users in these states with age verification laws.

While there are ways to get around this ban in those states, this is shaking up the porn industry in a negative way it is not used to seeing.

Could your state be next?

The Next State To Get a Pornhub Ban

BetOnline has the dozens of remaining sites that are options for the next Pornhub ban. Now given the inclusion of states like Utah (+1200 ) and Louisiana (+800), it seems clear they mean a ban of Pornhub by the company itself rather than the state banning it. That’s not what the states are doing. They just want strong age verification laws to deter people under 18 from looking at any mainstream porn site like Pornhub.

With that in mind, we are looking at the 5 states with the highest odds of winning this bet.

Louisiana (+800)

As we said above, Louisiana was the first state in 2023 to draft an age verification bill for access to these porn sites. HB 142 and HB 77 have both already been passed into law.

However, despite being ahead of the pack, Louisiana has not had its access blocked by Pornhub. They are a good contender on a short list for doing this next.

Florida (+800)

Wouldn’t Florida lose a lot of its unique charm by making it harder to view pornography? This feels like a bad move for Ron DeSantis’ state if they try to get this done.

Still, so far, it has not gone well. A couple of bills died in the committees they were introduced in May 2023.

Mississippi (+800)

It is unclear why Mississippi is an option here as it had its access blocked by Pornhub last summer. The age verification law, SB 2346, was already passed into law in 2023. It went into effect on July 1, 2023.

Feels like this option should be removed from the list as it predates the Texas ban.

Kansas (+600)

Kansas tried this legislation in 2023 and it died in committee. However, in light of the Texas law, Kansas has moved ahead with another age verification bill that has already passed in the House (92-31) and passed unanimously in the Senate.

The next step is for Democratic Governor Laura Kelly to sign it into law, something she usually does when a Kansas bill has bipartisan support like this. That means Kansas could easily be the 9th state to have support for this, and Pornhub’s response has been to cut everyone off in the state with these laws.

Alabama (+600)

Alabama has been busy trying to pass these laws, but success has not quite been there yet. It is one of the few states to try passing a Mandatory Device Filter where all users will have to verify their age if they are using the internet on electronic devices. This one passed in the House but died in the Senate.

However, another bill (HB 441) for age verification went deeper with sites having to register with the Consumer Protection Division, pay a 1-time registration fee and an annual fee on top of that to the division. Those fees may bother some, but it isn’t up to the voters in Alabama whether this happens or not.

We think Kansas is the state that is moving the fastest with the best chance of getting blocked by Pornhub once the law is in effect. Kansas is our pick for the next state to get the Pornhub block.

Pick: Next State to Be Banned by Pornhub – Kansas (+600) at BetOnline

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