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Best Fortnite Betting Sites 2024

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In 2023, Fortnite betting has become a standout trend in the ever-expanding world of esports gambling. With over 250 million global players, Fortnite has transcended gaming to become a cultural phenomenon. As the game's competitive scene gains momentum through events like the Champion Series and Fortnite World Cup, the demand for online betting continues to surge.


This article explores the best sites for Fortnite betting, catering to the growing community eager to wager on their favorite battle royale game. Our focus will be on reputable platforms that are known for providing a trustworthy and enjoyable betting experience. Whether you're a seasoned esports enthusiast or a newcomer looking to delve into Fortnite betting, our guide covers everything you need to know for a successful venture into this dynamic and rapidly expanding esports market.

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Our experienced reviewers took on the task of sorting through numerous offshore sportsbooks to find the best ones for U.S. gamblers. They signed up, placed bets, and interacted with the platforms just as any player would. After putting these sites to the test, they pinpointed the top performers in the online sports betting scene.

The Top Fortnite Betting Sites

After thoroughly testing many Fortnite betting sites, our team of experts came up with a list of the best options for esports bettors throughout the world. Below is a list of our top-rated offshore sites along with the stand-out features each provides:

  1. Bovada Provides an outstanding mobile platform for Fortnite betting
  2. BookMaker Features early and competitive odds for Fortnite betting
  3. Heritage Sports Offers a wide array of betting markets and impressive esports options
  4. BetOnline Provides odds boosts and generous bonuses
  5. BetAnySports Features great esports coverage and in-play option
  6. Everygame Offers high payout limits and 24/7 customer support
  7. WagerWeb – Provides unique prop bets and excellent esports lines
  8. BetUS – Offers generous sign-up bonuses for new bettors
  9. JustBet – Features flexible betting limits
  10. SportsBetting.ag – Offers impressive prop bets and a personalized bet feature

Each of these online sportsbooks has amazing options for placing bets on your favorite esports. 

Reviewing the Highest-Rated Fortnite Betting Sites

These comprehensive reviews will tell you everything you need to know about betting on Fortnite games:

1. Best for Mobile Bettors: Bovada

75% Cash Bonus
Crypto Deposits

Bovada’s appeal for Fortnite betting lies in its practical features tailored to a diverse audience. The platform’s robust mobile betting functionality ensures that users can easily engage in Fortnite wagering from their smartphones, reflecting a commitment to convenience. Accepting multiple currencies, including Bitcoin, Bovada accommodates various payment preferences, enhancing the overall user experience.


When it comes to available betting markets, Bovada sets itself apart by presenting an extensive selection for Fortnite enthusiasts. The platform covers a broad spectrum of options, ranging from in-play bets to prop bets and futures across diverse events and leagues. This comprehensive approach, coupled with a user-friendly interface, positions Bovada as a reliable and accessible choice for Fortnite betting.

2. Best for Early Odds: BookMaker

25% Cash Bonus
up to $500

BookMaker Sportsbook stands out as a premier choice for Fortnite betting, providing an edge with its prompt response times that cater to users looking for early odds. The sportsbook’s acceptance of various currencies enhances accessibility, ensuring a seamless betting experience for a diverse user base. The current promotion of a 25% cash bonus further sweetens the deal for Fortnite enthusiasts looking to make the most of their bets.


BookMaker boasts a highly knowledgeable customer support team and robust security protocols. The team’s professionalism and expertise contribute to a positive user experience. While two-factor authentication is not currently offered, BookMaker’s proactive anti-fraud measures, including SSL encryption, fortify the platform’s reliability. With a comprehensive FAQ section, BookMaker Sportsbook provides users with valuable self-help resources, making it a secure and user-friendly choice for Fortnite betting.

3. Best for Variety of Markets: Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports
50% Cash Bonus
up to $500

Heritage Sports has positioned itself as a top-tier choice for Fortnite betting, primarily due to its extensive array of betting markets. The platform offers a diverse selection, ensuring that users have many options to explore and engage with. Heritage Sports caters to varied interests within the gaming community, providing an expansive range of Fortnite betting opportunities.


Heritage Sports excels in user-friendly navigation and a simple interface. This emphasis on accessibility ensures that bettors, regardless of their familiarity with online betting, can seamlessly explore and participate in Fortnite wagering. Heritage Sports accepts multiple currencies, eliminating the need for users to grapple with conversions and enhancing the overall convenience of the betting experience. With a rich diversity of betting markets, user-friendly design, and currency flexibility, Heritage Sports stands out as a top-notch platform for bettors looking to engage in Fortnite betting.

4. Best for High Bonuses: BetOnline

100% Free Play
Crypto Deposits

BetOnline stands out as a premier option for Fortnite Betting, distinguished by its substantial bonuses, wide currency acceptance, and an expansive array of betting markets. The platform offers a lucrative 100% Free Play bonus, making it an enticing prospect for avid Fortnite fans. With responsive 24/7 customer support and streamlined KYC verification, BetOnline ensures a secure and user-friendly betting environment. The platform’s acceptance of various currencies caters to a diverse global audience, enhancing accessibility for users worldwide.


Emphasizing robust security protocols, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, BetOnline provides a dependable and trustworthy space for Fortnite Betting enthusiasts. The sportsbook’s dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with competitive bonuses, flexible currency options and an extensive range of betting markets, solidifies its position as a practical and reliable choice for bettors seeking an engaging Fortnite betting experience.

