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Apex Legends Fans Rage Amid Battle Pass Changes for Season 22

by David Manyun
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  • The latest Apex Legend Battle Pass is separated into two parts.
  • Players can no longer spend coins on Apex Legend Battle Passes.
  • Fans have backlashed against the latest Apex Legend changes.

Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment have altered the Apex Legends battle pass, but a huge player backlash has provided much animosity since the announcement.

The new approach to progression, which takes effect in the Titanfall spinoff, was first revealed in a post via the Apex Legends website. It details crucial changes regarding in-game rewards, how they’re earned, and their impact on the best Esports betting sites.

Impact on Apex Legends Rewards & Purchasing

The most significant changes lie in the length of battle passes and how players will obtain passes. Until now, the Apex Legend Battle Passes have been gifted to those who’ve finished 110 levels to receive all rewards, including a Reactive Weapon Vairant and a Reactive Weapon. However, starting with Season 22, two passes will be introduced – one for the first and second halves – as 60 levels per half will be required for completion (Each half contains a Reactive Weapon).

This alteration has a dual consequence,” the announcement signals. “This feature enables us to synchronize the seasonal progression more accurately with Ranked while enhancing the worth of your invested time.”

While Respawn and EA sugarcoat the update by claiming this new approach will provide double the seasonal rewards for players using the free version of Apex Legends Battle Pass, they have disgruntled many because both halves of the Premium pass will cost $10, and the previous option to buy passes via Apex Coins has been abolished, affecting leading sportsbooks.

Both passes provide the same number of coins for Premium and free players. As a result, earnable Apex Coins can be doubled per season. Unfortunately, buying passes with said coins will no longer be an option for those who’ve saved coins.

Additional adjustments to the Premium Apex Legends formula include increasing the quantity of Apex and Legend-Themed packs and doubling the amount of crafting materials in the Premium pass.

The Premium Bundle, once available for purchase for 2800 Apex Coins, has been renamed Premium+ and is now priced at $19.99. The package consists of 10 level skips, additional Exotic Shards, two Premium+ Legendary Character Skin Variants, and unrestricted access to all Legends throughout the battle pass period.

All the modifications will be implemented in Season 22, scheduled to commence next month.

The Apex Legends Community Isn’t Happy

Since the Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 22 updates have been revealed, widespread backlash throughout the gaming community has been consistent.

I’m glad Apex Legends in season 22 is finally changing. At least a little bit. The only problem is that they charge double and have introduced splits to the battlepass. I hate EA,” One user on X posted.

I’m confused. So, if we pay the $10, can we access both splits? Because that’s not very clear. I’m not giving any more than that because that’s how it’s been for over five years… also if I can’t use already earned coins to help pay for the Battle Pass, I won’t support it at all,” another X user wrote.

“$40+ tax every season for the full battle pass,” one Apex Legends player sarcastically wrote.

A user on Reddit shared his disapproval: “So, basically, pay 10 dollars twice a season instead of being able to continue buying battle passes every season with a one-time purchase. In what world is this better for players?”

Since 2019, Apex Legends has continued evolving with all-new weapons, Legends, maps, game modes, and abilities. Despite the removal of buying battle passes with coins, players can still utilize their coins to purchase Apex packs and Legends within the in-game store, available on top offshore betting sites.

Respawn has added that Apex Legend players will have the chance to unlock the first half of the premium battle pass for Season 22 by completing “several challenges” within 14 days of its launch. However, they haven’t explained the challenges and if this will be a permanent fixture in future passes.

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