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Balatro: What Is It, How to Play It & Why the Takedowns

by David Manyun
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, PC and Console gamers will have likely heard or been zapped into the hype around Balatro, but contrary to its idea and look, it shouldn’t be considered a kind of poker game. Nevertheless, it could be described as the first game that lets you comprehend and get pleasure from the fundamental concept of the famous card game.

As Balatro is considered one of the most captivating online games of the year, let’s dive deeper into what it is, how you play it, and why some digital stores removed it.

An Introduction to Balatro

The roguelike card game Balatro blends elements of poker with deck-building. By strategically playing poker hands and accumulating chips, you aim to beat enemy blinds. Get Jokers to improve your hands, personalize your deck with card upgrades, and find amazing synergies to win!

A Brief Overview of Balatro’s Gameplay Rules

There are no actual levels in Balatro; each run comprises several Boss Blinds that must be overcome by winning a certain number of points using a variety of poker hands.

To keep things interesting, there are fifteen decks or game variations and eight tiers of difficulty for each.

You may play on a seeded run by entering a custom seed, or you can play a random game. The seed sets every boss blind and shop choice in that run, but this stops people from finding new things in the collection and doesn’t take statistics into account, either.

If you play well between rounds, you’ll earn money that you can use to buy additional abilities and cards in the game’s store.

Balatro functions based on a simple premise – every poker hand is given a numerical score and a matching factor of multiplication. Upon receiving a hand, you can discard five cards simultaneously to attain the greatest achievable score. There are no apparent opponents, but rather increasing point objectives you want to exceed (although some bosses introduce extra, often difficult, elements to negotiate).

Balatro: At Its Core

The primary principle of Balatro is to acknowledge that any addition to your deck is not a form of cheating but rather a means to modify the way poker functions fundamentally. One of the most prominent tools in this game is the Jokers, which exist apart from your deck and provide 150 unique ways to alter the behavior of your other cards. These modifications include enhancing certain suits, acquiring more cash, and giving unexpected skills.

Moreover, apart from Jokers, there are many methods to integrate supplementary capabilities into your complete deck, enhance the potency of certain hand types, include extra cards to your lineup, delete or alter suits, and so on. Although it may seem daunting at first, if you understand

the many factors and how they interact, you will see that in the hands of Balatro, the poker game becomes a changeable and unpredictable reality.

This game does not revolve around following established rules to achieve success; rather, it focuses on modifying the rules to redefine the concept of success.

What’s With the Balatro Takedowns?

Balatro was briefly delisted from digital storefronts on console platforms in some regions, but why?

The developers of Balatro reported that the game’s title had been temporarily withdrawn from digital stores due to a “misconception” that the game contains “images and content related to gambling” and provides instructions on gambling.

The game was released on February 20th for the Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and Switch. However, it was bumped from multiple stores due to the aforementioned reasons.

Those itching to play the new game fear not. Playstack Games has resolved the issues in most game stores, and you should be able to download and play to your heart’s content on most platforms as of today.

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