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Best Valorant Betting Sites 2023

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If you're looking to get in on the action of VALORANT betting in 2023, you've come to the right place. VALORANT, the popular first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, has exploded onto the esports scene, and with it, the world of esports betting has grown significantly. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just getting started, it's crucial to find the most reliable and safe betting sites to place your wagers.


In this guide, we've done the legwork for you. We've compiled a list of the top VALORANT betting sites that offer competitive odds, a wide range of betting options and a secure betting environment. 


Stay ahead of the game and make informed VALORANT betting decisions in 2023 with our comprehensive list of the best betting sites. Let's dive into the world of VALORANT betting and find the perfect platform for your esports wagers.

Get top-paying bonuses
Perfect for any skill level
The best live betting experience
Browse the best array of markets
Enjoy reduced juice and deep markets
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Our experienced reviewers took on the task of sorting through numerous offshore sportsbooks to find the best ones for U.S. gamblers. They signed up, placed bets, and interacted with the platforms just as any player would. After putting these sites to the test, they pinpointed the top performers in the online sports betting scene.

The Top VALORANT Betting Sites 

Our team of industry experts thoroughly tested many VALORANT betting sites to determine the best options for esports bettors throughout the world. Below are the stand-out features of our top-rated sites

  1. Bovada The best overall VALORANT betting site
  2. BookMaker Provides early lines and easy access for all bettors
  3. Heritage Sports Boasts an excellent welcome bonus and ongoing promotions
  4. BetOnline Features competitive odds and covers popular esports
  5. BetAnySports Offers the bets live betting options
  6. Everygame – Features the most flexible bet limits
  7. WagerWeb – Provides reasonable bet limits and enticing lines on esports events
  8. BetUS – Offers the best welcome bonus and promotions
  9. JustBet – Provides earliest odds and impressive esports coverage

Each of these online sportsbooks provides an excellent VALORANT betting experience. Allowing you to place bets seamlessly online as you watch your favorite teams battle it out on stage. They offer security in deposits and withdrawals, fast payouts and betting bonuses. 

Reviewing the Highest-Rated VALORANT Betting Sites

These comprehensive reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the best VALORANT betting sites:

1. Best Overall for VALORANT Betting: Bovada

75% Cash Bonus
Crypto Deposits

Bovada stands out as a top choice for VALORANT betting, offering a straightforward and robust platform for bettors seeking a hassle-free experience. With a competitive 75% cash bonus, Bovada provides an attractive incentive for VALORANT enthusiasts to maximize their bets.

The platform accepts Bitcoin as a currency, adding a layer of convenience for users navigating the digital landscape. Bovada’s VALORANT betting markets are extensive, covering a wide range of events and leagues. From in-play options to prop bets and futures, Bovada ensures VALORANT fans have diverse avenues to engage with the game, making it a reliable choice for those looking to elevate their esports betting experience.


Bovada’s appeal for VALORANT Betting lies in its generous bonuses, Bitcoin compatibility, and a comprehensive array of betting markets. The platform caters to the practical needs of adult users, offering a seamless VALORANT betting experience without unnecessary complexities.

2. Best for Early Lines: BookMaker

25% Cash Bonus
up to $500

BookMaker Sportsbook emerges as a standout option for VALORANT betting enthusiasts, offering swift response times ideal for those seeking early lines. The platform’s global appeal is bolstered by its acceptance of various currencies, ensuring a convenient betting experience. Users can take advantage of a 25% cash bonus promotion, enhancing their VALORANT betting endeavors.

Beyond its responsive features, BookMaker impresses with a highly knowledgeable customer support team and robust security protocols. The team’s professionalism and understanding contribute to a positive user experience. BookMaker’s proactive anti-fraud measures, including SSL encryption, fortify the platform’s reliability. The comprehensive FAQ section further equips users, making BookMaker Sportsbook a secure and user-friendly choice for VALORANT betting.

3. Best for High Bonuses and Promotions: Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports
50% Cash Bonus
up to $500

Heritage Sports earns its position as a top choice for VALORANT betting due to its standout features. The sportsbook’s impressive 50% cash bonus on ongoing promotions provides a substantial boost for bettors, offering a compelling incentive to kickstart their VALORANT wagering journey. The acceptance of various currencies adds a layer of convenience, catering to a diverse audience and allowing users to engage in VALORANT betting with ease.


