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Everything We Know So Far: EA Sports College Football 25

by David Manyun
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EA Sports College Football

A decade-long wait for an NCAA football game is nearly over, and we’re revealing everything we know so far.

Details surrounding EA Sports College Football 25 have been limited thus far, but week by week, we’re slowly collecting more intel, and it will be a huge year for the biggest publisher in sports gaming.

This game will be Electronic Arts’ first college alternative to the Madden series since NCAA Football 14, and the cover art features Travis Hunter, Donovan Edwards and Quinn Ewers. So far, we have multiple trailers, an official release date and some classic recruiting with the return of Dynasty mode.

However, what else will the game have to offer? Let’s take a deep dive into College Football 25 and find out before betting on it at eSports betting sites.

EA Sports College Football 25 Release Date

We’re less than two months away from the official release of College Football 25, which is set for July 19. EA will follow its tradition of allowing pre-order customers to play it three days early. As a result, players who purchase the game ahead of time can begin playing on July 16.

EA Sports College Football 25 Trailers

The official teaser trailer on the EA Sports College YouTube channel was released three months ago. It showed us the locker rooms, stadiums, jerseys, mascots and four confirmed teams: Alabama, Florida, Michigan and Georgia.

However, six days ago, the official College Football 25 trailer dropped and blew us away. It brought us one step closer to the graphical enhancements of the game.

College Football 25 Pre-Order Editions & Prices

College Football 25 is available in three different editions, each offering unique pre-order extras. Please be aware that the MVP Bundle also comes with Madden NFL 25, which will be officially revealed on June 11th.

  • College Football 25 & Madden NFL 25 MVP Bundle: $149.99
  • College Football Deluxe Edition: $99.99
  • College Football 25 Standard Edition: $69.99

EA Sports College Football 25 Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Team mode will be included for the first time in college football gaming history. Players will find other modes, such as College Football Playoff and Road to Glory, but EA has made no secret that College Ultimate Team will be the primary focus.

Is College Football 25 Just NCAA Football Rebranded?

Could EA Sports College Football 25 be nothing more than NCAA Football rebranded? Perhaps, but there is a significant distinction regarding the legal ramifications.

Collegiate athletes sued the National Collegiate Athletic Association, claiming that the NCAA had failed to pay them for their appearances in EA games; the litigation ultimately led to the cancellation of the NCAA Football series and was the reason why a college football game has been absent from gaming for ten years.

So, while it may no longer bear the NCAA moniker, this is still the twenty-first installment in EA’s non-NFL football series.

Will EA Sports College Football 25 Have Real Player Names and Likeness?

The aforementioned lawsuits have naturally placed EA in a precautious position, especially regarding real player names for College Football 25. Players who’ve agreed to be in the game receive $600 and a free copy, with added incentives for their likeness. Fortunately for college gaming fans, this approach has been successful, as over 10,000 collegiate footballers have signed on the dotted line.

Of course, some notable absences will occur. Arch Manning, Eli and Peyton Manning’s nephew, has refused to attend College Football 25. This is, however, quite rare, and EA’s intention of delivering 85-man rosters for every school in the game would mean 88% of the in-game characters are real athletes.

EA Sports College Football 25 Teams

College Football 25 has confirmed the participation of all 134 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision. Consequently, including recently added teams like the Jacksonville State Gamecocks and James Madison Dukes will mark their debut in an EA game.

NCAAF Awards in College Football 25

One of the primary differences between College Football 25 and NCAA titles of the past is the ability to win NCAAF titles, like the Ray Guy. Such trophies are handed out as post-season awards in college football, but EA’s offer has been refused, so we can expect fictional end-of-season rewards in College Football 25.

However, while the NCAAF refused the rights to its trophies in College Football 25, the Heisman Trophy should be present because it’s operated by an entirely different organization.

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