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These Are the Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 20

by David Manyun
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Apex Legends Breakout

Battle Royale in Apex Legends is getting a new look and feel with the release of Season 20 Breakout, which includes updates to Evo Armor, Legend Upgrades and a whole lot more.

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout is scheduled for release on February 14, 2024. Try to brace yourselves, because after the upcoming updates, even players at eSports betting sites will witness a frenzy like never before.

Season 20: Breakout Patch Notes

  • When Legends level up their shield to blue or purple in Season 20, they will not have the option to choose between two upgrade benefits in a battle royale encounter.
  • In Apex Legends Season 20, Evo Armor has been revised and may now be leveled up via both combat and non-combat activities.
  • Due to recent changes, each Apex Legends Crafting Replicator may now only be used once.

Season 20: Breakout, the most significant overhaul to the Apex Legends gameplay in the game’s five-year existence, is almost upon us.

Season 20 of Apex Legends won’t include any brand-new Legends, maps, or weapons, but it will bring massive changes to the game’s fundamental principles.

Major changes in the Apex Legends patch notes include:

  • A revamped Evo Shields system.
  • A whole new Legend Upgrade System that will give each match its own flavor.
  • A streamlined way for players to work with Crafting Replicators.

Legend Upgrade

Based on what the creators at Respawn have indicated, the Legend Upgrade System is the most significant improvement to the game and gameplay since the introduction of Apex Legends five years ago.

Each of the 25 Legends has four distinct abilities that they may use in duos, trios, or ranked play, while certain abilities are universal and can be unlocked by any Legend. The Legend Upgrade System will bring more than a hundred unique benefits to the game.

Evo Amor Revisited

Since its release five years ago, shields in Apex Legends have seen significant change.

Players were able to improve their shields by doing damage with the addition of Evo Armor in Season 6. However, they aren’t finished yet because Evo Armor is undergoing yet another significant redesign in Apex Legends Season 20 Breakout.

Regarding the ground loot table in Apex Legends, it will no longer include armor. Each player will start the battle with their own Evo shield, which they may level up as the fight progresses; Evo Armor, however, may now be enhanced in ways beyond only harming other players.

All-New Game Modes

According to the creators, season 20 of Apex Legends will include new game modes, including limited-time options for both the battle royale and Mixtape modes. Two of them were mentioned, although only one was discussed in detail. Two new game types have been added: Straight Shot LTM and Lockdown, a Deathmatch-style variant.

Players may dive headfirst into the action with the Straight Shot limited-time option.

It utilizes a reduced map size and has half the normal lobby size, with just 30 players, and all teams will now spawn next to another team at a point of interest (POI) rather than descending from the drop ship.

Apex Legends

There will also be a new map in Mixtape made for Control, Team Deathmatch and Gun Run. The original Thunderdome POI from the old King’s Canyon map served as inspiration for this one and it goes by the name Thunderdome.

Apex Ranking Changes

In Season 20, there will be massive changes to the matchmaking, ranking system and scoring altogether. According to the developers, the Ladder Points (LP) system is being phased out in favor of Ranked Points (RP).

The good news is that many adjustments from the last few seasons are being pulled back, which is good news for those previously frustrated with the altercations to ranking in recent seasons.

What’s Happening to Crafting Replicators?

The new season of Apex Legends is streamlining the crafting replicators so they can better assist and heal teams.


Everything related to crafting materials is deleted from the game and the replicator is stripped of any weaponry and accessories. Only ammunition, squad respawns banners and healing goods like medkits and batteries will be craftable.

Expect a Bunch of Weapon & Legend Modifications

Expect several modifications to the weapons in Apex Legends during Season 20. After the launch, we’ll have more details on the buffs and nerfs to assist your arsenal.

In addition to the significant changes brought by the new Legend Upgrade System, players can anticipate other modifications to Legends across the roster after the release of Apex Legend Season 20 on February 13th.

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