Heritage Sports delivers a robust selection of betting markets, ensuring VALORANT enthusiasts have ample opportunities to place their bets. This variety in markets enhances the overall betting experience, appealing to a broad range of preferences within the VALORANT community. The combination of high bonuses, currency flexibility and a diverse array of betting markets makes Heritage Sports a strong contender for those looking to engage in VALORANT betting with straightforward and rewarding features.

4. Best for Competitive Odds: BetOnline

100% Free Play
Crypto Deposits

BetOnline stands out as a top choice for VALORANT betting due to its competitive odds, straightforward platform, and comprehensive betting options. With a commitment to user satisfaction, BetOnline offers a seamless betting experience, ensuring prompt and effective customer service available 24/7. The platform’s response time is impressive, and its well-staffed customer support team handles inquiries efficiently. For VALORANT enthusiasts, BetOnline provides a one-time 100% Free Play promotion, adding value to the betting experience.


When it comes to VALORANT betting, BetOnline accepts various currencies, enhancing accessibility for users globally. The platform’s security measures, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, instill confidence in users looking to engage in online betting securely. Additionally, BetOnline’s Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process,  is streamlined and typically processed within two business days. With competitive odds, diverse currency acceptance and a user-friendly interface, BetOnline emerges as a practical and secure option for VALORANT betting enthusiasts.

5. Best for Live Betting: BetAnySports

30% Free Play
up to $600

BetAnySports stands out as a top choice for VALORANT betting enthusiasts due to its comprehensive live betting options, making it a reliable platform for those looking to wager on the popular esports title. The sportsbook’s extensive coverage of VALORANT matches, including major leagues and tournaments, ensures that users can engage in live betting with ease. This live betting feature provides a straightforward and dynamic way for users to place wagers in real-time as VALORANT events unfold, adding excitement and immediacy to the betting experience.


BetAnySports caters to a global audience by accepting various currencies, making it convenient for VALORANT bettors from different regions. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of available betting markets for VALORANT, BetAnySports emerges as a practical and inclusive choice for bettors interested in VALORANT betting, providing a straightforward and enjoyable experience for enthusiasts at all levels.

Our Reviewing & Ranking Strategy

At Joe Wager, our team, boasting over 20 years of experience, meticulously rates sportsbooks to guide players in making informed choices. Our straightforward number-based rating system reflects the reliability and service quality of each sportsbook. Here’s a glimpse into our criteria:

  • Fairness of Bonus Policies: We assess signup bonuses, ensuring they align with market standards and aren’t misleading.

  • Sportsbook Location: We verify the sportsbook’s license and standing in its jurisdiction, ensuring compliance.

  • Quality of Sportsbook Lines: We closely inspect the betting odds for each sport offered by the sportsbook.

  • Banking Options: We evaluate the ease of deposit and withdrawal, considering various banking options, including Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, and eWallet.

  • Sportsbook Features: We analyze features like reduced juice lines, live betting, event streaming and prop builders.

  • Quality of Communication: We test customer service through telephone, live chat and email, noting response times.

  • Community Feedback: We consider member feedback from our forum, offering insights into sportsbook performance.

  • Other Gambling Products: Ratings are subject to change based on issues like payment processing, displayed on our homepage.


Our team of industry experts has thoroughly evaluated all of the VALORANT betting options available in order to find the best esports betting platforms.

Everygame previously operated as Intertops, and offers the same exceptional betting experience.
Want to know more about Everygame Sportsbook?


VALORANT is a first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, similar in gameplay to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). It’s a hero-based shooter featuring 5v5 team battles, combining elements of CS:GO’s gunplay and Overwatch’s hero abilities. VALORANT is gaining popularity in esports, attracting both players and bettors.

VALORANT, created by Riot Games, is a hybrid of two popular gaming genres: first-person shooter (FPS) and battle arena. In this 5v5 team-based FPS, two teams compete to win 13 rounds or face overtime in case of a tie. The game’s mechanics draw inspiration from CS:GO, featuring a weapon and armor system similar to that game. VALORANT introduces unique agents with distinct abilities, similar to Overwatch heroes. These abilities, along with weapons and armor, can be purchased using in-game currency earned through various achievements, such as eliminating opponents or achieving round victories.


