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What Is the Batman: Arkham Franchise & Why Fans Should Mark June 7 on Their Calendars

by David Manyun
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Batman Arkham

Following a painful eight-year wait, fans of the Batman: Arkham franchise have finally received an announcement from Warner Bros. The highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Shadow has been confirmed, promising to bring a new and exciting chapter to the beloved franchise.

Batman: Arkham Shadow, set to be a groundbreaking virtual reality experience, will be released on the Meta Quest 3 in 2024. Meta and Warner Bros. have revealed that they’re collaborating with Oculus Studios, Camouflaj (Creators of Iron Man VR), DC and Interactive Entertainment to bring this game to life on the Meta Quest 3 platform.

The voice of Batman wasn’t mentioned, but fans might want to cross out June 7 on their calendars because the Summer Game Fest will release more information surrounding this highly anticipated title.

For now, you can enjoy the Batman: Arkham Shadow teaser trailer before betting on it at eSports betting sites.

Eight Years and Another Batman VR?

While any new Batman game is a cause for celebration, the recent trend of VR games in the Arkhamverse has left many fans yearning for more. Since the release of Batman: Arkham VR in 2016, the wait for a new Arkham game has been a painful one. The game that truly captivated fans was 2011’s Arkham City, and the announcement of yet another VR game has left some feeling underwhelmed.

Batman: Arkham City (2011) is one of, if not the greatest, Batman games of all time, and some fans see another Batman VR game as nothing but a slap in the face.

The announcement involving Batman: Arkham Shadow arrives three months after the studio’s release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. As the live service and overall reaction to this game was a complete ‘flop,’ is the release of Arkham Shadow more proof of the developer’s struggles around their commitment to live service games?

Nobody Wants Another Batman VR

Since 2015 and the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, fans of the Arkham universe have been vocal about their desire for WB Games to create another single-player Batman game. The virtual reality spinoffs, while innovative, have not quite hit the mark. The anticipation for a new AAA Batman single-player game is palpable, and the hope is that it will deliver the goods that fans have been craving.

Don’t get me wrong, Arkham Shadow VR could very well deliver a top-tier gaming experience. As a fan of the Arkham franchise, I’m excited about the prospect of a new game. However, this isn’t going to settle the frustrations surrounding the fact that there hasn’t been a follow-up to Arkham Knight a decade after its release.

Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights were equally hyped up, and the expectations, as games in the Arkhamverse, were incredibly high. Unfortunately, the aftermath of those launches has been underwhelming, to put it politely. More so than ever, fans are still wondering why an all-new Arkham game reminiscent of its past mechanics but on a new-gen console hasn’t been made.

Are we likely to see a new AAA Batman single-player game soon? Regretfully, at this time, everything indicates no. While disregarding the resoundingly strong clamor for a new Arkham sequel, or something that at least offers a comparable experience, Warner Bros. appears intent on pursuing the fantasy of infinite live service money, even if its very first attempt to do so has fallen absolutely flat.

The announcement of Batman: Arkham Shadow seems to have arrived at the worst possible moment. The Arkham fan base, while eagerly awaiting a new game, is dissatisfied with everything, from the lack of a new game to the disappointment of what the developers have delivered instead. This dissatisfaction is not just about the lack of a new game, but also about the company’s larger frustrating business decisions that have impacted the franchise’s recent direction.

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