5. Best for In-Play Betting: BetAnySports

30% Free Play
up to $600

BetAnySports emerges as a top-tier choice for Fortnite betting, offering a straightforward and engaging platform for users. In the field of in-play betting, this sportsbook takes the lead by providing a comprehensive selection of options for Fortnite matches. This enables users to actively participate in real-time events, intensifying the excitement of Fortnite betting. The user-friendly interface and rapid odds updates during in-play betting contribute to a seamless and immersive experience, tailored to bettors at any level of experience.


The sportsbook’s global appeal is further underscored by its acceptance of various currencies, ensuring accessibility for Fortnite enthusiasts worldwide. BetAnySports accommodates bettors from diverse regions, allowing them to engage in Fortnite betting using their preferred currency. Boasting a commitment to simplicity and a diverse range of available betting markets for Fortnite, BetAnySports positions itself as a pragmatic and dependable choice for those seeking an uncomplicated and enjoyable Fortnite betting experience.

Our Reviewing & Ranking Methods

Joe Wager’s ratings cut through the noise, providing a clear picture of sportsbook reliability. With over two decades of experience, our straightforward approach ensures players can trust the ratings assigned to each sportsbook. Here are the key factors we analyze:

  • Bonus Policies: We scrutinize signup bonuses, ensuring they’re fair and in line with industry standards.

  • Location and License: We verify the sportsbook’s location and license status to ensure legal compliance.

  • Quality of Odds: We closely examine the betting odds offered for each sport, ensuring competitiveness.

  • Banking Options: Evaluating the ease of deposit and withdrawal, considering various methods including Bitcoin and traditional options.

  • Sportsbook Features: Analysis of features like reduced juice lines, live betting, and prop builders.

  • Communication Quality: Testing customer service responsiveness through telephone, live chat, and email.

  • Community Feedback: Considering member feedback from our forum, providing insights into real user experiences.

  • Other Products: We monitor for changes, especially in payment processing, reflected on our homepage.


Trust Joe Wager for no-nonsense sportsbook ratings, helping you make informed decisions in the world of online betting.

BookMaker is one of the oldest and most trusted offshore sportsbooks.
Want to know more about Bookmaker Sportsbook?

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite, boasting 250 million users, dominates the Battle Royale scene. With its unique gameplay, it pits 100 players against each other in a survival contest. As a cultural phenomenon, it has a thriving esports presence, evident in events like the Championship Series and World Cup. 

Fortnite is a sought-after market for esports betting due to its high entertainment value and competitive nature. In the game, players strategize to be the last standing, utilizing building structures and securing advantageous positions. Its esports rules define the playing field, scoring, and equipment regulations.

Real-money Fortnite betting sites offer high odds during major events, making it an enticing yet challenging betting option. Understanding game mechanics and betting nuances is key for an enhanced gaming and betting experience on Fortnite.

How To Bet on Fortnite

Betting on Fortnite is a straightforward process that begins with grasping the game’s fundamentals, including survival tactics and resource management. It’s crucial to comprehend the scoring system. Choose from any of our top-rated esports betting sites that feature Fortnite markets, and focus on platforms with competitive odds for major events.

Once you’ve settled on a platform, initiate the process by creating an account and securely depositing funds. Explore the array of betting options, considering variables like player performance, team dynamics, and historical event data. Keep an eye out for promotions or bonuses that betting sites may offer. As Fortnite events unfold, stay well-informed about player strategies and any game-related updates. Timely and strategic betting, coupled with a cautious approach to the game’s unpredictable nature, can contribute to more successful outcomes.

Types of Fortnite Bets

  • Outright Bet (Moneyline or Match Winner): Predict the player or team winning a single Fortnite match, with high odds reflecting the game’s extensive player pool.

  • Futures Betting: Wager on the overall tournament winner, with favorable odds available well before the event, providing potential for higher returns.

  • Prop Bets: Add excitement by betting on specific in-game events, including:

    • Top three finishers prediction.
    • Winner’s region forecast (Asia, Brazil, Europe, North America East, North America West, Oceania).
    • Solos and Duos betting, similar to Moneyline predictions.


In conclusion, when it comes to Fortnite betting in 2023, these top sites stand out for their reliability and diverse offerings. Selecting a sportsbook hinges on your unique preferences and values, as each one offers its own specific advantages. These platforms have been carefully reviewed based on factors such as financial backing, bonus policies, location, odds quality, banking options and community feedback.

Trust Joe Wager’s straightforward sportsbook ratings to make informed decisions in the world of online Fortnite betting. Whether you’re a seasoned esports bettor or a newcomer, these sites provide a reliable and secure environment for an enjoyable Fortnite betting experience.

FAQs — Best Fortnite Betting Sites

You can bet on any streamed competitive Fortnite game. Our top-rated online sportsbooks list every match that is available to be bet on at a given time. 

The rules are simple for wagering in Fortnite. Bettors are expected to place a certain amount of money on a desired outcome in a Fortnite match. If that outcome occurs, you earn cash and are able to wager it or cash out.

Using our recommended offshore sportsbooks, betting on Fortnite matches is completely safe and legal in the US. Many sites even accept multiple currencies and use proactive anti-fraud measures, including SSL encryption to encourage overseas bettors.

You can bet on most Fortnite Champion Series games. It is most common to bet on games that will be streamed, so the final day of the series often provides the most opportunities for betting.

The payout is determined by the odds and amount of money placed on the match. Betting higher amounts will generally result in winning a larger prize. Betting on underdogs can also result in larger payouts. 

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