The objective of VALORANT varies between planting a spike, defusing the opponent’s spike, or eliminating the entire enemy team before the round timer expires. The game is currently available exclusively on PC, although there may be plans to expand its availability to consoles. VALORANT’s popularity in esports and the gaming community has surged due to its competitive gameplay, frequent updates, robust anti-cheat measures, and Riot Games’ commitment to its growth, making it an appealing option for both players and those interested in VALORANT betting.

What does the competitive VALORANT circuit look like?

The competitive VALORANT circuit is structured around the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), a global tournament system. Teams compete in regional Challengers events, progress to Masters tournaments, and the top ones reach the ultimate showdown in the Champions Finals.

The Valorant Champions Tour is organized by Riot Games. This global tournament system comprises Challengers, Masters, Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), and the pinnacle, the Champions Finals. In the Challengers series, teams from various regions, like EMEA and NA, battle for a spot in the Masters. The Masters tournaments gather the best teams worldwide, and the successful ones earn a direct ticket to the Valorant Champions.

The LCQ serves as a final opportunity for teams to qualify. Finally, the Champions Finals feature the world’s top 16 teams in an epic battle, with teams showcasing their prowess earned through Circuit Points collected in previous stages. For those engaged in VALORANT betting, this comprehensive circuit offers numerous exciting opportunities to wager on the best teams throughout the intense competition.

Tips for VALORANT Betting

When it comes to VALORANT betting, a straightforward approach can make a big difference. Follow these practical tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Understand Risk and Reward: Assess the risks involved in different bets. Even favorable odds don’t guarantee a win, so avoid chasing losses to keep control.

  • Learn the Game Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with VALORANT’s mechanics, guns, maps and unique Agent tools. A solid understanding helps in making informed live bets.

  • Follow Professional Streams: Watch professional VALORANT players on platforms like Twitch. Learning from the best can provide insights into strategies and gameplay.

  • Research Team Performances: Before placing bets, analyze team and player performances in past tournaments. Understanding their strengths and map preferences can inform your decisions.

  • Know Top Teams: Keep an eye on top-performing teams like Acend, Gambit Esports, Sentinels and others. Recognizing the best teams gives you an edge in making accurate predictions.

  • Stay Informed About Tournaments: Stay updated on VALORANT tournaments, especially the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). Knowing the tournament structure and schedule helps you plan your bets effectively.

  • Avoid Blind Bets: While VALORANT lacks dedicated stat trackers, utilize resources like Liquipedia to research relevant stats. Informed bets are better than blind ones.

  • Utilize Previous Esports Knowledge: If you’re familiar with players from other esports scenes, such as Overwatch League or CSGO Majors, apply that knowledge to your VALORANT bets.

Following these practical tips can enhance your VALORANT betting experience and give you a competitive edge in the world of esports gambling.


In conclusion, for those looking to engage in VALORANT betting in 2023, our comprehensive guide highlights the top sites to consider. Deciding on a sportsbook depends on your personal preferences and values, as each has its own unique advantages.


These platforms prioritize user security, diverse currency acceptance and efficient customer service. As the esports scene continues to grow, VALORANT betting enthusiasts can confidently make informed decisions with our carefully curated list of top-rated betting sites. Elevate your VALORANT betting experience with these reliable and secure platforms.

FAQs — Best VALORANT Betting Sites

All of our top-rated sportsbooks are worthy of being the best for your needs. Choosing one comes down to what you value most in a betting site. Deciding what stand-out features you value most will help you decide the best website for your needs.

Betting on VALORANT is as easy as getting on your favorite online sportsbook and placing a bet in whichever market appeals to you. Once you place a bet, simply watch for your desired outcome to take place and if it does, prepare to collect your winnings!

You can bet on any and all matches in the VCT. All matches that happen in the VALORANT competitive scene are able to be bet on in our top online sportsbooks.

Sports betting does not inherently take any skill. However, it does take knowledge of the game in order to consistently win bets. If you are a VALORANT fan and watch matches regularly, you have what it takes to win big on betting sites.

There are many choices when it comes to placing bets on VALORANT matches such as match winner, handicap, total maps played and first blood bets.

Online betting is perfectly safe, sites like Bovada, BookMaker, BetAnySports and BetOnline have been catering to online sports bettors for many years, accumulating trust and reliability. These offshore sites provide an extra layer of privacy that is missing with onshore sites.

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